Top 10 Best Yarn Bowls in 2020

Are you seeking a way to keep your yarn untangled and neatly functional while you knit are crochet those master pieces? A Yarn Bowl is the answer to your solution. With a yarn bowl you don’t have to worry about your yarn ball becoming a tangled mess or rolling across the room being chased by the kitty!

These beautiful bowls are customarily handcrafted from a smooth varnished wood, porcelain, or clay. Attempts have been made to mass produce yarn bowls but the best quality ones are often crafted by artisans. A wide range of yarn bowl collections are available in several sizes, each with options in ceramic or wooden from a simple craftsmanship to eclectic, and novelty styles.

The following list contains the top 10 best yarn bowls in 2020 for personal as well as professional use.

List of  Top 10 Best Yarn Bowls in 2020

Preview Product Price
Nagina International Ceramic Attractively Hand Painted Gorgeous Stoneware Yarn Ball Storage Bowl with Innovative Dispensing Curl | Knitting & Crochet Accessions (Large, Deep Water Blue)
$39.99$89.00 (55% off)
Yarn & Fiber Premium Yarn Bowl | Large 7x4 Inch with Travel Bag | Smooth Handcrafted Rosewood, Stop Yarn From Rolling, Knitting and Crochet Yarn Holder
Ravel Large Wooden Yarn Bowls for Crochet Gift Set for Knitting Crochet with Rosewood Crochet Hook Set (1 x H-8 5mm, 1 x J-10 6mm), 7x4 inches Handcrafted Rosewood Yarn Holder and Velvet Bag
Rustic Handcrafted Ceramic Knitting Yarn Bowl Holder with Elegant Swirl Design, Turquoise
Tiny Yarn Bowl 4x2 inches, Handcrafted for Knitting and Crochet, in Velvet Bag
Knit Picks Yarn Bowl (Rosewood and Mango Wood)
Hagestad Yarn Bowl -8
Nagina International Rosewood Crafted Wooden Yarn Storage Bowl with Carved Holes & Drills | Knitting Crochet Accessories (Large)
Hagestad Yarn Bowl-6
Yarn Valet 57101 Yarn Bowl, Green & White
$11.96$12.99 (8% off)

10. Nagina International Gorgeous Stoneware Yarn Ball

 Ceramic Attractively Hand Painted Gorgeous Stoneware Yarn Ball Storage Bowl

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This yarn bowl has an attractive glossy finishing which is perfect for your interior. The hand-painted design of the bowl makes it more gorgeous. This rosewood bowl is ideal for keeping the crochets and knit packs. The rosewood bowl is durable and strong at the same time. This bowl can bear up to 100-pound weight. You can keep it as a single décor piece at your room as well. You can keep various needles in an arranged way in this bowl.

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9. Yarn & Fiber Premium Yarn Bowls

 Yarn & Fiber Premium Yarn Bowl

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This yarn holding bowl is not attractive for its beautiful design but for its durability and longevity at the same time. Its wooden construction of the bowl is very strong and has an attractive finishing at the same time. You can also use the yarn bowl for using multiple yarn balls. The surface of the yarn bowl is super smooth and that allows you to get the yarn smoothly out of the bowl. It comes with a gift pack so you can present it to your closed one instantly.

8. Ravel Large Wooden Yarn Bowls Set

 Ravel Large Wooden Yarn Bowl Set

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This wooden yarn bowl comes with two crochet hooks that are different in size. The elegant finishing of the wooden bowl is a perfect match for your interior. This strong wooden construction of the bowl makes it more durable and strong. You can keep your yarns in an arranged pattern and away from the probability of tangle in this bowl. There is a curly slot in this bowl from where you need to pass the yarn to get tangle-free knitting and crocheting. You can also use this bowl for various purposes. The glossy finishing of the bowl is remarkably attractive for gifting any closed one.

7. MyGift Rustic Handcrafted Ceramic Knitting Yarn Bowl

 Rustic Handcrafted Ceramic Knitting Yarn Bowl Holder with Elegant Swirl Design

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This ceramic yarn bowl is perfect for keeping your yarn away from the tangle. The curved swirl design of the bowl allows your yarn to pass through it smoothly and perfectly. The bowl has a rustic finish which makes the product more attractive and perfect for the modern interior. The durability of the bowl is strong and you can keep it clean in an easy manner as well. The weight of the bowl is light and you can take it wherever you want.

6. CRAFTISS Wooden Yarn Bowl

 Wooden Yarn Bowl for Knitting Crocheting in Velvet Bag – Handcrafted 6x3 inch Skein Holder to Keep Yarn Clean

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The design of the yarn bowl is exclusive and it has no chance to slip when you are passing the yarn through its curl swirl. This bowl keeps your yarn away from the damages. The surface of the yarn bowl is smooth which is perfect to keep the yarn away from the tangle. This rosewood bowl with glossy and smooth finishing touch can make your knitting and crocheting task easy and comfortable.

5. Knit Picks Natural Rosewood and Mango Wood Yarn Bowl

 Knit Picks Yarn Bowl

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This yarn holding bowl has a strong and durable wooden construction which is durable and attractive at the same time. You can keep the yarn balls safe, clean and tangle-free while knitting and crocheting by using this bowl. The glossy and smooth texture of the bowl can keep the yarn balls perfect. The bowl is only 12oz in weight but durable and sturdy. The combination of rosewood and mango wood in the construction of the bowl gives it a perfect appearance.

4. Hagestad Yarn Bowl Rosewood Wooden

 Hagestad -8"x4" Rosewood Wooden

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The yarn bowl has a perfect appearance for its glossy and shining polish. This wooden bowl is also long-lasting and durable at the same time. There are two holes in the bowl that helps you to keep the needles perfectly. There is a curved slot in the bowl through which you need to swirl the yarn that you want to keep damage and dust-free. A 10oz yarn ball is perfect to keep in this bowl when you are knitting it.

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3. Rosewood Crafted Wooden Yarn Storage Bowl

 Rosewood Crafted Wooden with Carved Holes & Drills

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This is a natural wood crafted yarn storage bowl and it has deep dark rich wood grains design. The fine sanded finish along with the waxed buffed polish makes it eye-catching and glossy. The dimensions are 8 inches width and 7 inches depth with 4 inches in height. There are different sizes available to choose from. There is also a return policy from the company in case you do not like it when you get it delivered. It is sure to enhance the beauty of the surrounding place where you keep it.

2. Hagestad Yarn Bowls

 Hagestad 6"x3" Rosewood

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The yarn bowl comes with a lifetime guarantee and hence, you can trust its quality. The surface has a glossy finish and there swirls and holes for better grip. You can steady fit the yarn through the swirls without any entanglement. The holes can be used to store knitting needles. It is easy to carry and there is a travel pouch provided for the same. The size is 6 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height. There is a bigger size also available.

1. Yarn Bowls by Yarn Valet

 Yarn Bowl by Yarn Valet - Portable, Unbreakable

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This is a very stylish yarn bowl and the company claims it to be unbreakable. It is also lightweight and the rubber bottom prevents the bowl from slipping. You can keep the yarn clean and it delivers the tension perfectly while pulling the yarn. You can carry it easily and fits well in the yarn bag and you can knit on the go if you are traveling as well as at night wherever you go. The dimensions are 6 inches in length, 3 inches in height and 6 inches in width.

All About Yarn Bowls and Why You Need One

The Benefits of Using a Yarn Bow

Yarn Bowls make knitting and crocheting much more enjoyable. Their designs are often elegant and sometimes comical with odd-looking character designs. Regardless of the design, they conveniently hold your yarn ball while keeping skein tangle free. Perhaps you may recall getting half-way through your wound skeins and realized that you had a tangled mess on your hands, hindering the progress of your work. Situations like this makes the yarn bowl a great tool to have.

Working With Multiple Skeins

You can find yarn bowl kits on the market that are in varying sizes to accommodate those projects where you are working with multiple skeins. These kits generally come in an assortment of different size bowls or a set of bowls that are of the same design so that you don’t have to risk tangling your yarn ball as you change it for different knitting designs.

Using Your Yarn Bowl

The yarn bowl features a simple design. The yarn once in the bowl, is fed through guides that are crafted into the design of the bowl. Most designs come in the form of curved slots, holes, or some type of hook pattern. Once the yarn ball is placed in the bowl, the stand of yarn you are working with is pulled through the guide making for an easy to pull skein using just one hand. Some designs are crafted with a convenient location to hold your needles or hook when you are not crocheting or knitting, or you could just use the feed hole to store them.

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Determining the Right Size Yarn Bowl

Yarn bowl options range from 6 and a half inches to 8 inches in width and are generally 3 and a half to 4 and half inches tall. When choosing the size that meets your need, you may want to make sure it meets the accommodation of the size of the knitting project you are seeking to accomplish. Placing a large ball of yarn on a smaller bowl may result in tight feeding of your yarn.

Your best size options for a yarn bowl are the ones with taller sides to keep your yarn ball from popping out if you pull your yarn feed too hard or quickly. You will also want to consider the weight of your yarn as well. Fingering and lace yarn weight can be used with just about any size yarn bowl. DK or chunky yarn weights require larger bowls above 8″X 4″ for the best results.

Why Use a Yarn Bowl?

Yarn Bowls are ideal for all types of knitting or crocheting projects. Consider the following reasons why you should use one to knit or crochet:

  • Keep your yarn off the ground while knitting or crocheting outside by using a yarn bowl.
  • Rest assured that your yarn will not be littered with lent or pet fur (if you have pets) when you keep your yarn in a yarn bowl.
  • Your yarn will rest comfortably in your yarn bowl without the stress of your pet’s pouncing it like a toy.
  • In addition of being a reliable tool for knitting and crocheting, your yarn bowl can also serve as an added decoration to your home’s decor.
  • Your yarn bowl can keep that unfinished project on standby so that you can get back to it right away.

Regardless of the size of your knitting, weaving, or crocheting projects, a yarn bowl is an ideal mate to make your project a fun and fashionable one! There are many creative yarn bowl options to choose from. Be sure to choose a style with a guide that allows you to slip your yarn out via a curved guide if you do not want to cut your yarn.

Get your yarn bowl as soon as possible and start your project without the worry of a tangled mess as you enjoy a decorative yarn bowl that will also bring you peace of mind.


The yarn bowls listed above have spectacular designs and you can show it off with pride. While choosing a yarn bowl, it is better to opt for the one with a wider base for rolling a heavy ball of yarn comfortably. The opening needs to be checked if they are placed ergonomically or not. Moreover, the wooded holes need to be smooth for the yarns to come out smoothly.