Top 10 Best Wooden Jewelry Boxes in 2019 Reviews

If you have an impressive collection of jewelry, you may wish to have a jewelry case. A jewelry box is a cabinet which is designed to store jewelry. These boxes are freestanding and designed like a featured furniture piece. Jewelry boxes made with wood will help to prevent moisture built up and provide temperature insulation for your jewelry. The jewelry box lined with a soft and lint-free cloth will allow the jewelry to breathe and prevent tarnishing. In this article, we made a list of Top 10 Wooden Jewelry Boxes 2019 which is going to help you while buying a jewelry box.

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List of Best Top Wooden Jewelry Boxes 2019:

10. Natural Hardwood Wooden Jewelry Box Locked

Wooden Jewelry Box Locked

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The Natural Hardwood Jewelry box is a sleek and contemporary designed box with a sturdy construction. The handcrafted box is made of the finest and sleekest real natural hardwood. The innovatively designed jewelry box is featured with convenient compartments and unique fold out panel design for hanging bracelets and necklaces. The box also has eight suede lined ring slots. The best part of this box is it is lockable, so you do not have to worry about your jewelry. The box has a large capacity where you can even hold the largest jewelry collection. You can showcase your collection in glamor and style in this timeless jewelry case.

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9. Mele Designs Jewelry Box Leigh Wooden Jewelry Box, Burlwood Oak Finish

Jewelry Box Leigh Wooden

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The flat cylindrical shaped jewelry box is made with burl wood finish oak wood. The box offers superb storage. Three open drawers and one ring drawer provide you plenty of space so that you can store all your jewelry in one place. Dual necklace doors feature catch panels and house three hooks each. The box is lined with ivory suede fabric which gives it an elegant look from inside. It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship which will perfectly organize your necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

8. Real wood / Wooden Jewelry Box Case WJC065HT

Wooden Jewelry Box Case

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The jewelry box is crafted of heirloom quality natural real hardwood. It is a clear finish hand polished box which is lined with anti-tarnish fabric. The box consists five slide drawers and 36 compartments which give it enough space to hold your precious jewelry. It can hold so much jewelry than it looks. The jewelry box is so beautifully made and is an excellent example of craftsmanship. You are going to love the design available on the top of the box which gives the box a beautiful look. The box has enough room to organize your jewelry separately.

7. Rose Carved 6 Layer Wooden/Real Wood Jewelry Box and Lock Wine Red

Rose Carved 6 Layer Wooden

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The wine red colored jewelry box has hand carved roses, pearls, and velvet interior lining. Upper lid has a full clear acrylic and dust proof lock which makes it more elegant. The jewelry box has an innovative design with locks and drawers. The drawers also have wood latches to prevent drawer slipping while moving which reduce the risk of broken jewelry. The thoughtful design of the box provides you enough space to protect and arrange your belongings. Different size of compartments helps you to organize the jewelleries beautifully. It will be able to hold your jewelry of different size. Drawer’s height is perfect so space is used efficiently and no space is wasted.

6. SONGMICS Jewelry Box Wooden Case Organizer with Large Mirror Black UJOW03B

Jewelry Box Wooden Case Organizer

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This is a high-end wooden structure with exquisite artistry. Cambered front surface and crystal-like shining handles, add extra elegance to this beautiful jewelry box. The beautiful inbuilt large mirror offers to convince when you are wearing your jewelry. The best part is there are stoppers attached to prevent the drawers from sliding down. Three layers of 10 compartments can easily hold your rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, cuff links, brooches, necklaces, etc. The case is beautiful and sleek, and the liners on the inside are very soft which gives a perfect protection to your jewelry. SONGMICS Black Wooden Jewellery Box is a fashionable and durable organizer for your favorite jewelry which has lots of space.

5. Kay Jay Styles Hand Carved Tree Of Life Wooden Storage Box (Large, Tree Of Life)

Hand Carved Tree Of Life Wooden Storage Box

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The Hand Carved Wooden Storage Jewellery Box is inspired by the Mughal culture which is covered with floral motifs. This is a beautifully made sturdy box with a smooth and clean finish. The box is made with finest Indian Rosewood. Bottom of the box and interior of the top lid are lined with red velvet which adds a touch of class to this box. Other than jewelry you can also store precious stones, herbs, Feng Shui items in this beautifully crafted box.

4. Saganizer Cherry Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer

Cherry Wooden Jewelry Box

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This is an elegant and fabulous box which looks feminine. Saganizer Cherry Wooden Jewelry Box has dual necklace doors and four drawers. Necklace doors feature catch panels and house three hooks. The inside of the box is lined with an ivory suede fabric. It can hold accessories up to 16 inches long. The box is perfect to hold bangles, bracelets, rings, earrings, watches, etc. The drawers and compartments provide plenty of space where you can keep your favorite jewelry safely and separately. The box will make your dresser much more efficient where you can conveniently organize your jewelry. It is an excellent craftsmanship piece that looks so beautiful.

3. Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box / Jewel Case Cabinet Armoire Ring Necklace Gift Storage Box Organizer Mg002 (BROWN)

Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box

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The jewelry organizer has a large capacity. The box is made with the real wood and has a large mirror on the top offers to convince while you wear jewelry. The box has three removable drawers with different size of compartments where you can place jewelry of different sizes. The drawers also have lock system so that your valuable jewelry can remain safe. The doors have eleven hooks where you can hang your necklaces. Safe closer and soft velvet lining protect all your jewelry well. It is a beautiful, sturdy piece which has lots of space where you can keep lots of jewelry. This is a perfect for those who have quite a bit of jewelry.

2. Seya Contemporary Handcrafted Luxury Wooden Jewelry Box

Handcrafted Luxury Wooden Jewelry Box

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The box is handcrafted of solid wood and has cream velvet interior lining. Seya Jewellery Box is featured with multiple ring rolls so that you can keep lots of rings in the box. The mirror on the top of the lid makes the box more convenient. You can try the jewelry and can see how you are looking while sitting in the front of this beautiful jewelry box. The box also has lock system so that you can keep your precious things safely.

1. Seya Walnut Wooden Jewelry Box w/ Lock and Key

Wooden Jewelry Box -Wooden Jewelry Boxes

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Sey Jewelry  Box features a beautiful walnut finish. It is lined with a tan faux suede interior. The box has two swings out necklace doors where you will get ten hooks to keep your necklaces. The box is featured with three drawers, in two drawers compartment are available. So that, you can keep different kinds of jewelry in different compartments. You can also lock the drawers which is a nice feature. It is a simple, classic and functional jewelry box which can store your treasures safely.

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