Best Key Lock Boxes in 2023

Key lock boxes have many important uses. When it comes to buying one, there is a number of things you need to take into account before you make a decision. There are also a lot of options for lockboxes made by different manufacturers. Plus, all of them come with a variety of security measures. Depending on your application, you want to have one that is built to the specifications you need in order to feel as secure as possible.

To avoid getting any fake products out there, here we have combined the top 10 best key lockboxes in 2023 into the below article that you may want to look at. All of them come with different designs, sizes, and features. However, one thing that they share in common is that they offer the ultimate security to your keys and other belongings you put inside.

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10. AdirOffice Secure 40 Key Cabinet, Digital Lock (combination key lock box)

AdirOffice Secure 40 Key Cabinet with Digital Lock

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When you want to have a secure way of keeping your keys, there is only one way which is getting a lockbox. By having this key safe lock box, it enables secure storage without risking losing them and can avoid unwanted access. This AdirOffice secure key cabinet is among the ideal choice that can suit any situation. Designed for easy organization, the cabinet is suitable for up to 40 keys. As a result, you do not have to worry about misplacing your keys again. Furthermore, when you have a lot of locks to open, it enables easy organization for quick access.

Now not only the cabinet enables keys organization, but it is made of heavy-duty steel. Boasting 16 gauge steel material with scratch-resistant interior and exterior finish, security is not a trial and error. On the other hand, the door has a programmable combination lock with eight digits. For this reason, it allows you to achieve unlimited combinations; hence, improving safety. Utilizing four AA batteries, the equipped LED light indicated battery strength and each operation. The cabinet can be used while free standing or mounted on the wall.

What We Like:

  • Has a scratch-resistant powder finish
  • Enhances safety with a large combination
  • Constructed from durable 16 gauge steel
  • Features programmable digital lock
  • Provides large storage capacity
  • Comes with LED light

What We Don’t Like:

  • Nothing to dislike

9. Smaid Key Lock Box for House Key

Key Lock Box

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This house key lock box comes with a compact size that is able to hold 2 packs of your keys. This small construction makes it convenient to use for both home and office. In addition, the box features a mounting construction that allows you to do it on both indoor and outdoor walls. Forget about the traditional key system, this one utilizes the combination code to keep your essentials keys safe.

Also, users can set up to 10,000 combination codes which make it convenient for the passcode changing. Being construction from solid aluminum alloy, it increases durability and safety of storage. Since it has a waterproof exterior, it is highly resistant to corrosion and rusting as well. 

What We Like: 

  • Holds up to 2 packs of keys
  • Provides up to 10,000 code combination creation
  • Made of premium solid aluminum alloy
  • Highly resistant to water and weather

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can be too small for hotel or big house key storage

8. Master Lock Locking Combination 5 Key Steel Box (Master Key Lock Boxes)

Locking Combination 5 Key Steel Box

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When you want to give everyone an easy time at home, the best way is to have a secure and easy to access key lock cabinet. Now, this enables everyone to have home convenient access even when you are at work. The only thing you need is to install this master lock key box from Master Lock. Despite its small size, the box is sturdy, boasting steel construction. With an attractive and sleek design, it looks handy and fits any installation point.

Forget about the stress of carrying your keys to lock your key storage box. With this, it boasts a four-dial for ease of resetting codes. Thus, this is an excellent feature for everyone in the family to easily access the vault as long as they have the combination codes. In fact, being far away from your home cannot affect maintenance or other services. With mounting accessories, there is no stress for mounting at all.

What We Like: 

  • Has a compact  & space-saving design
  • Comes with elegance with strong steel construction
  • Very easy to reset the combination dials
  • Super easy for code resetting

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can store only a few keys & do not have space for categorizing at all

7. Master Lock Wall-Mount Electronic Digital Lock Box

Digital Key Lock Box

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To boost the modernity, you can now turn to use this digital key lock box from Master Lock. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the box is highly resistant to water, weather, and hot temperature. Also, it comes with a wall-mounting construction which you can easily install it right to the wall of your indoors and outdoors. With its provided storage capacity, the box is able to hold a few pieces of keys as well as cards. Instead of having to use the key to lock and unlock the box, this one offers a touch-screen digital code locking feature for ensuring higher security and ease of use.

It is a lot more modern compared to other boxes since it comes with Bluetooth connection technology that allows users to unlock the box using their phones. Thanks to this, it makes it easy for different users to access as long as they have your invitation through the app. What is more, users can greatly keep track of the access history as well which helps to boost higher security of your place.

What We Like: 

  • Comes with digital touch-screen technology
  • Arrives with a built-in application to ensure a safe passcode access
  • Supports 10 locks
  • Compatible with both IOS & Android devices
  • Available with access history for following up with the house entrance

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can support only 10 locks

6. Lockforce Waterproof Case and Premium Wall Mount Key Lock Box

Lockforce Key Lock Box

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When leaving your house, carrying keys can cause inconvenience to other family members. Also, with poor hiding, it can compromise your house security and lead to theft. However, with a sturdy door key lockbox for keeping your key, you experience no burglary and also never lock your family outside the house. The Lockforce waterproof key lockbox can always ensure your keys are safe from unauthorized people. Created from hardest and tamper-proof steel, the box provides excellent safety and never gets compromised.

With a dial combination lock, it offers 10,000 possible code combinations. Hence, it is easy to change every day. Besides, the design is waterproof; therefore the box will never corrode or hold rust which leads to affecting its performance. For a secure mounting, this box is available without all installations hardware. Unlike other boxes that utilize key, this one is ideal for everyone since it uses only code, and you can get easy access. With its compact size and high-security levels, it’s ideal for home, realtor, RV, caregiver kids among others.

What We Like:

  • Made of strong tamper-proof steel
  • Fits for both indoors and outdoors installation
  • Great for multiple users
  • Features waterproof and weather-resistant design
  • Enables up to 10, 000 combination codes

What We Don’t Like:

  • Good only for a few keys storage

5. Tekmun Realtor Wall Mount Key Lock Box, Weather Resistant Steel

Tekmun Realtor Wall Mount Key Lock Box

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The time to panic where to hide your keys is over. What you need to have is this extra strong and durable key lock box from Tekmun. Created like no other boxes, it is strong durable and compact. However, despite the compact size, the box can hold-ups to 5 keys. Therefore, you can store your house and car keys at peace. Amazingly, you do not store keys then struggle with locking with the keys. Instead, it features a 4 digit combination to offer a wide choice of locking code and change as frequently as possible.

Forget about the cheap cabinets that are easy for crooks to break into. With this one, it has sturdy steel that is hard to break. In fact, the box has a double wall to deliver unmatched safety. Also, the walls are resistant to hammering, prying, and sawing. With weather-resistant construction design, the box can be used for both indoors and outdoors.

What We Like:

  • Made of sturdy and hard to breach steel
  • Features an impact-resistant construction
  • Weatherproof and ideal for indoors/outdoors
  • Compact and quick to install
  • Comes with 4 digit combination

What We Don’t Like:

  • May be able to hold about 5 keys only

4. Kidde AccessPoint KeySafe Original Slimline Permanent Key Lock Box Kidde AccessPoint 001413 KeySafe Original

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Are you confused about the right ways to ease access to keys with your loved ones? The surest step is to have this key locking box by Kidde. The product can bring joys and security to keep your keys accessed whether you are at home or the workplace. With a compact design, it means no large space needed to mount the box. Designed to hold 2 keys, it is a great product for kids, elderly and general key safety when you are away from home.

Even with its compact size, the box is super durable to resist easy damage. Boasting metallic construction, this key storage is robust and reliable. Moreover, the elegant finish keeps it free from rusting or corrosion. In addition, the 1000 combinations possibilities are the guarantee of enhanced safety while installation hardware allows permanent installation.

What We Like:

  • Features compact and less space-consuming design
  • Comes with a versatile mounting
  • Has a frustration-free packaging
  • Provides an elegant and rust/corrosion-proof
  • Has an easy-to-push button for opening
  • Allows for 1000 different combination creation

What We Don’t Like:

  • Too small

3. KeyGuard SL-590 Punch Button Key Storage Lock Box, Wall Mount

KeyGuard SL-590 Punch Button Key Storage Wall Mount Lock Box

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The best way to control who can access keys to your home, office or any other place is having a key box. Plus, to regulate the access, it should be lockable to keep off wrongdoers. The KeyGuard SL-590 wall mount key box is an excellent choice to have for the safety of your home. Unlike other boxes, this product has keyless access making it ideal for anyone in the family to have an easy entrance. This is possible because the box features keyless access by setting a combination locking code instead.

Different from other key cabinets, this one is versatile which has an ability to store keys, credit cards as well as other valuable items. Coming with the ABS coating and metallic frame, not only the vault is safe but also aesthetic. With phone button design, it is quite convenient to change the code as well as to memorize with ease without encountering difficulties. Coupled with the provided mounting screws, the box is simple to mount on the wall.

What We Like:

  • Has soft access buttons
  • Keyless access adds convenience to users
  • Enables for multiple uses
  • Comes with a strong tough ABS construction

What We Don’t Like:

  • Nothing to dislike

2. Kidde AccessPoint Combination TouchPoint Entry Key Lock Boxes

Kidde AccessPoint 001795 Combination TouchPoint Entry Key Locker, Clay, 30 Key

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Are you concerned about the safety of keys in your organization or car parking? You need something to improve the safety of your keys without compromising the security. This lockable key box from Kidde should be your right pick. Manufactured from heavy-duty steel shell, it is hard for unauthorized personnel to get access even by trying to break. With the superb and long-lasting finish, it gives cabinet durability and stays shiny.

Apart from the structural strength, the box is fitted with a lockable door. Unlike the key version lock, this one features a combination mechanism. The 1000 combination option ensures ultimate security. Designed to hold 30 keys, the box has deep attachment hooks that enable it to fit keys without having to remove big rings. Available with mounting hardware, this cabinet gives you an easy time when mounting on the wall. What is more, the clutches system of locking is superior to prevent forced entry. Thereby, keeping your keys safely on the inside.

What We Like:

  • Provides numerous key combination lock
  • Features a clutch system door locking
  • Comes with a super-strong structure of 16 gauge steel
  • Allows up to 1000 code combination creation
  • Fit for 30 keys

What We Don’t Like:

  • More than 30 keys can be too tight for the key rings.

1. Barska 64 Position Key Lock Box with Key Lock

Barska 64 Position Key Lock Box with Key Lock-Key Lock Boxes

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When it comes to the safety of the house, store and other places, safe key storage is the first step. Having the right cabinet is a priority in ensuring that you safely and orderly keep your keys. Then, let us introduce you to this reliable key lock box from Barska. The box is heavy duty featuring 0.8 mm steel. Therefore, it is hard for intruders to breach. Moreover, with powder coating, the cabinet is highly durable to ensure there is no corrosion. Predrilled holes are efficient in allowing for easy mounting. For this reason, it is simple to fix on the wall to increase safety and reliability.

On the efficient keys storage, the cabinet is incredibly easy to use even when you have a lot of keys to store. In fact, the box can accommodate 64 keys. Designed to enable the smooth organization, it has labeled shelves. Plus, the key hooks are numbered to facilitate easy identifications without struggling. To complement the ease of keys retrieval, the box comes with a log sheet. The door is lockable to improve the safety of the keys. Mounting hardware is also included to give an easy time to install your cabinet.

What We Like: 

  • Features Labeled shelves for quick identification
  • Has a lockable door
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Has the capacity to store up to 64 keys
  • Manufactured with a solid steel construction

What We Don’t Like:

  • Nothing to dislike

Complete Buying Guide to Choosing Key Lock Boxes

A key lockbox has to be well-built by sturdy materials in order to be worthwhile. Without this, the key lockbox is practically useless. That should be the reason why you would better have several tips in mind before making a purchase of any key lockboxes. To avoid making a loss, here are some important points you should take into account before you look for a certain product.

Know What It Is For

The first and most important thing to question yourself is to know what it is for. Because key lock boxes come in different sizes, designs, and features, they are actually made for different purposes of usage. Some can be for home use while others can be for hotel or other rental accommodation usages. If you think you only have a few pieces of keys or cards to store for home use or office use, you can just get a small one which costs less than the bigger ones. Once you know what you need it for, it is easy to go for the next step which is choosing a suitable type.

Choose the Types of Key Lock Boxes

After knowing what it is for, you can now look at the types of key lockboxes that you want to have as following:

Combination Code Key Lock Boxes

The combination code key lock boxes come in both small and large sizes. It normally allows users to set their passcode of 4 to 5 digits combination. Most of the product allows users to create up to 1000 combination codes to ensure ease of changing. At the same time, there are some products that even allows for up to 10,000 code combination creations as well.

Digital Key Lock Boxes

By the word digital, you can already imagine that it must be coming with a touch-screen feature or it has an advanced technology connection. By using a digital key lockbox, users can even access to some application provided by the company to ensure higher safety and greater security in storing your keys and other important cards. Besides its comfortable touch-screen tech, some even allow users to unlock the lock using a scan or Bluetooth function. Thus, users do not have to put in so much effort trying to remember the passcodes at all. However, it can be high in price.

Build Quality

Once you have decided on the type to own, you can start to examine its build quality. Key Lock Boxes can be made from a variety of materials, be it steel, aluminum, or even plastic. Since it concerns over the safety of storage, it is highly recommended that you look for heavy-duty steel construction. With this kind of construction, it can be too solid to break.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a key lockbox?

A: A key lockbox is actually a key storage box where you can store your house or office keys as well as the card inside. It has a security looking system by the passcode combination, or even barcode scanning to unlock the box and access to what is inside.

Q: Are key lock boxes safe to use?

A: It actually depends on the build quality of a certain product. Some products are made of heavy gauge steel, aluminum alloy. Meanwhile, others can be made of just solid plastic. If you choose a steel construction one, it can be more safety to keep the keys in.

Q: What are the best key lockboxes?

A: There are a variety of brands available on the market. But, you can go for Master Lock, Barska, Kidde, and so on.


If you have important keys or cards to keep, do not risk keeping them in a low-quality box. You can invest a little into a reliable key lockbox and increase the greater security of your keys. With all of the key lock boxes being showcased above, your family and guests can conveniently access the keys without maximizing the risk of losing the keys at all.

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