Best Wooden High Chairs in 2019

Finding the best baby high chair is not as easy as you think. There is quality, security, babies needs to be comfortable on them and much more. Is not easy to find the best wooden high chair because a high chair needs to be secure but also look good and be a place where baby can be happy and eat. There are tons of high chair but do all of them have what you are looking for? Or they are cute over quality? Here you will get some advice and of course some information about the top 11 best wooden high chairs. This will save you time because you will have all the information and also money because you will spend your money on what you actually want a fits your needs. As parents you will always look for the best.

List of Best Wooden High Chairs in 2019

#11​ East Coast Combination Highchair – All Wood

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The first one is number 11 which is the east coast combination high chair. This folding high chair is all made of solid wood with a natural finish. This is a simple and classic design. The amazing detail of this wooden high chair is that it can also convert on a play table. If you are looking for something classic this will be the one for you.

#10 Keekaroo Height Right High Chair,

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Number 10 is a keekaroo Height Right high chair. The amazing detail about this wooden high chair is that it can be used from 6 months until 250 pounds which means that you can’t putgrow it. This amazing high chair offers the security your child will need while eating. You can also add your style to it by adding the infant insert which comes in different colors and it is made of a soft cushion that provides comfortable and safe seating solution. The eating tray, dishwasher safe tray cover and infant insert are included.

#9 Excellante’ Wooden High Chair

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The Excellante wooden high chair is number 9 this is an almost 5 star wooden high chair. When looking for good products the stars talk about them too. This wooden chair will allow your baby to enjoy safely their meal with you. This high chair is constructed out of high quality and durable rubber wood. It has non skid rubber pad on each leg which prevents slips. This wooden high chair is also easy to assemble. Thinking about getting a good quality but cheap wooden high chair this might be your option.

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#8 Wooden Restaurant Style Wooden High Chair for Infant

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Number 8 is the wooden restaurant style high chair. This simple high chair will make it easy for you to installed it. For safety it also has its seat belt. This will be an option if you are looking for something simple. Also it can be an option if this wooden high chair will be used for infants at church or restaurants. It may not look like a high chair somebody will like to daily use at home but it all depends in every person’s needs and what the like too. The important detail is that your babies are safe in what you get for them.

#7 Keekaroo Height Right Highchair with Tray

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Number 7 is another Keekaroo wooden high chair but this time it looks more modern and not so classic. This wooden high chair includes the tray and cover. Something important and awesome is that this high chair has 3 point safety belt which will make you feel secure about having your little ones eating their food in there. This high chair is also JPMA certified. Another good detail about this high chair is that it can be used from 6 months to 250 pounds. As they grow the seat and foot plates can be adjusted to create the perfect seat for them.

#6 Winco CHH-103 Unassembled Wooden High Chair

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The Winco CHH-103 unassembled wooden high chair is number 6 on the list. This high chair might look simple but this one is an almost 5 star high chair which speaks good about it. This wooden high chair has a mahogany finish. This simple high chair has many amazing good reviews which tells that it is an amazing deal for such a good quality high chair. Sometimes less is more.

#5 Embassy Convertible Height Adjustable Wood Baby High Chair

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Number 5 is the Embassy convertible height adjustable high chair. This high chair has two trays. This amazing high chair will grow with your child. From a high chair in those learning to eat stages to a booster seat. When looking for a high chair versatility is a must have is always good to buy good quality things but also that they can use for a longer period. It has a removable plastic tray which is amazing and simple to clean it. This wooden high chair can be used from 6 months to 175 pounds.

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#4 Thunder Group High Chair THU WDTHHC019

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The Thunder Group high chair is number 4 this one is a pretty affordable high chair knowing that it is a wooden high chair. This high chair has safety harness straps and wide stance to avoid tipping over. This beautiful high chair has a walnut finish.

#3​ Wooden Restaurant Style Wooden High Chair for Infant

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The wooden restaurant style wooden high chair has to be number 3. This is a simple looking high chair. It has a seat belt wich is the most important detail for child safety. This high chair has a natural wood finish and is easy to install. As it shows on the pictures this high chair is not just simple looking but also simple to assemble.

#2 Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair With Tray

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Number 2 is the Abiie beyond wooden high chair. This beautiful high chair can be used from 6 months to 250 pounds which means child can grow on that high chair. This is an almost 5 star high chair and also adjustable. As you can see it also looks more modern. This high chair is versatile and flexible. The good thing about this chair is that it is a long term used. This high chair is said to be durable, modern, sturdy and compact. This high chair comes witb the seat and back cushion. It will not take more than 15 minutes to assemble it which means it is easy to assemble. For this company safety is their priority which is also good to know.

#1 Children’s Commercial Wooden High Chair

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The children’s commercial wooden high chair is number 1. This wooden high chair comes with a safety harness strap and wide pyramid design to avoid tipping. It includes the installation tool and it is also easy to assemble. As it said on the description this chair is ideal for commercial use only. It also said to not leave your child unattended to prevent any accidents. This wooden high chair will perfectly fit with your restaurant style.

Choosing something for babies is not as easy as it seems. It requires time and knowledge to choose the right items and products. From diapers to high chairs and more there are many details involve that parents should know about to make the right decision on what they choose. In this case high chairs on this aticle there were 11 high chairs all wooden ones all of them can be seem to be good for what they said but do the really are? Every single detail of each one of these high chairs are important to make the right decision. It is not just about if it looks simple, classic or modern. It is not about what it includes but most important it is about your child safety are they really going ti be safe on that high chair, are they going to be comfortable, will they be able to used it for a long time or will you have to change it every time they gain 5 pounds? This is why it is not about how it looks that comes after safety once you find a safety high chair you can look for one that fits your style and what you would like for your baby. Having on mind always that versatility always matters. Having items that are safe for your baby, good quality, good looking but also that can grow with them and change is also cool and a must have to save time but most important some money too. Babies wooden high chairs can sometimes be a little pricey but remember that how much an item cost does not mean how good they are and will work. There are cheap wooden high chairs that can work perfectly fine. Not everyone is able to buy a 150 wooden high chair this is why on this list are many wooden high chairs and different prices too that can easily adjust to your budget. Remember that the happiness of your baby will always matter too. There are many items that should not be on the stores because they are just made to be sell not to make a baby feel happy, comfortable and safe. When deciding on a high chair there can be lots of thoughts about it because not all of them can be safe for babies. This is why every parent should learn articles like this one to get the information they need, getting their questions answered and making the right decision knowing that they should always think about the baby first.

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