What is the safest garage door?

Sometimes we believe that the garage at home is the safest place in our home. In it, we leave a vehicle, motorcycle, or any other things. But is it the safest place? 


Thieves take advantage of poorly protected garages, breaking to steal the items inside. So, the garage is one of the most common points of burglary in homes. Evenandthough we leave many of our things there, and they usually don’t have much security.


Now, the truth is that there is nothing to worry about. Luckily, you can increase the security of your Hialeah garage door.

What are the most secure garage doors?


Sectional doors


A sectional garage door is made up of separate sections rather than a single panel. They rise vertically without loss of space at the garage entrance and provide a full opening.


The panels also offer finger pinch protection and are filled with high-density expanded polyurethane foam insulation inside. In addition, these doors insulate against water and dust thanks to the rubber that covers the sides of the door.


The best thing about this type of door is that you can have the size you need without sacrificing security.


Up-and-over doors


This type of door is more economical. They are also a good option for small garages with restricted side or overhead space.


They are usually made of steel plates. These doors are less secure than sectional doors.  They do not have rubber seals to insulate against water, and their level of thermal and acoustic insulation is lower. 

Garage locks


Armored lock


The most secure alternative is because the body is protected against brute force attacks.




The electric lock is the best choice for automatic doors.  This type of lock is proven against theft and vandalism. 

Types of garage door openers


The opening of a garage door can be manual or automatic. It is advisable to choose the second option as it is more secure and will last longer.


Do not forget that for the optimal functioning of the door, the doors and locks must be installed by a professional and experienced team. 

Tips to prevent break-ins. 


Install armored doors, fire doors, and with its lock; this way, the security work of the doors is complemented perfectly.


Install accessories to increase security, such as obstacle detection photocells. They work immediately. When the door motor starts up, these photocells detect if something prevents the door from opening normally.


They are installed with a motion sensor. This way, they will turn on if something or someone passes through your garage. 


Finally, you can install security cameras. This way, you can monitor.


Garage doors are usually very safe. Just remember to measure well the space where you are going to place it. The ideal is to have the right advice. Also, ask for some accessories that will make your garage door more and more secure. It should be safe to prevent the entry of intruders and be safe for the use of those who live in your home.