Best 3 Drawer File Cabinets in 2023

The files scattered all over the floor will not only destruct the beauty of the indoors but eventually decreases the productivity of the individual working amidst the pile-up. Despite companies adapting to digital operations ranging from processing to printing, file cabinets or drawers still find relevance in today’s era. As the generation is advancing, so is the design and ergonomics of file cabinets. Contemporary cabinets are efficient, frugal and attractive, offering to keep your office space as clean as water in Iceland. In this article, we have taken our leg out in providing “Top 10 Best Drawer File Cabinets in 2023.”
We went through scores of file cabinets in order to find the top 10 for your office as well as personal need. Helping you with getting rid of the mess at your office without affecting the beauty of the indoors, we have listed the best solutions for your office.

10. Bush Stockport Drawer File Cabinet

 Bush Furniture Stockport 3 Drawer File Cabinet in Classic Black
This file cabinet comes in classic black and has been crafted keeping in mind the preference of folks who love classic looks. It contains two drawers to accommodate miscellaneous supplies while the third one is meant for storing A4 sheets and files with similar size. The classic black makes for a perfect micro office setup at home and can be placed on either side of the desk on which you work. Besides, to pull the drawers with ease, the manufacturer has fitted it with metallic holders that adds an oomph to the aesthetics of the file cabinet.

9. Realspace Dawson Vertical File Cabinet

 Realspace(R) Dawson 3-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet
Glazed with cinnamon cherry polish, Realspace file cabinet makes an incredible impression and its design and aesthetics are enough to keep you inspired and clutter-free all day as long as you are at work. The 3-drawer cabinet commands a stylish design and ergonomics, allowing you to keep all significant documents preserved and organized in one safe place. Plus, the dual small drawers built atop provides extra space to keep accessories and stationery items.

8. Belham Living Cambridge Filing Cabinet

 Belham Living Cambridge 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet - Light Oak
This light oak cabinet that, like all the ones listed above, also has three drawers. Measuring 18 X 19 X 29.25, its wood vaneer architecture makes it a great combination against walls painted in milk white. It comprises one main drawer and two small drawers beginning from first to second in order. What’s more, if you have an award given by your company, just keep it on top of it and it will take care of the rest.

7. Bush Volcano Dusk Drawer File Cabinet

 Bush Furniture Volcano Dusk 3 Drawer File Cabinet in Coastal Cherry
Unveiling a royal look with coastal cherry polish, this cabinet is truly a ‘volcano’ when it comes to superior design and architecture. What makes it different in terms of design is the main draw has been complemented with a hanging file drawer coupled with a ball-bearing slider that has storage capacity enough to hold files and documents in size of A4.

6. Poppin Slim Stow File Cabinet

 Poppin Black Slim Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet
Available in two colors—white and black—the black cabinet sports a steel construction stand that offers convenient and easy maneuverability to shakers and movers who often like to shake the table while working. Further, the file cabinet is equipped with a main drawer accommodating files with size as big as A4. Plus, it has a universal lock, a one-lock-protects-all locker that comes with an additional key in case you accidentally lost the primary key.

5. Poppin Stow Rolling File Cabinet

 Poppin White + Light Gray Stow Rolling 3-Drawer File Cabinet, Available in 10 Colors
This Poppin 3-drawer file cabinet has a state-of-the-art design with the standard variant available in white and light grey color. Also, you can choose from a wide array of other colors Charcoal, Navy, Aqua and more. It incorporates four grey casters with two locking while the other two being unlocking and prevents the rollaways when accidentally moved with harsh impact.

4. HON Brigade Filing Cabinet

 HON Brigade 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet
Sporting a set of three drawers the file cabinet comes embedded with, it is available in four colors including black, charcoal, light grey, and putty. However, what we liked about this drawer is it does not create a bang sound when the door is pushed harder and we were quite surprised by that. Coming to its design and construction, it has superior quality and has a clean yet fancy design that can make anyone go awww.

3. SONGMICS Steel Cabinet with Lock Mobile Pedestal

 SONGMICS Steel File Cabinet 3 Drawer
Ranked at number 3, this file cabinet has is meant for those who like to reinvent their workspace each day. It has a mobile cabinet to accommodate stationary supplies and files. It can be moved places as the rolling wheel embedded at its base. Further, the deep high-sided drawer at the bottom has the large storage capacity to store documents of A4 size.

2. Nexera Chrono Filing Cabinet

 Nexera 211239 Chrono 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet, White/Natural Maple
One word to describe the Nexera filing cabinet is simplicity. Although looks simple, its design and ergonomics will keep the interior style of your room intact. Rolling on metal slides, the catch-all 3 drawers support full-extension slides. It is designed and manufactured in Canada, however, the assembly is its assembly may be required once delivered to the address of delivery.

1. Authentic Mission Style Oak Filing Cabinet – 3 drawer

 Authentic Mission Style Solid Oak 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet -3 Drawer File Cabinets
Ranked at number one and perhaps one that counts as the best in terms of design, price as well as features are an authentic mission style Oak filing cabinet. It comes in various textures and stains to choose from alongside measuring 21 X 20 X 35 in dimension. If you like something woody to compliment with the décor of your home office, this one could be a perfect fit for you.

Final Verdict

The proliferating choices of products in the market often makes it difficult for an individual to choose the right product that fits his or her need. But, given the years of experience, we have in market research, we know how to pick the best solution out of hundreds of available options. As a reliable reviewer, we have managed to pick the best file drawers that you could choose one from based on your budget and requirement.