Top 12 Best Ultrasonic Dog Repellers in 2020 Reviews

Some dogs own the tendency to scare everyone around and they become hostile once they see strangers. It would become difficult for humans to instantly control such dogs due to their aggressive nature. The attacking behavior of such dogs can be effectively controlled by the use of the ultrasonic dog repellers. Not just for controlling their aggressive nature but they are highly beneficial for dog training purposes. Majority of the dog repellers available on the market are versatile, so they can be implemented for frightening other animals and pests responsible for creating harm. Now you will be able to protect your kids from the attacking nature of the dogs and other pets. Basically, these repellers disperse irritating substances, generate astonishing sounds and may create some annoying effects to limit the aggression of dogs. Taking a look at the ultrasonic dog repellers mentioned below will let you make an intelligent buying decision:

List of Top 12 Best Ultrasonic Dog Repellers in 2020 Reviews On Amazon.Com

12. Sound Defense K9 Warning Device:

 Sound Defense K9 Warning Device

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A gentle dog deterrent device from the Sound Defense, the K9 warning device is highly effective at repelling the aggression of dogs. Generally, this K9 device is widely used by cyclists, runners, and professionals from different parts of the world. Its fundamental design is intended to prevent aggressive dogs by generating a sound which makes dog repulsive.

It is known that the device proves to be an exceptional solution to the traditional animal control devices with the use of advanced technology to produce a signal particularly designed for dogs. Its design is made handheld for easy portability. Moreover, it can be implemented for coyotes and wolves too.


  • This K9 warning device can be operated from up to 25 feet distance and it possesses a broad effective field.
  • Its formula is free from chemical, so it is safe and simple to use. In its making, there is the absence of propellant, spray or blowback.
  • To deter aggressive dog, the fully audible and loud signal is exceptionally designed.
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11. BBTO LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller:

 BBTO LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Handheld Dog Trainer Device 3 in 1 Anti-Barking Stop Bark Dog Deterrent Training Tools

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Not only deterrence but this LED dog repeller is also widely sued for training major types of dogs and pets. The prominent specialty of this dog repeller product is its ultrasonic design. With the implemented ultrasonic technology, the dogs will stay quiet and can be effectively trained in a perfect manner. In this way, their undesired behavior can be controlled.  Along with this repeller product, you would also get a user manual to let the pet dog owners make the most of this device.


  • This BBTO multi-functional device comes with 3 functions. They are the LED light function, dogs training with low intensity of ultrasonic, and third one is anti-barking function. The last function relies on intense ultrasonic.
  • Size of this repeller device is approximately 12.5 (L) x 4.5 (W) x 2.6 cm (H). These measurements indicate superb portability and convenience of use. It’s handheld size is ideal for walking, jogging, traveling, safety night patrol and many other outdoor activities.

10. POVAD LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller:

 POVAD LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

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Based on the ultrasound design, it would be easy for dog owners to train their dogs to be obedient. Using this LED ultrasonic dog deterrent device, the undesired behaviors of the dog can be brought into control. For instance, humans will be able to get rid of their habits like barking, chewing, digging, and more. Use of all safe materials guarantees you that they are harmless to pets and humans.

In addition to working in the form of a pet training tool, the device could also deter dog attacks. Typically, this LED dog deterrent device would be able to train different types of dogs like pet dogs, dogs in police and shepherding. In most cases, its application is found convenient for outdoor use, travel and security night patrol


  • It is completely simple to operate –initially, open the battery cover and place a 9V battery. The emitted sound is perceptible only to pets. Now turn on the switch and the device could work in the form of a flashlight
  • Its size is made portable and handheld at the measurements of 12.5 (L) x 4.5 (W) x 2.6 cm (H).

9. Pennyy Ultrasonic 3 in 1 Dog Training Device:

 Anti Barking Device Stop Dog Barking Ultrasonic 3 in 1 Stop Bark Handheld

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Now the dog trainers can successfully train their dog to perceive and deter undesired behaviors like chewing, barking, digging, etc. Devoid of harmful chemicals make this 3-in-1 device safe and simple to use. Typically, this training device is convenient for training a broad range of dogs including pets, sheepdogs and police dogs. You may use it for outdoor work and can also carry along your travel trips.


  • Pennyy prepared this handheld dog repeller device in the approximate size i.e. 4.9 x 1.6inches. Being handy and portable, it is also convenient to carry around.
  • Apart from protecting you from the attacks by dogs, it can also work as a pet training tool.

 8. Frienda LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller:

 Frienda LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller & Trainer Device 3 in 1 Anti Barking Stop Bark Handheld Dog Training Device

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What makes this LED-based ultrasonic dog deterrent device exceptional is its working mechanism. Its emitted sound will be audible only to pets. Bu just turning on the switch, it would commence working and could also work in form of a flashlight when needed.  Mankind will stay secured against aggressive dog attacks. Being versatile, it would aptly fit for training a wide assortment of dogs ranging from pets to police dogs.

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  • Frienda devised this repeller device in a handheld size for simplicity and convenience. Its approximate dimensions are 12.5 (L) x 4.5 (W) x 2 (H) cm. This size indicates the great portability of the device. So, you may carry it for walking, jogging, cycling, etc.
  • Its use is applicable within effective distance to control the bad habits of dogs.

7.  Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent:

 Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

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Recognized as an ultrasonic deterrent, the device is proficient to daunt dangerous dogs effectively. Its manufacturing was done utilizing the contemporary technology enabling to provide high-frequency sound. This sound output will feel uncomfortable to dogs and it would not be perceptible to humans.

Implementing the cutting-edge ultrasonic technology, DAZER focused on the production of high-frequency sound that is audible to dogs. The dog owners and other humans will be benefitted with the control of unfriendly, hostile nature of dogs. In most cases, you will find this Dazer II being used by runners, joggers, bicyclists, meter readers, policemen, fire or rescue teams, and home inspectors.


  • Not only dogs but the deterrent device can be used for cats within the distance of up to 40 forty feet.
  • Manufacturing is done using the lightweight, high impact plastic incorporating a low battery indicator, 9V energizer battery, and a belt clip.

6. First Alert Bark Genie Handheld Bark Control Device:

 First Alert Bark Genie Handheld Bark Control Device

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Now you will not end up in distress while training your dogs to be obedient. The bark control device is exceptionally designed to stop dog barking and their hostile behavior. The Bark Genie from First Alert is the perfect solution for mankind willing to stay stress-free from the aggressive behavior of dogs. Being harmless and effective, you will find your investment wise. There will be no interruptions in your night’s sleep. The working process highlights a high-pitched sound which is perceptible only to dogs. The sound output is capable to distract your dog and control their barking.


  • Through the simple push of a button, the emitted ultrasonic sound will capture the attention of your dog within 15 feet distance.
  • Emission of the distracting sound is successful to divert the attention of your dog to deter harmful habits like barking.

 5. Ortz Dog Whistle to Stop Barking:

 Ortz Dog Whistle to Stop Barking

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A versatile whistle from Ortz, the dog repellent device is capable to impart useful commands and actions. Without any restrictions, you can employ the positive behaviors within your dogs. It’s working operation would blow consistent blasts and would implement the positive-behavior approach to instill obedience in your dog. The users will experience comprehensive training freedom with different dog types like border collies, poodles, police dogs, sheep, gun dogs, bulldogs, german shepherds, rottweilers, terriers, huskies, dachshunds, hunting dogs and several other breeds.


  • The activities of dogs can be controlled by practicing the master call on the whistle.
  • Presence of the decent quality Lanyard Strap removes the concerns related to losing or misplacing the whistle.

4. HiGuard Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Pet Training Device:

 HiGuard Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Pet Training Device 3 in 1 LED Anti Barking Stop Bar Handheld with 9 Volt Battery

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Designed with the ultrasonic technology, HiGuard makes sure this pet training device is successful to impart training to dogs. Your dogs will become more obedient and would be able to stop undesired behaviors. Besides, the emitted sound is harmless to humans and pets. Your pet will stay free from the perilous behavior of dog attacks while they walk, run or go for cycling. A convenient fit is offered for training a broad range of dog types like pet dogs, police dog, and shepherding.

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  • Inside this 3 in 1 multi-functional dog repeller, the LED light could be utilized in the form of the torch while enjoying the outdoor activities.
  • It is completely simple to operate –first of all, open the cover of battery and include a piece of a 9V battery. Subsequently, turn on the switch and you may alter switch to the previous grade and then press the beam button.

3. Ruri’s Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Trainer Device:

 Ruri's Ultrasonic Dog Repeller and Trainer Device 3 in 1 Anti Barking Stop Bark Control and Trainer

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Now pet owners and other human beings will stay protected from the unfriendly dogs. The dangerous activities of your dogs will be in complete control while jogging, walking, or bicycling. The working principle is based on the ultrasound technique to successfully train your dogs to become obedient. The undesired behaviors of a pet can be maintained in complete control to stay stress-free.


  • In addition to working as a pet training tool, the trainer device could deter you from the attacks of the dog.
  • It executes a perfect fit for training lots of dog types like pets, dogs working in police and shepherding dogs too. Moreover, its working operation is found suitable for outdoor use, travel use and security night patrol.

 2. Modus Ultrasonic Bark Control Device:

 Modus Anti Barking Device, Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent and 2 in 1 Dog Training Aid Control Range of 16.4 Ft w/Anti-Static Wrist Strap LED Indicate 100%

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Without fearing about the attack from dos, there will be a positive improvement in the efficiency of training dog. Essentially, this bark control device blends the dog training functionality and bark control functionality. You will be pleased to see the avoidance of undesired behaviors, digging, barking, eating dirty substances, etc. With the push of a button, this Modus device is completely simple to use. There will be the emission of an ultrasonic sound that can only be listened to by the dog. Furthermore, the emission of the green light will depict the working status of the deterrent device.


  • The Modus ultrasonic bark control device generates ultrasonic sound at the frequency of 25 kHz. Henceforth, the sound would not severely affect anyone.
  • Overall operation is driven by the 4 AAA batteries packed in the device. It is found that the control range of the bark control device is 16.4 feet.

 1. PET CAREE Handheld Dog Repellent:

 PET CAREE Handheld Dog Repellent, Ultrasonic Infrared Dog Det-Ultrasonic Dog Repellerserrent

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Widely used to daunt dog attacks, the handheld dog repellent device would issue ultrasound in order to avoid the harmful behavior of wild wolf or dog. When you need not control the aggressive behavior of dogs, you may use it as a normal flashlight to provide proper illumination at night. All unfriendly dogs will stay away and the perilous behavior of dogs can be brought in complete control. The appearance of the drive dog unit design is delicate, simple to carry, and widely convenient for outdoor use. Additionally, you may use it for outdoor travel needs and security night patrolling.


  • The emitted ultrasonic wave encompasses up to 125dB. Its output sound will be audible to dogs but not to mankind.
  • Its working principle targets dogs up to the 20-meter distance.
  • The included versatility enables you to utilize it in the form of a dog training device. 

Concluding Note:

It is now effective to daunt the attacking nature of dogs, barking, chasing, jumping or chewing. These ultrasonic dog repellers would convert your aggressive nature of dogs into a highly obedient one so you will relish their faithfulness