Best Yoga DVDs For Men and Women in 2023 Reviews

Obesity is engulfing the world, and along with obesity comes various diseases including arthritis, heart conditions and depression. With people becoming busier and busier with every growing second, exercise on a daily basis is the only cure for such issues. And among exercises, Yoga must be considered as it relaxes the body.
If you don’t have deep pockets then hiring a professional Yoga instructor may prove to be difficult. Thus, to achieve the best results without emptying your pockets, using a Yoga DVD from our top ten lists given below would prove beneficial. They are both affordable and effective for people of all skill levels.

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10) Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

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she is an award-winning yoga instructor, and her DVD’s is one of the bestselling DVD due to the quality. If you are on a mission to cut down some weight, then this DVD will serve you well. The workouts are designed to boost your heart rate naturally, and the DVD even includes an effective warm and cool down sessions too.
Yoga Meltdown includes standard yoga poses that many of us are familiar with. However, the repetitions elevate the body’s fat burning ability thus efficiently helping you lose weight.

  • Hard-core yoga power poses
  • Two complete 30-minutes workouts
  • Twist and balance poses

9) Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices For Mid-life

Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices For Mid-life

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Our energy levels start dropping as we attain the age of forty, and it keeps on decreasing till we reach seventy. The flexibility and strength vanish, and this results in their comparatively lower performance. Gentle Yoga is made for the mid-life and includes smooth and non-strenuous postures. The detailed system is sure to restore your youth safely back to its place.

  • 34-minute workout for flexibility
  • 22-minute workout for balance
  • 32-minute gentle practice session

8) Yoga For Seniors With Jane Adams

Yoga For Seniors With Jane Adams

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Senior bodies are not similar to the younger ones and there so do their physical abilities. The DVD contains three completely different yoga practice sessions for the various needs of people over the age of 70. Level 1 comprises of exercises that can all be done seated in a chair. While level 2 comprises of exercises that are meant to improve strength and flexibility. There are workout sections that include postures to strengthen muscles and joints too.

  • Yoga for healthy aging
  • 3 levels of practice sessions for good posture
  • Yoga practices to meet varying needs

7) Yoga Retreat Workout Program -3 Week

Top 10 Best Yoga DVDs For Men and Women in 2023 Reviews

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If you are a complete beginner in the world of yoga, then this course is meant to serve you well. The program includes a class calendar, nutrition guide, quick start guide, beginner basics, and a pose tracker to help you learn yoga within 21 days.
The DVD comprises of 21 unique classes made of step by step expert instructions. The first week’s classes are meant for the foundation during the second week for expansion and the third for progression.

  • Classes 30 minutes or less
  • Modified poses
  • Precise cueing

6) Yoga For Beginners

Yoga For Beginners

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Balanced living avoids most of the health issues. A nutritious diet and frequent exercises are the two components of balanced living. Yoga for beginners works on this principle and is one of the best yoga DVD that you will find in the store. Moderated by the most rusted Barbara Benagh, Yoga for beginner come handy for all beginners who would like to delve into the world of perfect postures and meditation.
If you have a stiff body, or if you are struggling with stress and physical problems, yoga for beginners will improve your situation.

  • Top selling yoga DVD
  • 8 different workouts
  • A tremendous amount of content

5) Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga

Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga

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Weight loss is a tiring job for most of the people in the world; let it be men or women. This is one of the best when it comes to weight loss remedies. Bob Harper, the instructor, knows his job. In just six weeks you will appreciate the pounds that you have shed. Harper’s instructions are fun and friendly, and at the same time, they are both effective and productive.

  • 5 minute warm up and cool down sessions
  • 55-minute regimen
  • Three separate yoga workouts

4) Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

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Pregnancy is the most cherished moment of every woman’s life. However, women also hate this period of their life when they start gaining weight like anything. Back and joint pains are yet another issue that comes along with pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is the cure to all your prenatal problems.
Prenatal yoga includes specific yoga poses for each trimester which improves flexibility and balance. This comes handy during labor and delivery. Instructor Shiva Rea is less talk and more action. So the yoga flows well from one technique to the other.

  • Poses for each trimester
  • Calming meditation and deep breathing
  • Guided relaxation
  • Gentle workout

3) Yoga For Beginners: Boxed Set

Yoga For Beginners: Boxed Set

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If you are a person suffering from psychological problems, depression, or stress, then yoga for beginners is your cure. Affordable, effective, and perfect for beginners, this set of DVD is powerful when it comes to curing most of the psychological diseases.
This quality DVD consists of AM routines and PM routines that relax the body and soothe the stress. It is even great for people who wish to sleep well.

  • 40+ routines for varying needs
  • Modified poses for less flexible people
  • Yoga for stress relief
  • Bonus footage – Dalai Lama sharing is views and experiences with meditation

2) Rodney Yee’s Yoga For Beginners

Rodney Yee’s Yoga For Beginners

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Earlier, people had to hire professionals if they wanted to do yoga but not anymore. If you find Rodney Yee’s Yoga For Beginners DVD in the store, then you have your own professional without emptying your pockets.
The DVD is perfect for beginners and covers all essentials of yoga. Through the pose training, you learn how to maintain the perfect posture. Alongside, the DVD also discusses how to eliminate the common yoga mistakes and more.

  • Two full-length yoga workouts for beginners
  • Perfect poses from the professionals
  • Tips to overcome common yoga mistakes

1) A.M. and P.M. Yoga For Beginners

A.M. and P.M. Yoga For Beginners

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These twice a day workout was made by professional trainers Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden. The yoga postures are designed to improve mobility, increase circulation, and bring a peace of mind.
The DVD even includes a 20-minute evening routine put together by Patricia Walden to relieve the stress of the busy day.

  • A.M. and P.M. yoga sessions
  • 4-minute conscious relaxation
  • 2 minute seated meditation
  • 20 minute P.M. yoga to relieve stress

Yoga DVD’s are meant to help you stay healthy and active throughout your life. Once you start looking for a yoga DVD, decide on a budget and don’t just settle for the cheapest. There are different levels of yoga; some are meant just for beginners while the some are meant for professionals. Or there are yoga DVD’s that concentrate on specific physical problems such as flexibility.
Thus, while choosing a yoga DVD, you should take various factors into consideration and only settle for the best. The above-listed yoga DVD’s are the best, and it will serve you well in curing your issues.