Top 10 Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers in 2020 Reviews

Fitness trackers have become more and more popular the last few years and the latest trend are the waterproof trackers these day almost all of the major manufacturers offer at least one of their trackers in a waterproof version and it makes good sense many times people want to be able to exercise in water and still use the trackers. Fitness trackers have also been claiming that they work the best when you wear them at all times so it makes sense that they now can be worn in the shower without having to be worried about them breaking.
This article will look at the best Waterproof Fitness Trackers in 2020 and what could be good things to consider when shopping for a waterproof fitness tracker.

List of Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers in 2020 Review on

10. Kybeco Elegant Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Activity Fitness Tracker with Bluetooth (waterproof fitness tracker with heart rate)

Product highlight:

  • Caller display
  • Long lasting battery
  • Bluetooth version 4.0
  • Built-in cleaver USB charge

Kybeco Elegant Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker

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Get all your training data without struggling, by having are liable fitness tracker from Kybeco. The device is created with high expertise and technology to bring unmatched performance. Designed featuring waterproof ability, the tracker is efficient even when using various sports including swimming. In fact, the gadget has a waterproof rating of IP67, hence, safe underwater for 30 minutes without compromising the safety. Apart from tracking your activities, its GPS enabled to start operations as soon as you start running, cycling and other training activities.

Now, not only the tracker is dedicated to tracking and recording your activities but, also enhanced with other functions. It connects to smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0. With this, it’s easy to get notifications from caller and Facebook. Equipped with reliable and long-lasting battery, it provides a week of performance before a recharge. Moreover, with inbuilt clever USB charge design, there are no stresses when charging and takes only 2 hours. It’s a great device with the ability to record heart rate, calories, distance, steps, and minutes.


  • Perfect choice for wet conditions
  • Fast connection with smartphones
  • Long lasting battery with a single charge
  • Compatible with up to 10 devices

9. Eway Fitness Tracker SmartWatch, IP68 Waterproof (fitness tracker watch waterproof)

Attractive designProduct highlight:

  • Multifunctional operation
  • Waterproof construction
  • USB charging
  • Heart rate and sleep monitor

eway Fitness Watch With Color Screen

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The Eway waterproof activity tracker is one of the best devices on the market, designed to keep your training fully monitored and analyzed. Apart from tracking your workouts, it also helps to keep your body healthy by monitoring hearts rate as wells as the blood pressure. On the other hand, designed to enable sleep tracking, it makes sure you know your sleeping habit general body healthy improvement. The sedentary reminder reminds you when to walk after sitting for a long time.

Now, designing of this device is perfected to maximize performance. In fact, with premium materials and excellent engineering, it has an IP68 rating making it perfect for use under humid conditions and even for water-based sports. Far from tracking your exercising, the smartwatch is designed to enable your phone hence acting as an anti-loss feature to keep your phone safe. The fast and robust charging battery takes only 1.5 hours to charge and last for 7 days.

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  • Stress-free charging
  • Improved functioning
  • Sleek design and high water protection

8. Letscom Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Watch, IP67 Waterproof (fitness tracker waterproof)

Heart and blood pressure monitoringProduct highlight:

  • Whole days tracking
  • OLED screen
  • IP67 waterproof rating

Letscom Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Watch and Blood Pressure Monitor

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Looking the way on how to enhance the tracking of your exercises should not be a hassle nowadays. It’s simple that even that you can imagine. All you need to have is a reliable fitness tracker and experience an easy time. Among the ideal trackers to look for is this one from Letscom that is dedicated to everyone whether you are training or not. It’s the smart features that render it perfect for use even when relaxing. With continuous heart rate monitoring and manual blood pressures you can be sure of body health always.

Not only the tracking device is used just for workouts, but, it also can track your sleeping pattern, thereby easy to create healthy living habits. Amazingly, when the device is switched to sports mode, it helps in tracking the number of steps, calories burned and other essential body processes. On the other hand, connectivity smartphones ease notification such as calls, message, and social media.


  • Easy to connect to smartphones
  • Effective in manually
  • Excellent waterproof ability
  • Automatically tracks your sleeping

7. Fitbit Charge 2Waterfi Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor (waterproof fitness tracker for swimming)

Product highlight:

  • OLED display
  • Whole day stat collection
  • Large monitor
  • 5days lasting battery

Waterfi Waterproof Fitbit Charge 2

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An era, when people used to do exercise while guessing the ideal to stop, is over. The Fitbit charge 2 water resistant tracking device, is a sure bet to suit all your needs. This means that there is no more struggling whether running, cycling or swimming among other training. Enhanced with a tough shell, and high-quality designing, the watch is waterproof and is rated IPX68 complaint. Furthermore, to avoid restriction when swimming in your pool, it can last for 30 minutes while submerged 30 feet.

Well, when it comes to monitoring your workouts, the tracking device is effective. With automatic all day tracking, it helps to have the data for calories burned, paces, distance and time. To quickly analyze the information, it connects with a phone hence enabling easy downloading of workout data. There is no constant recharging as equipped battery last up to 5 days.


  • Lightweight design
  • Great depth waterproof ability
  • OLED screen for improved clarity

6. K-berho Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitor, Bluetooth

Product highlight:

  • Call reminder
  • Movement monitor
  • Blood pressure and heart rate monitor
  • IP67 waterproof rating

Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure

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The time to improve the exercise tracking is now. K-berho activity tracking device is the real choice and gets accurate training results. With durable construction and sturdy materials, the tracker can be used under extreme conditions without compromising its performance. In fact, with an IP67 rating, it means no worry about water splashes or rain since it can withstand these conditions.

Now, the device combines a variety of features that help you achieve better tracking and body monitoring. As results, it perfectly allows heart and blood pressure monitoring with high accuracy for 24 hours a day. Enhanced with Bluetooth connectivity, it connects with smartphones to enable straightforward data analysis. Also, when connected, it makes a sure easy call and texts notifications.


  • Strong construction
  • Full-time heart monitoring
  • Fast Bluetooth connectivity

5. MorePro Fitness Tracker Color Screen Sports Smart Watch, Waterproof Health Tracker

Product highlight:

  • Color screen
  • Built-in USB plug
  • Heart and sleep rate monitor

Waterproof Health Tracker,MorePro Fitness Tracker Color Screen Sport Smart Watch

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Tired of guessing your daily workouts? Relax as this MorePro fitness tracker is here to help you. Its performance is unmatched, featuring great color display; it enables you to see clearly without straining. In fact, unlike other smartwatches, this boast 0.96-inch IPS color technology display that is alternative to regular TFT screens. For a stylish look, the wristband is easily changeable to create a sense of style and elegance. Whether exercising or relaxing, this tracker continually tracks your heart rate and also helps in monitoring your sleep habit.

Created to be compatible with a phone app, it becomes easy for the tracker to upload data automatically to your smartphone. With this, it’s possible to have ideal analysis detailing about your whole day fitness status. On the other hand, unlike any other device on the market, this has female’s psychological period reminder. To charge the device, it comes with inbuilt USB and has various modes depending on your preferred fitness mode.

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  • Easy battery charging
  • Stylish and interchangeable wristbands
  • Various body tracking modes

4. Fitbit Waterfi Waterproof Alta HR

Product highlight:

  • Fully waterproof IPX8 complaint
  • Excellent tracking
  • Active call and calendar notifications
  • Extended battery use

Waterfi Waterproof Fitbit Alta HR

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There is a company that takes your training seriously and aims at improving your tracking ability. The Fitbit is responsible for designing this super slim waterfil waterproof Alta HR activity tracker. Designed featuring high technology and durability, the gadget features full waterproof ability.

This means you can use it’s up to 30 feet under the water without having any issue. With sleek design and ability to interchange wristbands, render it a perfect choice to improve your style.

Monitoring various body functions when exercising is vital since it gives you a glimpse of your performance. It’s a reason that device provides efficient heart rate tracking, calories, and other essential body processes. Besides, tracking the body activities, continuous heart tracking offers a proper scope of your day exercising. For easy statics analysis, the tracker is compatible with smartphones hence secure to send your data. When connected to phones, it’s easy to get text and call notifications. The strong rechargeable battery is powerful and keeps the device powered for 7 days.


  • High waterproofing ability
  • Compact design for perfect wrist fit
  • Extended warranty

3. Fitbit FB408BK-WMT Flex 2 “Waterproof” Activity Tracker

Product highlight:

  • Waterproof construction
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Automatic exercise recognition
  • Sleep tracking

Fitbit FB408BK-WMT Flex 2 "Waterproof" Activity Tracker

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Are you a sports enthusiast and would like to track your progress with ease? Don’t worry as with this waterproof activity tracker from Fitbit all is now simplified. It’s designed using a watch style to fit perfectly on your wrist. This means that no hassles when wearing the device. The main feature of this device is its waterproof ability, hence ideal for all sports. Whether swimming, cycling or any other game; the tracker operate without risking damage by water or sweat.

There is nothing to worry when it comes to convenience since the device is ultra slim. Unlike other trackers, this one hides in the wristbands, bangles and can be used on its own. With the ability to track whole day activities, it’s also enhanced to deliver sleep tracking to keep you healthy. Forget about the activity trackers that are set manually when training, having this ease your work as it automatically senses when you are exercising and records automatically. With fast connectivity to smartphones, it makes easy to keep your statics and also perform other function like call and message alert.


  • Super thin for easy attachment
  • Color-coded LED display for call alerts
  • Tracks the whole day activities

2. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

Product highlight:

  • Call and text alerts
  • Auto sleep tracking
  • All day activities tracking
  • Wireless synchronization
  • Interchangeable wristbands

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, Teal

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Nothing is fulfilling like when having perfect ways to track your training. However, getting a reliable waterproof tracker sometimes can be a hassle. Fitbit has been an excellent companion for many people by delivering unique devices that enable efficient workout tracking. This Fitbit charge 2 is a highly reliable wristband that keeps you enjoying track of every move you make. Be its heart rate, steps, minutes and calorie burned, it delivers outstanding tracking and recording.

Despite its compact size, the tracker has loads of smart features. First of all, it is waterproof enabling it to be utilized in extreme conditions without getting compromised. The ability to offer guided breathing sessions is perfect since it helps in having simple cardio even when not in a gym. Ability to synchronize with smartphones allows easy call, texts and calendar notifications.

Also, synch enables storage of your n statics in a phone to monitor your progress. With interchangeable bands, it’s easy to fit your favorite color.


  • High clarity OLED display
  • Ideal for multiple sports activities
  • Auto-sensing sports action to activate tracking

1. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Product highlight

  • Workout and tracking mode
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Inbuilt GLONASS/GPS
  • Heavy duty battery

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch-Waterproof Fitness Trackers

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The Fitbit iconic smartwatch one of the excellent choice that anyone can choose and enjoy smart life on their wrist. It is n not just a mare watch, but an outstanding tracker designed to help you in tracking your daily workouts. You don’t have to look for complicated training instruction. Having this watch is enough since it takes you step by step guidance in every move you make. On the other hand, it has inbuilt GPS with GLONASS which renders the tracker perfect for enabling real-time tracking.

Looking for the better way to track every aspect when training? The FitBi smartwatch gives you everything you need. Enhanced with continuous heart rate tracking, the device allows easy optimization. On the other hand, the workout and tracking is perfect in ensuring you have well-traced calories burned when swimming, running and riding a bicycle. Apart from tracking your workouts, the watch boasts other incredible features such call notification, personal playlist with 300+ songs and sleep tracking.

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  • Great for entertainment
  • Tracks workouts ad sleep Patten
  • Strong battery lasting 4+ days
  • Great operating range up to 30,000 feet altitude

Things to consider before purchasing waterproof Fitness Trackers

There are plenty of things to consider when buying a waterproof fitness tracker some are specific to just some users and some are more general.


One of the most important thing for a tracker is that it has a good battery a tracker that needs to be charged often and for long periods of time will spend less time on the user and will have less data about the users health and that means that a big part of the reason the user is wearing a fitness tracker is lost. Sure, you can still use it for your workout routine but many fitness trackers are also built around the idea that you should have constant monitoring and updates on your overall health, heart rate, metabolism, sleep pattern etc.

Water pressure

This is very important for some people who enjoy water sports like diving and snorkeling. The water depths that the fitness tracker is rated for varies greatly and usually the deeper they can go before breaking the more expensive they are which means that is important to think about what you will be doing with your tracker there is no point in buying a tracker that is rated for 200 feet dives if you usually just snorkel by the beach.

Internal memory

This was a trend among fitness trackers that are fading. Previously it was more common for trackers to have internal storage which could store statistics and upload it to your phone when you came back to it. This is something that is a less common feature now simply because many people do not need it and hence it is an easy way to save cost for the manufacturers. But if you are going to be doing activates where you do not want to bring your normal smartphone, like rock climbing or other types of extreme sports it is wise to look for trackers with internal storage that can later sync up with your phone.

Compatibility with your smartphone

Generally all manufacturers are supporting both iOS and Android and they maintain apps for both but sometimes on the more budget friendly trackers the app is better maintained on one platform versus the other one, this can be hard to know beforehand but one way to figure it out is to browse the app store on your phone and looking for the app that you would be using for the tracker you are interested from there you would look at the user reviews for the app and see if other customers are happy.

Specific needs

If you have specific needs you will have to make sure that the tracker is supporting those needs. If you are a diver there are trackers that support breathing exercises based on the oxygen in your blood. Some trackers are also better at voice over for people who are visually impaired. If you have any other special needs make sure to figure out before hand if the fitness tracker supports it.


You are supposed to wear the tracker at all times if you are going to get all the benefit out of it so therefor the design become very important thankfully we have come a long way since the first fitness tracker designs when you could only pick from different shades of black or grey and the shapes were all similar. Today there are countless designs ranging from classic fitness tracker look to fitness trackers that looks like classic watches.
A word of caution is in place here many tracker brands assume that you exercise in a specific way because you buy a specific design, meaning that sometimes you get functions you will not use with a watch just because the manufacturer thought someone who bought that design would use the function and sometimes they leave out functions you would want to have because the manufacturer did not think that people with those designs would want specific functions just something to keep in mind when shopping for trackers.

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Fitness trackers are the surest ways to track your training progress. With the ability to perform various tasks, no need to use trial and errors again. They are excellent companions to anyone who love exercising.