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3 Best Battery Chainsaws in 2024

    Did you know that over 70% of homeowners prefer cordless chainsaws for their ease of use and environmental benefits? You’re likely part of this group, considering you’re searching for the best battery chainsaws. You’ve come to the right place! In this discussion, we’ll explore the top three battery chainsaws that stand out from the rest. From the Greenworks 40V 8 Pole Saw’s compact design to the EGO Power+ 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw’s impressive cutting capacity, we’ll examine the features that make them exceptional. But which one will take the top spot?

    Greenworks 40V 8 Pole Saw, 2.0Ah Battery (Gen 1)

    Greenworks 40V 8 Pole Saw, 2.0Ah Battery (Gen 1)

    The Greenworks 40V 8 Pole Saw, 2.0Ah Battery (Gen 1) is a maintenance-free option that can reach up to 11 FT.

    It features a 3-piece aluminum shaft and automatic oiler for durability and extended life.

    The 8-inch bar and chain make trimming branches easy, and the easy adjust trimming feature allows for quick and easy tightening of the chain.

    The automatic oiler applies oil to the bar and chain, ensuring they stay in top condition.

    With a weight of 8.36 pounds and a compact design, you can easily maneuver this pole saw to tackle those hard-to-reach branches.

    Best For: Those who need a reliable and maintenance-free pole saw for trimming trees and enhancing curb appeal.


    • Offers a 3-piece aluminum shaft that extends up to 8 FT (11 FT max reach) for easy trimming of hard-to-reach branches
    • Features an automatic oiler that applies oil to the bar and chain for durability and extended life
    • Weighs only 8.36 pounds and has a compact design, making it easy to maneuver and use


    • May require occasional chain tightening and lubrication to maintain optimal performance
    • The 2.0Ah battery may not provide sufficient power for heavy-duty or commercial use
    • Some users may find the 8-inch bar and chain to be too short for their needs

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    Greenworks 80V Cordless Chainsaw

    Greenworks 80V Cordless Chainsaw

    With its powerful brushless motor technology delivering 2x more torque and quiet operation, the Greenworks 80V Cordless Chainsaw is an ideal choice for homeowners and professionals seeking reliable performance without the hassle of gas or cords.

    You’ll appreciate the automatic oiler, which guarantees proper chain lubrication and increases your productivity.

    The easy adjust tensioning system makes bar and chain maintenance a breeze.

    This chainsaw packs a punch, cutting up to 150 4×4 lumber pieces on a single charge – comparable to a 42CC gas chainsaw.

    Weighing just 2.1 pounds, it’s also surprisingly lightweight.

    With a 2-year warranty on the battery packs and good warranty service from Greenworks, you can trust this saw to get the job done.

    Best For: Homeowners and professionals seeking reliable performance without the hassle of gas or cords.


    • Powerful performance with up to 150 cuts on 4×4 lumber on a single charge, comparable to a 42CC gas chainsaw
    • Automatic oiler for proper chain lubrication and increased productivity
    • Brushless motor technology for 2x more torque, longer runtime, quiet operation, and extended motor life


    • Some reviewers mention the saw’s bulkiness and weight as drawbacks
    • Requires necessary accessories upfront, such as chisel chain from Oregon, Oregon bar, bar nuts, scrench, and bar oil
    • May require additional maintenance, such as following specific maintenance instructions

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    EGO Power+ 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw

    EGO Power+ 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw

    For homeowners seeking a reliable and efficient cutting experience, the EGO Power+ 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw stands out as a top choice with its impressive 20m/s chain speed and tool-free chain tensioning system.

    You’ll appreciate the convenience of automatic oiling and a spill-free oil reservoir, which make maintenance a breeze.

    Plus, the IPX4-rated weather-resistant construction allows you to work in various conditions.

    With a 16-inch bar and chain, this saw is suitable for most yard work.

    The low kickback chain design and brake indicator add an extra layer of safety.

    Weighing just 9 pounds, this saw is easy to maneuver, and the included 2.5Ah battery provides reliable power.

    Best For: Homeowners seeking a reliable and efficient cutting experience for their yard work.


    • Impressive 20m/s chain speed for efficient cutting
    • Tool-free chain tensioning system and automatic oiling for easy maintenance
    • Lightweight and maneuverable design weighing only 9 pounds


    • None mentioned in the product description
    • No mention of a carrying case or storage options
    • Battery life may vary depending on usage and charging habits

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    Factors to Consider When Choosing Battery Chainsaws

    When selecting a battery chainsaw, you’ll want to think about several key factors that’ll impact your cutting experience.

    You’ll need to ponder the power source options, chain bar length, and weight and ergonomics to guarantee you can handle the saw comfortably.

    Additionally, you’ll want to ponder the battery life expectancy and motor technology advantages to maximize your cutting efficiency.

    Power Source Options

    As you weigh your options for a battery-powered chainsaw, consider the power source that will best fit your needs, since it’s a key factor in determining the tool’s performance and overall user experience.

    You’ll find that lithium-ion batteries are a popular choice, offering a reliable and efficient energy source with a longer lifespan. The voltage of your battery-powered chainsaw is also essential, as higher voltage options like 56V or 80V often provide more power and faster cutting speeds.

    When choosing a battery-powered chainsaw, consider the number of batteries included and their capacity, as these factors substantially impact the tool’s runtime and usability.

    A higher-capacity battery can provide extended runtime, while multiple batteries can keep you always ready to go. Additionally, the power source can affect the weight and portability of your chainsaw, with some models featuring lightweight and compact designs that enhance user comfort and maneuverability.

    Chain Bar Length

    You’ll want to weigh the chain bar length of your battery-powered chainsaw, since it directly impacts the tool’s cutting capacity and overall handling.

    A longer chain bar length can provide more cutting capacity, but it may also increase the weight and difficulty of handling the chainsaw.

    As a general rule of thumb, choose a chain bar length that’s at least 2 inches longer than the diameter of the trees or branches you plan to cut.

    Common chain bar lengths for cordless chainsaws range from 14 to 18 inches, with 16 inches being a popular choice for general-purpose use.

    When choosing a chain bar length, consider the type of cutting you’ll be doing most often, as well as your personal comfort level with handling a larger or smaller saw.

    A longer chain bar length may require more power and energy from the battery, which can impact runtime and overall performance.

    You’ll want to strike a balance between cutting capacity and handling ease.

    Weight and Ergonomics

    Fatigue becomes your biggest enemy when tackling demanding cutting tasks, but a well-designed battery chainsaw can be your strongest ally, offering a comfortable grip and balanced construction that lets you work longer without exhaustion.

    A chainsaw’s weight plays a crucial role in determining your endurance. For instance, a lighter saw like the Greenworks 80V Cordless Chainsaw, weighing 2.1 pounds, allows you to work for longer periods without feeling drained.

    Ergonomic design features, such as a comfortable grip and balanced construction, can greatly reduce fatigue and improve your control over the chainsaw.

    The center of gravity and balance point of the saw also impact its maneuverability and ease of use. A well-balanced saw isn’t only easier to handle but also safer, as it’s less likely to cause accidents due to loss of control.

    Additionally, a saw’s weight and ergonomics affect its portability, making lighter and more compact saws easier to transport and store.

    When choosing a battery chainsaw, consider these factors to guarantee you get a saw that works with you, not against you.

    Battery Life Expectancy

    When selecting a battery chainsaw, you’ll want to weigh the importance of battery life expectancy, which can greatly impact your productivity and overall cutting experience.

    The type of battery, usage, and maintenance can all affect how long your chainsaw will last on a single charge. For instance, a 2.0Ah battery mightn’t last as long as a higher capacity battery like a 2.5Ah one.

    The power and efficiency of the motor, as well as the type of cutting you’re doing, also play a role in battery life. If you’re making thicker cuts or using a more powerful motor, you can expect your battery to drain faster.

    Regular maintenance, such as keeping your chain sharp and clean, can help extend battery life by reducing the energy required to make cuts.

    Additionally, the number of charge cycles your battery can handle will also impact its overall lifespan. Most lithium-ion batteries can withstand around 300-500 charge cycles before capacity starts to degrade.

    Motor Technology Advantages

    With advanced motor technology, your battery chainsaw can deliver unparalleled performance, making it essential to weigh the advantages of brushless motors when selecting the right tool for your cutting needs.

    You’ll get 2x more torque, longer runtime, and quieter operation compared to traditional motors. Brushless motors are more efficient, resulting in increased power and reduced heat generation, which leads to extended motor life. This means you’ll get the performance you need without sacrificing reliability.

    The high-torque output of brushless motors enables cordless chainsaws to achieve performance comparable to gas-powered saws.

    Plus, brushless motors require less maintenance, as they’ve fewer moving parts and are less prone to wear and tear. You’ll spend less time servicing your saw and more time getting the job done.

    The increased efficiency of brushless motors also leads to reduced battery consumption, resulting in longer runtime and fewer recharges. With a brushless motor, you’ll get more done on a single charge, making it an essential feature to factor into your decision when choosing a battery chainsaw.

    Automatic Oiling Systems

    You’ll want to look for a battery chainsaw with an automatic oiling system, which guarantees your chain and bar receive the right amount of lubrication, saving you time and hassle in the long run.

    This feature is especially vital for heavy-duty use, as it safeguards proper chain lubrication, increasing the lifespan of the chain and bar, and reducing maintenance time.

    With an automatic oiling system, you won’t have to worry about manually applying oil, eliminating the risk of over- or under-lubrication.

    This system also helps reduce wear and tear on the saw’s components, leading to a longer tool life and reduced downtime for maintenance.

    Some high-end battery chainsaws even feature a spill-free oil reservoir, further reducing mess and maintenance requirements.

    Look for this feature in high-end models, like the Greenworks 40V 8 Pole Saw, to confirm you’re getting a saw that’s built for heavy use and low maintenance.

    Safety Features Included

    As you shop for a battery chainsaw, prioritize models that integrate multiple safety features to minimize risks and guarantee a secure cutting experience.

    Look for automatic oiling systems, like those found in the Greenworks 40V 8 Pole Saw and the EGO Power+ 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw, which reduce the risk of overheating and chain breakage.

    Brake indicators, such as the one featured in the EGO Power+ 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw, alert you when the chain brake is engaged, facilitating safe operation.

    Additionally, opt for chainsaws with low kickback chain designs, like the EGO Power+ 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw, which reduce the risk of kickback and improve overall safety.

    Weather-resistant construction, like the IPX4-rated design of the EGO Power+ 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw, protects the tool from environmental hazards and guarantees reliable operation.

    Finally, consider tool-free chain tensioning systems, featured in the EGO Power+ 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw, which simplify maintenance and reduce the risk of injury.

    Warranty and Support

    When investing in a battery chainsaw, an extensive warranty and reliable support can be a vital safeguard, providing protection for your investment and peace of mind.

    You’ll want to look for manufacturers that offer clear warranty information and easy-to-reach customer service in case you encounter any issues with your chainsaw. A thorough warranty can cover defects in materials and workmanship, as well as provide repair or replacement options for faulty products.

    Some manufacturers may even offer extended warranty options or maintenance services to help keep your chainsaw in good working condition.

    When researching battery chainsaws, be sure to read and understand the warranty terms and conditions before making a purchase.

    You’ll want to know what’s covered, what’s required to file a claim, and any limitations or requirements for warranty claims.

    Some manufacturers offer up to 4-year warranties on the product and 2-year warranties on the battery, so it’s vital to compare warranties between brands.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Use a Cordless Chainsaw for Heavy-Duty Logging?

    You’re wondering if a cordless chainsaw can handle heavy-duty logging, but honestly, it’s unlikely. While they’re great for smaller tasks, cordless chainsaws typically lack the power and endurance for intense, heavy-duty logging.

    Are Battery Chainsaws Suitable for Left-Handed Users?

    You wonder if battery chainsaws are suitable for left-handed users. The good news is that most models are ambidextrous, with symmetrical designs and comfortable grips, making them accessible and convenient for both left- and right-handed users alike.

    Do Cordless Chainsaws Require More Maintenance Than Gas Ones?

    As you gaze out at the medieval blacksmith’s forge, you wonder if cordless chainsaws require more TLC than their gas-guzzling counterparts. Truth is, you’ll still need to sharpen and clean them, but they’re generally lower maintenance, with fewer parts to replace.

    Can I Use a Battery Chainsaw in the Rain or Snow?

    You’re wondering if you can use a battery chainsaw in harsh weather conditions. Generally, it’s not recommended to use any power tool in heavy rain or snow, as it can compromise safety and performance.

    Are Lithium-Ion Batteries Recyclable at the End of Their Life?

    As you wonder about the environmental fate of your lithium-ion batteries, know that yes, you can responsibly recycle them at the end of their life, sparing the planet from poisonous pollutants and preserving precious resources.


    You’ve narrowed down your search to the top battery chainsaws, and now it’s time to make the cut.

    Remember, the right saw is like a trusted companion – it’s got your back when the going gets tough.

    With the Greenworks 40V 8 Pole Saw, Greenworks 80V Cordless Chainsaw, and EGO Power+ 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw, you can’t go wrong.

    Each one’s a cut above the rest, ready to help you tackle even the most challenging tasks with precision and ease.