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3 Best Home Saunas in 2024

    Did you know that 40% of Americans prioritize relaxation and stress relief in their daily lives? You’re likely among them, and a home sauna can be a game-changer. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. But don’t worry, you’re about to discover the crème de la crème of home saunas. From spacious interiors to advanced features, we’ll explore the top three home saunas that’ll transform your self-care routine. Stay tuned to find out which ones made the cut and what sets them apart from the rest.

    HEATWAVE 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna

    HEATWAVE 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna

    The HEATWAVE 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna is an ideal choice for couples looking for a spacious and feature-packed sauna experience.

    The sauna boasts a generous interior space and six powerful carbon heaters.

    It features high-quality construction, with solid Canadian hemlock and a bronze-tinted, 8mm glass door.

    The sauna also includes chromotherapy lighting, an oxygen ionizer, and a high-quality sound system with aux inputs, which create a relaxing ambiance.

    Easy assembly with simple buckle connectors makes setup a breeze.

    With its energy-efficient design, you can enjoy the sauna’s comforting heat, reaching up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit, without breaking the bank.

    Best For: Couples or individuals who want a spacious and feature-packed sauna experience with advanced features like chromotherapy lighting and oxygen ionizer for relaxation and therapeutic benefits.


    • Spacious interior with solid Canadian hemlock construction and bronze-tinted glass door for a luxurious feel
    • Energy-efficient design with six powerful carbon heaters that can reach up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Easy assembly with simple buckle connectors and a high-quality sound system with aux inputs for a relaxing ambiance


    • Heavy product weight of 329 pounds may require additional assistance for assembly and movement
    • No specific mention of any advanced safety features or certifications
    • Limited warranty period for certain components, such as the radio, which is only covered for one year

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    Dynamic Barcelona Hemlock Wood Infrared Sauna

    Dynamic Barcelona Hemlock Wood Infrared Sauna

    The Dynamic Barcelona Hemlock Wood Infrared Sauna is an excellent choice for those seeking a premium spa experience in the comfort of their own home.

    With its ability to generate FAR infrared heat for pain relief, increased circulation, and detoxification, this sauna offers a range of benefits.

    You’ll appreciate the natural hemlock wood construction, which is both lightweight and durable.

    This sauna is designed for 1-2 people, and it features 6 carbon heating elements, a roof vent for safe heat and air circulation, and an MP3 auxiliary connection.

    You’ll also enjoy the chromotherapy reading light, which adds to the overall relaxation experience.

    With a 4.7-star rating and over 490 customer reviews, you can trust that this sauna will meet and exceed your expectations.

    Best For: Those seeking a premium spa experience at home, particularly individuals who require relief from joint pain, improved circulation, and detoxification.


    • Provides a premium spa experience with uniform heat distribution and reaches high temperatures (up to 150°F) for intense heat therapy
    • Aesthetically pleasing design and build quality, made from natural hemlock wood that is both lightweight and durable
    • Easy to assemble and set up, with clear instructions and online resources available


    • Not ideal for two people, as it is designed for 1-2 people and may be cramped for two
    • Heavy shipment requires careful handling and assembly, which may be challenging for some users
    • Curbside delivery may require additional effort to bring the sauna to the desired location

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    SereneLife Portable Steam Sauna

    SereneLife Portable Steam Sauna

    You’ll appreciate the SereneLife Portable Steam Sauna’s compact and portable design, which makes it an ideal choice for those who want to detoxify and relax in the comfort of their own home.

    This sauna is designed with convenience in mind, featuring a collapsible design and a foldable chair for comfortable seating.

    The energy-efficient 1600-watt heating element quickly reaches a maximum temperature of 122°F (50°C), and you can adjust the heat to your liking with 9 levels of control.

    Plus, the adjustable timer lets you set your sessions up to 60 minutes.

    With its easy access sit-in design and hand access zippers, you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated in no time.

    Best For: Those who want a convenient and portable way to detoxify and relax in the comfort of their own home.


    • Compact and portable design makes it easy to use at home
    • Energy-efficient and adjustable heat control for a comfortable experience
    • Easy access sit-in design with hand access zippers for relaxation


    • Some customers experienced issues with the product, but customer service was responsive and helpful
    • No specific details on the warranty are provided
    • Product dimensions may be larger than expected

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    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Home Sauna

    When choosing a home sauna, you’ll want to guarantee several key factors to find the perfect fit for your needs.

    You’ll need to decide on the type of sauna that suits you best, as well as the space you have available for it.

    You’ll also need to ponder the heat source, material, budget, and warranty – all of which will impact your overall sauna experience.

    Sauna Types

    Considering your specific needs and preferences is essential when selecting from the various sauna types available for your home.

    You’ll need to decide between traditional saunas, infrared saunas, and portable saunas, each with its unique features and benefits.

    Traditional saunas use steam to heat the body, providing a more intense heat experience.

    Infrared saunas, on the other hand, use infrared radiation to warm your body directly, offering a more gentle heat experience.

    Portable saunas are compact, lightweight, and easy to set up, making them ideal for small spaces or travel.

    When choosing a sauna type, consider your health goals, budget, and personal comfort level.

    If you’re looking for detoxification and weight loss, a traditional sauna might be the best option.

    For relaxation and pain relief, an infrared sauna could be the way to go.

    If you’re short on space or need a sauna for travel, a portable option is the perfect solution.

    Space Considerations

    Once you’ve decided on a sauna type that fits your needs, it’s time to think about the physical space where you’ll be placing your new sauna.

    You’ll need to verify the exterior dimensions of the sauna to confirm it fits comfortably in the designated space. For example, the Heatwave 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna measures 49W x 39D x 75H inches.

    You should also measure the interior dimensions to verify comfortable seating and movement inside the sauna – the Heatwave sauna’s interior measures 43W x 35D x 67H inches.

    Don’t forget to account for the weight of the sauna, like the 329 pounds of the Heatwave sauna, to confirm your floor can support it.

    Some saunas, like the Dynamic Barcelona Hemlock Wood Infrared Sauna, require a larger area for assembly before being moved to its final location, so factor that in too.

    Finally, make certain there’s adequate clearance around the sauna for safe circulation of air and heat, as specified in the product instructions.

    Heat Source Options

    As you weigh your options for a home sauna, you’ll need to decide which heat source is right for you, as infrared, steam, and traditional heat options each offer unique benefits and features that cater to different needs and preferences.

    Infrared heat sources, like those found in saunas like the Heatwave 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna, use infrared radiation to heat the body directly, providing therapeutic benefits such as relaxation, detoxification, and pain relief. FAR infrared heat, used in saunas like the Dynamic Barcelona Hemlock Wood Infrared Sauna, is believed to be more effective at penetrating deep into the body, providing relief from joint pain and improving circulation.

    Steam saunas, on the other hand, use a steam generator to create a hot and humid environment, which can help to open up pores, promote detoxification, and provide relaxation. The SereneLife Portable Steam Sauna is a great example of this type of sauna.

    Ultimately, the heat source you choose will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Consider what benefits you’re looking to get from your sauna experience and choose the heat source that best aligns with those goals.

    Material and Build

    When selecting a home sauna, you’ll want to scrutinize the materials and build quality, since they substantially impact the sauna’s performance, durability, and overall value.

    The type of wood used, for instance, can affect the sauna’s durability. Hemlock is a popular choice due to its natural resistance to rot and decay.

    You’ll also want to examine the glass door’s thickness, as it can indicate the sauna’s overall quality. A thickness of 8mm is commonly found in high-quality saunas.

    A sturdy and well-constructed sauna can provide a longer lifespan and better performance, so scrutinize the build quality.

    Additionally, the weight of the sauna can be an indicator of its overall quality and durability, with heavier saunas typically being more robust and long-lasting.

    Furthermore, the country of origin can also play a role in the material and build quality of a sauna, with some countries being known for their high-quality craftsmanship and materials.

    Budget and Warranty

    You’ll need to balance your budget with the warranty offered by the manufacturer, as both factors substantially impact the overall value of your home sauna investment.

    When considering budget, you must factor in the cost of the sauna, as well as any additional features or accessories that may be needed, such as a specific type of heater or additional lighting.

    Warranty length and coverage can vary greatly between products. For instance, the HeatWave 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna offers a 7-year limited warranty, with 5-year coverage on heating and electronics and 1-year coverage on the radio.

    On the other hand, some manufacturers provide lifetime warranties, like the Dynamic Barcelona Hemlock Wood Infrared Sauna. A longer warranty period can provide greater peace of mind and protect your investment.

    It’s vital to carefully review the warranty terms and conditions to understand what’s covered and for how long, as well as any maintenance or upkeep requirements to keep the warranty valid.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Use a Sauna During Pregnancy or When Breastfeeding?

    When pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult your doctor before using a sauna, as high temperatures can cause dehydration and affect fetal development or milk production, and they’ll provide personalized guidance for your situation.

    How Often Should I Clean and Maintain My Home Sauna?

    “A million thanks for asking! You’ll want to clean your home sauna daily, wiping down benches and floors after each use, and deep clean it weekly to keep it sparkling and hygienic for your relaxation sessions.”

    Are Saunas Safe for People With Pacemakers or Implants?

    You’re right to wonder if saunas are safe for people with pacemakers or implants. Generally, it’s okay, but you should consult your doctor first, as high heat can interfere with device function or cause complications.

    Can I Use a Sauna With Open Wounds or Skin Conditions?

    You should avoid using a sauna with open wounds or skin conditions, as the high heat and humidity can exacerbate infections, slow healing, and worsen conditions like eczema or psoriasis – it’s best to wait until you’re fully healed.

    Do I Need a Dedicated Power Outlet for My Home Sauna?

    You’re building a safe haven, just like a master chef preps a kitchen, and a dedicated power outlet is the secret ingredient ensuring your home sauna operates safely and efficiently, without overloading your circuit.


    You’ve weighed the pros and cons, and now it’s time to make a decision.

    Remember, the best home sauna for you is one that fits your space, budget, and personal preferences.

    By considering factors like size, material, and features, you’ll find a sauna that helps you relax, detoxify, and rejuvenate in the comfort of your own home.

    With the right choice, you’ll be sweating your way to wellness in no time!