Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Fans in 2020

When it comes to keeping your room cool during summer seasons, there is no denying the fact that an air conditioner is the best product to buy. But they are very expensive and their maintenance cost is high. Furthermore, the power consumed is on the higher side. Therefore, the best alternative is to have wall mounted fans that can keep your room cool in all seasons and they are highly cost effective. The following are the top 10 best wall mounted fans in 2020 that you should consider before selecting one to buy.

List of Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Fans in 2020

10. Hydrofarm Active Air Wall Mount Fan

Active Air ACF16 Wall Mount Fan

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This is a 16-inch wall mount fan with green colored blades. It keeps the room temperature optimal and it is suitable if you have indoor plants as it keeps the leaf temperature down than outdoor for healthy growth. The operation is noiseless and smooth. There is 90-degree oscillation movement facility and you can control the speed up to 3 different levels. There are two pull chains to speed up and let it oscillate. It comes with 6-feet power cord for easy replace away from the switchboard.

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9. iPower 2-Pack Wall Mounted Oscillating Fan

2-Pack Heavy Duty Quiet 16-Inch Digital Wall Mount

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This is a set of 2 wall mount fans and they are 16-inch in size. For the convenience of the users, they have a wireless remote control to switch it on/off or change the speed sitting in the comfort of your chair. The blades white coated and have strong build for longer durability. The operation is very quiet and you can set a timer and automatic shut off feature. Moreover, it has built-in thermal overload protection and you get 1 year of warranty. The steel neck support is very strong and the power cord is 60 inches in length. There are analog controls as well.

8. Hurricane Wall Mount Fan

Hurricane Wall Mount Fan - 16 Inch

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This wall mount fan features under Amazon’s Choice in wall mount fan category and therefore, you can trust on its quality. It is a 16-inch fan with 3 different speed controls. It is able to oscillate 90 degrees on either side and there are two pull cords to change speed and start its oscillation. The steel neck is flexible and durable and the power cord is 60 inches long. The product comes with one year warranty.

7. Lasko 12-Inch Wall Fan

Lasko 3012 12-Inch Wall Fan

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This is the best and most suitable wall mount fan for a small room as it is a 12-inch fan. There are 3-speed limits and it is noiseless in operation. The construction material is plastic and hence, it is very lightweight and easily cleanable with a vacuum cleaner. The airflow is strong and will reach to the walls of the room comfortably. You can adjust the tilt angle and lock its position for required comfort. There is a cord storage area in the rear side to keep the cord away from the sight.

6. Air King Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

Air King 9012 Commercial Grade Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

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Air King is a popular brand in fan products. This model is suitable for commercial use which means you can use it for cooling your office, hospital, garage, shop, storage room and various such commercial places. There are 3-speed levels and the motor is very powerful to help the fan have a great velocity to throw airflow at a long distance. Furthermore, the construction material is chemical resistant and impact resistant.

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The fan is very easy to open up and clean instantly. It can rotate to 90-degree on either sides to cover the room perfectly. It can be locked easily at any position and the power cords in 7 feet long which is quite big. Irrespective of having a powerful motor, it is noiseless. This is a 12-inch small fan but you can always opt for bigger variants of 16-inch and 20-inch.

5. Air King Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan

 Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan

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This wall mount fan is tailor-made for industrial use. It is a 20-inch fan with metal blades and powder coated body. The coating prevents the fan from the initial heat inside the factory. The fan does not let dust or other powder items to settle on it comfortably. There are 3 different speed levels and it comes with a powerful motor with the completely enclosed ball bearing arrangement. It extends out of the wall and the pull cord is mounted on the rear side. The power cord is 9 feet in length and the product comes with 1-year warranty. It is suitable for factory, warehouse, and even commercial uses.

4. MaxxAir HVWM UPS Wall Mount

MaxxAir HVWM 18 UPS Wall Mount with 18-Inch Fan

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This wall mount fan is completely enclosed so as to prevent dust from entering it and sticking to the blades. It has a highly efficient motor that conserves power and provides the blades with a high velocity for a long throw of airflow. The power cord is very long with 10-feet in length. The product has steel construction with powder coating and the head can be tiled to 180-degree. It is built for commercial and rugger industrial uses. There are 3-speed levels and you have to pull chain to change the speed level and angle.

3. Hurricane Wall Mount Fan

Hurricane Wall Mount Fan - 16 Inch

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This is a 16-inch wall mount fan and it is quite compact and the motor is an efficient power saver. It is ideal for personal use as well as for rugged regular use in garage, workshops and other areas. The wall bracket is strong and the velocity of the blades is very high. The product comes with 1-year warranty. There are various other sizes available for you to choose from as per our requirements. The fan is designed in such a way that it can be used for residential, commercial, as well as industrial usage.

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2. OEMTOOLS Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

OEMTOOLS 24883 24 Inch Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

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This wall mount fan features under Amazon’s Choice in the industrial wall fan. It is tailor-made for heavy-duty use on a regular basis. It is a 24-inch fan and can withstand the heat in the workplace. It has oscillating feature and is a perfect product to cool off garage, shop, or factory room perfectly. The aluminum blades are very lightweight and provide optimal performance with high throw airflow. The motor is highly efficient in performance and power conservation and the power cord is 6 feet long for easy connection.

1. Global Industrial Outdoor Oscillating Wall Mounted Fan

Outdoor Oscillating Wall Mounted Fan-Wall Mounted Fans

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This is one of the most durable wall mount fans on the list and hence, it is widely used in the industry and has the size of 24 inches. It comes with high-grade steel cage and the black coating prevents it from rusting. The product does not let the dust settle and it is tailor-made for outdoor usage. The color does not fade away in the sunlight and the reach of the airflow is quite long. Most importantly, it operates with whisper quietness. There are 2-speed levels and you can disassemble it quickly for easy cleaning.


Before you choose any product from the above-listed top 10 best wall mounted fans in 2020, make sure you check the size of the fan to fit your room size and be specific about its usage either inside or outdoor. Furthermore, you should also check out the unique features the fans have to offer to fulfill all your requirements perfectly.

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