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3 Best Water Dispensers in 2024

    When it comes to staying hydrated, having a reliable water dispenser at your fingertips can make all the difference. You’re probably wondering which ones are worth considering. Let’s cut to the chase: we’ve narrowed it down to three top contenders. The Brio Moderna, YETI Silo, and Igloo Top Loading Dispenser are the crème de la crème of water dispensers, each boasting unique features that set them apart. But what exactly makes them stand out from the rest? You’ll want to stick around to find out what makes these dispensers the best of the best.

    Brio Moderna Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler Dispenser

    Brio Moderna Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler Dispenser

    If you’re looking for a bottleless water cooler dispenser that can provide both hot and cold water with adjustable temperatures, the Brio Moderna Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler Dispenser is an excellent choice.

    This dispenser can give you water at any temperature between 39°F and 174°F, making it perfect for tea, coffee, or just a revitalizing drink.

    You’ll also appreciate its self-cleaning feature, which uses UV light disinfection to keep your water clean and fresh.

    Plus, the built-in TDS meter lets you monitor the total dissolved solids removed from your water, so you can be sure you’re getting the purest water possible.

    Best For: People who want a convenient and easy-to-maintain water cooler dispenser that provides both hot and cold water with adjustable temperatures.


    • Easy to install and convenient to use
    • Provides great-tasting water with adjustable temperatures
    • Self-cleaning feature with UV light disinfection for added cleanliness and purity


    • Poor instructions and confusing manual
    • Annoying beep for filter replacement
    • Filter replacements are required every 6 months

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    YETI Silo 6 Gallon Water Cooler

    YETI Silo 6 Gallon Water Cooler

    You’ll appreciate the YETI Silo 6 Gallon Water Cooler’s ability to keep water cold for hours, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts and workers who need a reliable hydration station on the go.

    This cooler’s rotomolded construction and Permafrost Insulation guarantee that your drinks will stay chilled even in the hottest conditions.

    The ergonomic SurePour Spigot and SteadySteel Handle make it easy to carry and dispense water, while the 6-gallon capacity means you’ll have plenty of hydration on hand.

    With its durable design and impressive cold-keeping abilities, the YETI Silo 6 Gallon Water Cooler is perfect for camping trips, job sites, or any outdoor adventure.

    Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts, workers, and anyone who needs a reliable hydration station on the go.


    • Keeps water cold for hours with its Permafrost Insulation and rotomolded construction
    • Ergonomic SurePour Spigot and SteadySteel Handle make it easy to carry and dispense water
    • 6-gallon capacity provides plenty of hydration on hand


    • Some customers mentioned issues with the product’s design and durability
    • May be heavy and bulky for some users
    • No additional features beyond keeping water cold and being durable

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    Igloo Top Loading Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

    Igloo Top Loading Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

    For households seeking a convenient and safe way to access hot and cold water, the Igloo Top Loading Hot and Cold Water Dispenser is an ideal choice, boasting a child safety lock and removable drip tray for effortless maintenance.

    You’ll appreciate the freestanding design with a stable base, making it perfect for small spaces. The durable plastic material will guarantee the dispenser will withstand frequent use.

    With dimensions of 12.5D x 13W x 38.75H inches and weighing 22.2 pounds, it’s easy to find a spot for this dispenser in your home or office.

    Plus, the corded electric power source makes it easy to use.

    With a 4.2-star rating and over 2,500 reviews, you can trust that this dispenser will provide you with hot and cold water whenever you need it.

    Best For: Households, offices, and small spaces seeking a convenient and safe way to access hot and cold water.


    • Convenient top-loading design for easy bottle replacement
    • Child safety lock and removable drip tray for easy maintenance and safety
    • Compact and freestanding design with a stable base, perfect for small spaces


    • Some customers have reported issues with leakage and faulty units
    • No specific temperature control for hot and cold water settings
    • No additional features beyond hot and cold water dispensing

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    Factors to Consider When Choosing Water Dispensers

    When selecting a water dispenser, you’ll want to guarantee several key factors to maintain the right one for your needs.

    You’ll need to think about the water quality standards you want to maintain, as well as the schedule for replacing filters to keep your water clean.

    Additionally, you’ll want to ponder the space and design constraints of your home or office, as well as the noise level and energy efficiency of the dispenser.

    Water Quality Standards

    Considering the importance of clean drinking water, evaluating the water quality standards of a dispenser before making a purchase is crucial.

    You want to verify the dispenser can remove contaminants, improve taste, and eliminate odors.

    Look for a dispenser that meets or exceeds NSF International standards, a non-profit organization that sets standards for water quality.

    Check if the dispenser has certifications like NSF 42, 53, or 401, which indicate its ability to remove certain contaminants.

    You should also consider the type of filtration system used, such as activated carbon, UV, or reverse osmosis.

    These systems can remove impurities like lead, chlorine, and parasites, making your drinking water safer and healthier.

    Some dispensers may also have additional features like antimicrobial protection or self-sanitizing capabilities, which can further improve water quality.

    Filter Replacement Schedules

    You must factor in the filter replacement schedule when choosing a water dispenser, as it directly impacts the quality and safety of your drinking water.

    Regular filter replacement is vital to maintain your dispenser’s ability to provide clean and safe drinking water. Old filters can become clogged, compromising water quality, so replacing them on schedule is imperative.

    For example, the Brio Moderna Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler Dispenser requires a 4-stage RO filter replacement kit every 6 months, which is indicated by a beep.

    Failure to replace filters can lead to a decrease in water quality, taste, and odor, and may even cause the dispenser to malfunction.

    The frequency of filter replacement may vary depending on usage, water quality, and other factors, so monitoring the dispenser’s performance and adjusting the replacement schedule accordingly is necessary.

    Space and Design Constraints

    Configuring your water dispenser to fit seamlessly into your home or office space requires careful consideration of the available room and design constraints.

    You’ll want to measure the space where you plan to place the dispenser to confirm it fits comfortably. Consider the dimensions of the unit, including its height, width, and depth. Don’t forget to check the door clearance and any obstacles that might hinder access.

    You should also think about the design aesthetic you want to achieve. Do you prefer a sleek, modern look or a more traditional design?

    Some water dispensers come in a variety of colors or finishes, so you can choose one that complements your decor. Additionally, consider the style of the dispenser – countertop, floor-standing, or wall-mounted.

    Each type has its own space requirements and design implications. By carefully evaluating your space and design constraints, you can find a water dispenser that not only works well but also looks great in your home or office.

    Noise Level and Disruption

    When selecting a water dispenser, you must consider the potential disruption caused by noise, as a loud unit can be a significant disturbance in quiet environments or during late-night or early-morning hours.

    A noisy water dispenser can be disruptive and disturbing, especially in households with infants, elderly, or people who work from home.

    You’ll want to look for models that are designed to minimize noise and disruption.

    Some water dispensers, like the Brio Moderna Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler Dispenser, have features that produce minimal noise.

    For instance, its self-cleaning feature with UV light disinfection is relatively quiet.

    When choosing a water dispenser, consider the noise level tolerance of the users and the environment in which it will be placed.

    You want to guarantee a peaceful and comfortable experience for everyone.

    Opt for water dispensers with silent or whisper-quiet operation to minimize disruptions.

    Energy Efficiency and Costs

    As you’ve guaranteed a peaceful experience with a quiet water dispenser, now it’s time to ponder the financial impact of your choice, since an energy-efficient model can substantially reduce your electricity costs.

    You’ll want to look for dispensers with the ENERGY STAR certification, which verifies they meet energy efficiency standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    Some models, like the Brio Moderna Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler Dispenser, consume as little as 40 watts of power. On average, you can expect to pay around $50 to $100 per year to run a dispenser, depending on usage.

    Some features, like removable drip trays on models like the Igloo Top Loading Hot and Cold Water Dispenser, can also help minimize energy consumption by reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

    When choosing a water dispenser, don’t forget to think about the cost of replacement filters, as some models may require more frequent replacements, increasing overall operating costs.

    Maintenance and Upkeep Needs

    You’ll want to think about the maintenance and upkeep needs of a water dispenser, as regular filter replacements and occasional cleaning are necessary to guarantee the unit remains hygienic and functional.

    Some models require filter changes every 6 months, which can be indicated by a beep or other notification system. Look for self-cleaning features, such as UV light disinfection, to reduce maintenance tasks and maintain the dispenser’s cleanliness.

    The type and quality of filters used in the dispenser also impact maintenance needs. Some filters require more frequent replacement than others, so consider the maintenance requirements of the filters when choosing a dispenser.

    Additionally, the dispenser’s material and design can impact maintenance. Durable materials like stainless steel often require less upkeep than plastic or other materials.

    Occasional cleaning of the dispenser’s exterior and drip tray can help prevent bacterial growth and keep the unit in good working order.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Install a Water Dispenser in My Rental Property?

    You can install a water dispenser in your rental property, but you’ll need to check your lease agreement and get your landlord’s permission first to avoid any potential issues or penalties.

    Are Water Dispensers Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly?

    Imagine sipping cool water on a hot summer day, feeling good about your eco-friendly choice. You’ll be relieved to know that modern water dispensers are designed with energy efficiency in mind, consuming minimal power while keeping your drinks chilled.

    Can I Use a Water Dispenser for Outdoor Events and Parties?

    You can totally use a water dispenser at outdoor events and parties! They’re super convenient and can keep drinks coolingly cold. Just verify it’s portable, has a sturdy base, and is easy to clean.

    Do Water Dispensers Require Regular Maintenance and Cleaning?

    You’ll need to regularly clean and descale your water dispenser to prevent bacterial growth and mineral buildup. You should also check and replace filters according to the manufacturer’s schedule to provide clean drinking water.

    Are Water Dispensers Compatible With Fluoride-Free Water Filters?

    You’re torn between the purity of fluoride-free water and the convenience of a water dispenser – thankfully, most dispensers accommodate fluoride-free filters, ensuring you can savor both benefits.


    As you navigate the ocean of hydration, three beacons shine bright: the Brio Moderna, YETI Silo, and Igloo Top Loading Dispenser.

    Each a unique gem, offering treasures like adjustable temperatures, Permafrost Insulation, and child safety locks.

    Chart your course, considering factors like capacity, design, and features.

    Your quench for the perfect dispenser will be satisfied, and your thirst for hydration will be quenched.