Best Motorcycle Tires in 2023 Reviews

An avid motorcycle rider considers his/her riding talents as the sole reason behind the flawless ride of the motorcycle. Besides the riding talents, it is the tires of motorcycles that make the ride flawless and enjoyable. A good quality motorcycle tire can make a lot of difference in the riding experience.  The grip and feel are the most significant aspects to focus on when deciding to purchase a motorcycle tire. Without the excellent grip, it is not possible to ride your motorcycle seamlessly over long distances. A carefully chosen motorcycle tire will allow you to travel through different kinds of terrains. You should consider different factors like size, design, performance, grip, and balance when buying the best motorcycle tires. There are lots of reputable brands presenting a myriad of models; therefore, it becomes difficult to make an appropriate buying decision. For safe and enjoyable motorcycle ride, look at the below mentioned finest motorcycle tires available currently:

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10. ProTrax PT1010 Motocross Off-Road Dirt Bike Tire 90/100-16 Rear Soft/Intermediate Terrain:

 ProTrax PT1010 Motocross Off-Road Dirt Bike Tire 90/100-16 Rear Soft/Intermediate Terrain:
The ProTrax PT1010 tires are equipped with a contemporary design intended to maintain a proper balance between traction. With excellent durability and flawless working operation, motorcycle riders can seek advantage from enhanced mileage. Furthermore, the excellent grip is ensured on different kinds of surfaces. Overall, these tires are reliable, durable and affordably priced.

  • These Tough Gear tires are designed to work excellently on the soft and intermediate terrain.
  • Soft to Intermediate tires designed for maximum value for mini and mid-size dirt bikes.
  • Its stiff 4 ply construction works to avoid occurrences of punctures.
  • The knob spacing reduces the accumulation of mud.
  • With the help of solid construction and resilient materials, it is certain that these tires would dominate any type of terrain.

9. Bridgestone Exedra Max 130/90B16 Front Tire 4846:

 Bridgestone Exedra Max 130/90B16 Front Tire 4846:
The tire profile of this model of motorcycle tire is specially designed to enhance stability on the road when riding. These tires are developed with a specific rubber compound to suit cruiser applications. The cruiser applications usually offer more mileage and excellent grip. For those applications, these tires work well.

  • In the construction of these tires, there is the use of the specific compound to offer long mileage.
  • The use of rubber compounds and the unique tread pattern works to improve water evacuation. Furthermore, this type of combination makes the tires suitable for wet and dry grips.
  • Their belt package construction offers linear handling for heavy bikes.
  • The design comes with V-shaped grooves capable to curtail wear & tear on the front tire when the brake is applied. Their center grooves enable these tires to empty water quickly in order that there would not be clogging issues.
  • During the manufacturing process, rubber compound is used to provide cruiser functions and work well during rainy weathers.

8. Continental ContiMotion Sport/Touring Motorcycle Tire Front 120/70-17:

Continental Motorcycle Tire
This model from Continental ContiMotion is a well-known touring motorbike tire. What makes it special is its ability to work on rough terrain and convenience to sustain the wear & tear of long trips. You will find the implementation of many new concepts in this motorcycle tire design. This is the innovative radial tire equipped with high performance.

  • The reliable and safe feedback is provided on wet and dry hands.
  • Great mileage is offered with the help of advanced formulated polymers used in the compound.
  • Its 0° Steel-belt construction featured on the backside enhances stability and riding comfort.
  • A strong grip is offered for dry roads. On wet roads, high speed is offered.
  • With the help of high durability, mileage is enhanced.

7. Dunlop D404 Front Tire (130/90-16):

 Dunlop D404 Front Tire (130/90-16):
The Dunlop D404 front tire is basically an all-around tire with good performance. This motorcycle tire is made obtainable in different sizes to suit a wide range of conventional, standard and cruiser bikes.

  • The outstanding balance of grip and mileage is assured with the help of its tread compound.
  • Its front and rear tread patterns work to improve the water evacuation.
  • This product is offered in the 16 inches variant, owns a speed rating H equivalent to the greatest speed of 130 miles/hour. These aspects make it an outstanding choice among the street riders.
  • Its bias construction makes sure excellent stability is provided. Furthermore, the enhanced performance is guaranteed on different road conditions.
  • Its overall design would conveniently fit on the street bikes as well as standard models. Besides, it proves to be an excellent choice in form of a vintage motorcycle tire.

6. Bridgestone T30 EVO GT Front Tire (120/70ZR18):

 Bridgestone T30 EVO GT Front Tire (120/70ZR18):
When you use this Bridgestone front tire, you will relish the sports performance with great reliability. You will find the appropriate combination of reliability and durability of a high-quality touring tire.  The T30EVO version is specially designed to work well for heavy-weight motorcycles.

  • The motorcycle riders are guaranteed to obtain the ultimate sport touring experience with this tire. You will be facilitated with excellent safety and feel of sports
  • Its rapid response, exceptional stability, neutral handling qualities, and excellent line-holding abilities make your riding experience enjoyable and flawless.
  • It comes with an enhanced wet grip to improve the performance.
  • Exceptional traction and control are assured with the use of this tire. Its sport touring radials are intended to offer smooth traction and well-managed control, especially on wet surfaces.

5. Avon Tyres AV66 Storm 3D X-M Sport Rear Tire – 150/80ZR-16:

 Avon Tyres AV66 Storm 3D X-M Sport Rear Tire - 150/80ZR-16:
Great performance and extended mileage are assured when your motorcycle is equipped with this Avon tire. You will be stunned to know that this tire promises to deliver 15%-20% additional mileage than the prevailing Storm range.

  • In the design of this sports rear tire, there are interconnected three-dimensional points concealed within the spines. This type of arrangement enhances the stability and grip.
  • Its working operation restricts the tread flex and allows to start working instantly.
  • The presence of high-performance single & multi-compound silica tread works to improve the wet grip.
  • Great performance and mileage make it a recommended choice for contemporary high-performance type sport-touring motorcycles.
  • This tire is V-rated for supporting high speeds up to 149 mph. Furthermore, this tire is W-rated for supporting speeds of more than 168 mph.
  • In the package, you will find the road hazard warranty.

4. Shinko 712 Front Motorcycle Tires – 100/90H-19 87-4141:

 Shinko 712 Front Motorcycle Tires - 100/90H-19 87-4141:
Those motorcycle riders willing to get excellent performance and mileage in their tire at an affordable price can go for this model of tires from Shinko. The Shinko 712 motorcycle tires suit your budget and requirements.

  • The width of the front tire is 100-mm with an aspect ratio of 90. These tires’ diameter is 19-inch to attain steady high speeds on different kinds of terrains. This is accomplished with a high level of comfort.
  • They come with the staggered tread pattern to discard the water in a quick manner. In this way, the rider would experience an enjoyable ride when traveling on different terrains.
  • This model of tires come with an H rating suggesting it performs excellently at speeds up to 130 miles/hour.
  • They are equipped with resilient build presenting 4-ply nylon body and a tubeless design. Therefore, you will be able to save money on inner tubes.
  • With the help of enhanced lateral grooves, excellent stability is guaranteed in different conditions.

3. Pirelli Angel GT 120/70ZR-17 Front Tire 2387600:

3. Pirelli Angel GT 120/70ZR-17 Front Tire 2387600:
Capable to work in different types of weather, the front tire from Pirelli Angel would work conveniently in corners and in straight lines. The high silica content and aggressive tread pattern provide excellent stability when you ride. Those motorcycle riders willing to go on long trips in any weather conditions can go for this one. A motorcycle rider –beginner or experienced can use this tire without any hassles.

  • With the intention to keep the rubber soft, this tire dissipates heat in dry weather.
  • Due to its top grade wet grip, your motorcycle would obtain a strong grip in rainy conditions.
  • This tire possesses an absolute cornering traction feature prepared from a special formula.
  • Strong traction for speed is presented to work flawlessly in bad weather conditions.
  • It delivers consistent performance in a wide range of temperature.
  • You can go on a long drive up to 6000 miles through this tire.
  • With the assistance of the stiff center compound, you can ride your bike for many miles. Furthermore, its soft edges facilitate maximum grip.
  • There is the implementation of the water evacuating design. This design allows water to push aside to let the rubber establish a strong contact with the roadway.

2. CONTINENTAL MOTION Tire Set 120/70zr17 Front & 180/55zr17 Rear 180 55 17 120 70 17 2 Tire Set:

 CONTINENTAL MOTION Tire Set 120/70zr17 Front & 180/55zr17 Rear 180 55 17 120 70 17 2 Tire Set:
There are many motorcycle enthusiasts who insist to purchase tire set with great functionalities at an affordable price. They can purchase this front and rear tire set to avail enjoyable motorcycle riding experience. The tires present in this set are manufactured from the highest manufacturing standards. Hence, the motorcyclists are guaranteed to avail reliable performance when riding on the road. Any motorcyclists can enjoy short trips and long cruises.

  • The tires are designed in a radial fashion, providing excellent grip on damp surfaces and dry rough roads.
  • Motorcyclists will relish longer tread life and enhanced longevity for long-term use.
  • In this set, the rear tire is constructed from a steel belt to maximize strength and flexibility. Therefore, this tire guarantees high stability and hassle-free rides every time.
  • Long-lasting performance is guaranteed with the use of new polymer compounds used and the force-oriented tread patterns.
  • The width of the front tire is 120-mm and it comes with an aspect ratio of 70%.
  • Its rear tire has the width of 180 mm and aspect ratio of 55%.
  • All-around performance radial for long-term use is guaranteed with unsurpassed levels of dry and wet grip in different conditions.

1. Michelin Commander II 130/80B17 Front Tire 43863:

 Michelin Commander II 130/80B17 Front Tire 43863:
Any motorcyclist can now ride their vehicle without any hassles on any terrain. This is possible with the help of this front tire model from Michelin Commander. You will find exceptional tread pattern design and high durability in this tire. The implementation of special technology improves the durable of this tire. An excellent wet weather grip performance is delivered without compromising the riding fun. There are no hassles to maneuver this tire; they are very stable and flawless in operation.

  • The rubber compounds included in this tire offer noteworthy wet grip with high durability.
  • Implementation of ADT (Amplified Density Technology) offers a dense and stiff tire casing to deliver excellent handling capabilities in all conditions.
  • Its square bead-wire package works to enhance the casing rigidity. Moreover, it simplifies the process of installation.
  • There is the use of Silica Rain Technology (SRT) working to combine silica inside the tire tread compound.
  • Its tread pattern is specially designed to reduce the wear & tear.
  • The special architecture of this model of tire conveys stability and maneuverability. With the help of rigid and dense carcass, excellent maneuverability is assured.
  • On the rear tire, the use of aramid fiber crown ply construction improves resistance and buoyancy for perfect stability. There is no compromise on stability at high speeds.
  • In its design, you will see myriads of longitudinal grooves working to optimize water dispersal for exceptional wet weather grip.
  • The incorporated aramid generates less heat owing its heat resistant properties.

The choice of tires decides the fun and simplicity of your motorcycle rides. A choice of poor-quality motorcycle tire would lead to mental and physical stress when riding. Capable to work on different types of tires, and different length of trips, the use of the discussed motorcycle tires would make a noticeable positive difference in riding experience.