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6 Best Self Closing Toilet Seats in 2024

What’s the most frustrating thing about using a public restroom? It’s probably the sound of a slamming toilet seat, right? Well, those days are behind you with the innovative designs of self-closing toilet seats. You’re likely wondering, what sets these seats apart from the rest? From advanced slow-close mechanisms to durable finishes, each of the six top-rated seats on our list offers unique features that prioritize comfort, hygiene, and convenience. But which one stands out from the rest? You’ll have to explore further to find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Kohler Brevia Elongated Toilet Seat

Kohler Brevia Elongated Toilet Seat  Get it now on

If you’re looking for a self-closing toilet seat that combines durability and quiet operation, the Kohler Brevia Elongated Toilet Seat is an excellent choice, thanks to its Grip-Tight bumpers that prevent shifting and its Quiet-Close lid that closes slowly and silently.

You’ll appreciate the stability and comfort this seat provides, and its elongated shape fits most toilets.

Installing it’s a breeze, too, with Quick-Attach hardware that secures a fast and secure fit.

The white plastic seat is durable and easy to clean, and it comes with a 1-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.

With over 9,500 customer reviews and a 4.4-star rating, you can trust that this seat will meet your needs.

Best For: Those who want a durable, quiet, and comfortable toilet seat that is easy to install and clean, and fits most elongated toilets.


  • Durable and comfortable toilet seat with Grip-Tight bumpers that prevent shifting
  • Quiet-Close lid that closes slowly and silently without slamming
  • Easy to install with Quick-Attach hardware and comes with a 1-year limited warranty


  • No specific features mentioned that set it apart from other toilet seats
  • Some customers may find the price to be slightly higher than other options
  • No additional features or upgrades available beyond the standard model

KOHLER Cachet ReadyLatch Elongated Toilet Seat

KOHLER Cachet ReadyLatch Elongated Toilet Seat  Get it now on

With its innovative ReadyLatch system, this self-closing toilet seat is the best choice for those seeking a secure and quiet seat positioning experience.

You’ll appreciate the Grip-Tight installation hardware that makes installation a breeze, taking only about 5 minutes.

The ReadyLatch hinge provides a positive lock/unlock latch for secure seat positioning, and the Quiet-Close elongated seat closes quietly.

You’ll also notice the contoured seat design that provides user comfort.

Although some users found installation challenging due to lack of instructions, the overall performance and quality of this toilet seat are high, with a thick plastic construction and slow-drop feature that prevents slamming noises.

Best For: Those seeking a secure and quiet toilet seat positioning experience with easy installation and high-quality performance.


  • Easy 5-minute installation with Grip-Tight hardware and clear instructions
  • High-quality thick plastic construction with slow-drop feature for quiet closure
  • Contoured seat design provides user comfort and secure positioning with ReadyLatch hinge


  • May not be compatible with older Kohler toilet models, especially single-piece toilets
  • Some users found installation challenging due to lack of included instructions
  • Price may be a bit expensive for some users

Mayfair Kendall Toilet Seat

Mayfair Kendall Toilet Seat  Get it now on

The Mayfair Kendall Toilet Seat’s slow-close feature gently and quietly closes the lid with a simple tap, preventing loud noises and pinched fingers.

This feature is just one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy with this toilet seat.

You’ll also appreciate the adjustable seat, which guarantees perfect alignment with your toilet bowl for maximum comfort and a clean look.

The premium non-slip hinges guarantee stability and won’t loosen over time, so you won’t need to constantly readjust them.

Plus, the seat is easy to install and clean, with easy-to-follow instructions for a quick setup.

With its superior durability and resistance to chipping and scratching, this Made-in-the-USA toilet seat is a great choice for your bathroom.

Best For: Those who value comfort, quietness, and ease of use in their bathroom experience.


  • Slow-close feature prevents loud noises and pinched fingers
  • Adjustable seat guarantees perfect alignment with toilet bowl for maximum comfort and a clean look
  • Easy installation and cleaning with easy-to-follow instructions


  • Some customers mentioned minor issues with the product, such as the paint chipping or the seat becoming loose over time
  • No additional features or advanced technology
  • Limited warranty period of only 1 year

KOHLER Stonewood Quiet-Close Round-Front Toilet Seat

KOHLER Stonewood Quiet-Close Round-Front Toilet Seat  Get it now on

The KOHLER Stonewood Quiet-Close Round-Front Toilet Seat is the best choice for homeowners seeking a comfortable, slow-close toilet seat that provides a substantial look and feel with its compression-molded wood design.

You’ll appreciate the versatile design, which is compatible with most round-front one- or two-piece toilets.

The Quiet-Close technology guarantees a quieter bathroom environment, and the manual operation mode means you don’t need to worry about batteries.

With a weight of 6.16 pounds and dimensions of 16.63L x 14.19W, this toilet seat is both sturdy and compact.

You can trust the KOHLER brand, as this product has a 4.5-star rating from over 7,200 customers, with many praising the quiet-close feature, comfortable wood material, and easy installation.

Best For: Homeowners seeking a comfortable, slow-close toilet seat with a substantial look and feel.


  • Quiet-Close technology provides a quieter bathroom environment
  • Compression-molded wood design provides a comfortable and substantial look and feel
  • Easy installation and manual operation mode means no batteries are required


  • Some customers have reported slow closing of the seat
  • Shifting of the seat has been reported by a few customers
  • Uneven paint job has been mentioned in some negative reviews

Centoco Elongated Toilet Seat Soft Close

Centoco Elongated Toilet Seat Soft Close  Get it now on

If quiet and safe closure is your top priority, the Centoco Elongated Toilet Seat Soft Close is an excellent choice, boasting a slow close mechanism that guarantees a gentle, accident-free shutdown every time.

You’ll appreciate the ergonomic design and heavy-duty molded plastic shell over a wood core, providing a sturdy and secure fit.

The high-gloss finish isn’t only easy to clean but also resistant to scratches, stains, and discoloration.

With straightforward installation directions, you can easily fit this seat onto your regular elongated toilet bowl.

Available in various colors to match your bathroom decor, the Centoco Elongated Toilet Seat Soft Close is a reliable and long-lasting option that’s made in the USA and backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Best For: Those who prioritize quiet and safe closure, and are looking for a sturdy and easy-to-clean toilet seat that fits their regular elongated toilet bowl.


  • The slow close mechanism ensures a gentle and accident-free shutdown every time.
  • The ergonomic design and heavy-duty molded plastic shell over a wood core provide a sturdy and secure fit.
  • The high-gloss finish is easy to clean and resistant to scratches, stains, and discoloration.


  • Some reviewers mentioned that the attaching bolts are plastic, which may lead to a loose lid over time.
  • The product is not specified as being particularly environmentally friendly or sustainable.
  • The warranty is only limited to 1 year, which may not provide long-term peace of mind for some users.

Delta Faucet Morgan Elongated Toilet Seat

Delta Faucet Morgan Elongated Toilet Seat  Get it now on

Seeking a luxurious toilet experience without the noise and mess of slamming lids?

The Delta Faucet Morgan Elongated Toilet Seat’s slow-close mechanism and non-slip bumpers make it the perfect choice for those who value comfort and cleanliness in their bathroom routine.

You’ll appreciate the durable finish that resists staining, fading, chipping, and peeling, ensuring your seat stays looking new for years to come.

With an easy installation process that includes mounting hardware and instructions, you’ll be enjoying your new toilet seat in no time.

Plus, with a 4.5-star rating from over 8,000 customers, you can trust that this product delivers on its promises of comfort, cleanliness, and luxury.

Best For: Those who value comfort, cleanliness, and luxury in their bathroom routine and want a quiet and mess-free toilet experience.


  • The slow-close mechanism and non-slip bumpers provide a comfortable and clean toilet experience.
  • The durable finish resists staining, fading, chipping, and peeling, ensuring the seat stays looking new for years to come.
  • The easy installation process includes mounting hardware and instructions, making it a hassle-free experience.


  • Some reviewers mentioned minor issues with installation or product design.
  • A few reviewers experienced leaks due to improper installation or failure to double-check rubber gaskets.
  • The product is made in China, which may be a concern for some customers who prefer domestic products.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Self-Closing Toilet Seats

When selecting the perfect self-closing toilet seat for your bathroom, you’ll want to think about a few key factors to make the right choice.

You’ll need to ponder the seat’s material and quality, as well as its comfort and ergonomic design.

From there, you can explore other essential aspects, such as installation and adjustment, noise reduction and speed, and compatibility and fitment.

Seat Material and Quality

Choosing the right seat material is essential, as it profoundly impacts the overall performance, durability, and comfort of your self-closing toilet seat.

When selecting a seat, you’ll come across various materials, each with its pros and cons.

Engineered wood seats, like the KOHLER Stonewood Quiet-Close Round-Front Toilet Seat, offer a substantial look and feel, but may be prone to chipping or scratching over time.

On the other hand, heavy-duty molded plastic shells over wood cores, as seen in the Centoco Elongated Toilet Seat Soft Close, provide a sanitary high-gloss finish that’s non-porous, easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and won’t stain or discolor.

Compression-molded wood seats, like the KOHLER Stonewood Quiet-Close Round-Front Toilet Seat, offer a durable and long-lasting material construction.

If you’re on a budget, plastic seats, such as the Delta Faucet Morgan Elongated Toilet Seat, are a more affordable option, but may be less durable and prone to breaking or cracking over time.

Ultimately, the quality of the seat material will impact your overall experience, so choose wisely!

Comfort and Ergonomics

As you settle onto your toilet seat, you’ll appreciate the subtle yet significant difference that comfort and ergonomics can make in your overall bathroom experience.

A contoured toilet seat with an ergonomic design can provide supreme comfort and support, reducing pressure points and promoting healthy posture. You’ll feel the difference with a rounded or curved shape that cradles your body, providing extra comfort and relaxation during use.

The height and shape of the toilet seat also play a vital role in comfort.

Taller individuals or those with mobility issues may prefer taller seats, which can make a big difference in their overall comfort level. Additionally, some self-closing toilet seats feature cushioning or padding for added comfort, which can be beneficial for users who spend extended periods on the toilet.

The material and finish of the toilet seat are also important considerations.

Smooth, non-porous surfaces aren’t only easier to clean but also more comfortable for users. By prioritizing comfort and ergonomics, you can guarantee a more enjoyable and relaxing bathroom experience.

Installation and Adjustment

During installation, deliberate a few key factors to guarantee your self-closing toilet seat functions smoothly and quietly, including the type of tools needed and the importance of proper alignment.

Typically, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver, and with easy-to-follow instructions, you can complete the installation in just a few minutes.

Adjustable baseplates are a bonus, as they provide a secure fit on the toilet bowl, allowing for a snug and even installation.

Don’t forget to double-check the rubber gaskets for leaks during installation to confirm a proper seal and prevent water damage or waste.

If you’re replacing an old toilet seat, you might need to remove old mounting hardware, which can be tedious, but a compatible hinge can make the swap quick and easy.

Proper alignment of the toilet seat with the toilet bowl is vital for a smooth and quiet closing operation.

Achieve this by adjusting the seat’s position during installation.

Noise Reduction and Speed

When selecting a self-closing toilet seat, one essential aspect is its noise reduction capabilities, which can greatly impact the overall bathroom experience.

You’ll be pleased to know that slow-close toilet seats can reduce noise levels by up to 90% compared to traditional toilet seats, creating a more peaceful bathroom environment.

The slow-close mechanism typically takes around 3-5 seconds to fully close, allowing for a gentle and quiet closure. Some toilet seats feature soft-close or quiet-close technology that slows down the closing speed to prevent slamming and reduce noise.

However, the speed of the slow-close mechanism can be affected by factors such as the quality of the hinges and the weight of the toilet seat.

A slower closing speed also has an added benefit – it can help prevent pinched fingers and injuries, especially for children and pets.

As you consider your options, look for toilet seats with advanced noise reduction features to create a more comfortable and safe bathroom experience. By prioritizing noise reduction and speed, you’ll find the perfect self-closing toilet seat for your needs.

Compatibility and Fitment

You need to ponder several key factors to guarantee your new self-closing toilet seat fits perfectly on your toilet bowl.

First, consider the shape and size of your toilet bowl and verify the seat matches it. Elongated seats fit elongated bowls, and round seats fit round bowls.

Next, check the seat’s mounting system compatibility with your toilet’s hole spacing and type. Some seats require specific hardware or adapters, so it’s imperative to get it right.

Additionally, some toilet seats are designed for specific toilet brands or models, so it’s necessary to check compatibility before making a purchase.

You should also consider the seat’s height and offset, especially if you have a comfort-height or ADA-compliant toilet.

To avoid installation issues, measure your toilet bowl and seat area before buying a new seat. This will help confirm a proper fit and prevent headaches down the line.

Durability and Maintenance

A self-closing toilet seat’s durability and maintenance requirements depend on its material construction, hardware quality, and design features, all of which can substantially impact its overall performance and lifespan.

When choosing a self-closing toilet seat, you should look for durable materials like heavy-duty molded plastic or engineered wood that can withstand frequent use and cleaning.

The hinges and hardware should be corrosion-free and impact-absorbing to guarantee a smooth and quiet closure.

A non-porous, high-gloss finish can make cleaning easier and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, reducing maintenance needs.

You’ll also want to confirm that the seat’s bumpers or grip-tight features are designed to prevent shifting or movement during use, providing a secure and stable fit.

A well-designed self-closing toilet seat should have a slow-close mechanism that can reduce the wear and tear on the seat and hinges, increasing its overall lifespan.

Warranty and Support

Before finalizing your self-closing toilet seat purchase, carefully review the warranty and support offered by the manufacturer, as it can substantially impact your overall satisfaction and peace of mind.

You’ll commonly find a 1-year limited warranty among toilet seat manufacturers, covering defects and malfunctions for a specified period. For instance, Kohler and Mayfair offer a 1-year limited warranty, with Mayfair’s covering US and Canada customer purchases.

Some manufacturers, like, provide a 30-Day Return Guarantee in addition to their own warranty terms.

It’s vital to review the warranty description and terms before making a purchase to verify the level of support and protection meets your needs. You can usually request the manufacturer’s warranty from their customer service department.

For example, Delta Faucet allows you to request their warranty from customer service. Don’t assume all warranties are created equal – take the time to understand what’s covered and for how long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Self-Closing Toilet Seats Be Installed on Any Toilet?

You’re wondering if you can install self-closing toilet seats on any toilet. The answer is, you can install them on most standard toilets, but it’s essential to check the toilet’s specifications and measure the seat post to ensure a proper fit.

Do Self-Closing Toilet Seats Require More Maintenance?

You’re wondering if those convenient self-closing toilet seats require more maintenance. Honestly, they don’t need much extra care, but you’ll need to occasionally clean the hinges and check the slow-close mechanism to facilitate smooth operation.

Are Self-Closing Toilet Seats Suitable for Elderly or Disabled Users?

When you’re pushing 80, the last thing you want is to “bite off more than you can chew” with tricky toilet seats. Fortunately, self-closing toilet seats can be a game-changer for elderly or disabled users, offering ease and independence.

Can I Replace a Self-Closing Toilet Seat With a Standard One?

You’re wondering if you can swap out a self-closing toilet seat for a standard one. Yes, you can! It’s a relatively simple process, and you’ll just need to verify the new seat fits your toilet bowl.

Do Self-Closing Toilet Seats Reduce Toilet Seat-Related Injuries?

You’ve dodged the dreaded ” porcelain pincher” and “seat splinters” – ouch! Fortunately, self-closing toilet seats do reduce toilet seat-related injuries, as they gently lower down, preventing accidental falls and painful slams.


You’ve narrowed down your options to the top self-closing toilet seats on the market.

But, you might be thinking, ‘Are they really worth the extra cost?’

The answer is yes!

With their innovative features and improved hygiene, these seats are an investment in your comfort and well-being.

Plus, many of them are designed to last longer than traditional toilet seats, making them a smart choice for your wallet in the long run.