Best Truck Bed Tents in 2023

Truck Bed Tent is the best suitable product for your camping in the back of your truck. Since camping is one of the outdoor activities that not only to enjoy your spare time with friends or family but also the best way to release your stress from your tiring day of work. Being on a holiday means to receive another new level of fun. Therefore, choosing the right tent, it would offer you a very comfortable experience while traveling to your destination. 
The Truck Bed Tents are purposely designed to use at the back of the truck so that you don’t really have to worry about the sunny or rainy season and truly is a good option for you. You don’t need to make a tent directly to the ground but instead on your truck and sleep with good comfort. More interestingly, here are the top 10 Best Truck Bed Tent in 2023 you could consider for your purchase.

List of Best Truck Bed Tent in 2023

10. Napier-Family-Tents Sportz camo Truck Tent

Napier-Family-Tents Sportz camo Truck Tent

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Let us introduce you to the Napier Sportz camo Truck tent. With this unit, you can drop a camp every place that the truck takes you to after a long day trip or hunting. Moreover, this truck tent consists of a talented floor so that cleaning up the bed before jumping in isn’t a big deal anymore. Also, you can have a very well sleep even if it is cold outside or having uneven ground. More than that, the tent has a size of 5.7-5.8 feet so that you can easily stand inside the tent.
Additionally, it has a great design and durable material that allows you to access the truck’s cab for more storage. Another two sides window and vents also allow the fresh air flow easily, and a solid zipper makes you more comfortable in your night sleep. On top of that, you can set up this tent took around 10 minutes which is quick and easy. As a result, this marvelous tent will not disappoint your trip anymore. 
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Durable material and sturdy
  • Painted Floor
  • Tall, able to stand inside
  • Plenty of window, vents, solid zipper
  • Only a person can also set up the tent

A Little to Perfection 

  • Unclear and difficult instruction
  • Only 2 people maximum

9. Quitent Waterproof truck tent

Quitent Waterproof truck tent

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Quitent brings you this special waterproof tent which is specifically designed to protect windy, heavy rain since it is waterproof rainfly, and has 2000 millimeters water resistance technology. Moreover, it has a removable awning that you can remove after being used. The tent floor is fully sealed which prevents you from getting wet and dirty. Besides that, the design is very convenient as it includes with rear access window to access the truck cab. Also, it has to lantern holders to put a lamp or mini fan, and two sides storage bag to store your staff. 
Not only a waterproof tent but it offers double hole pole pockets, color code pole and pocket poles, and extra storage for you in setting up the tents and stores the parts easily. More than that, the tent is quite big in size, and we recommend you to measure your truck bed in case it does not fit in. Absolutely, this waterproof tent will bring you the best experience camping in the rainy season.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Waterproof with water resistance technology
  • Hold up well in extreme weather
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Waterproof floor 
  • Spacious

A Little to Perfection 

  • Two people setting the tent and take quite long to set up
  • Unclear and difficult instruction

8. Sportz Truck Tent

Sportz Truck Tent

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Napier sport truck tent is the only one that offers you the sewn floor so that it keeps you clean from the truck. Moreover,  it has a size of over 5.6 feet which fits perfectly for two people’s sleep. With this unit, you can absorb the fresh air from the 3 mesh windows, big entrance door, and vent. Especially, the designs never forget the rear access for your truck storage. Also, this 4*4 shade awning would allow you to set it up anywhere securely so that you can enjoy your reunion with friends and family.
In addition, they also provide big storage for packing the tent quite more conveniently. Clearly, the color code pole and sleeve system help you set the tents fast and easily within 15 minutes only. Last but the least, it is suitable for 3 seasons straight that you can use it without worry about different kind of weather on your camping day.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Suitable for three-season
  • Sewn floor
  • Easy to set up 
  • 4*4 optional awning

A Little to Perfection 

  • Only 2 people maximum
  • Poor Quality pole

7. FOFANA Truck Bed Tent 

FOFANA Truck Bed Tent 

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Another marvelous feature of this Fofana provides special treatment for customers to set up the tent easily within 5 minutes. Moreover, the beautiful view from the huge window of Panoramic 360 and 180 provides you a comfortable sight, and you can enjoy your night time watching the star. Additionally, it also has a sewn floor that keeps you clean and dry. You can stand and stretch inside the tent as it’s 6 foot, and stores your items in the mega interior pockets. 
Aside from that, no need to worry about rainy days on your camping. This tent also had a full-coverage rainfly that assure you from the rain and keep tidy inside your tent. Another interesting about this tent is the U Shape door that helps you get into the tent easier than you expect. With the great function of this tent, it is absolutely great choice to use for three seasons using.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Less than 5 set up and takedown
  • A person setting up the tent
  • Sewn floor 
  • Full coverage rainfly
  • 3 seasons 

A Little to Perfection 

  • 2 people maximum
  • Less color Option

6. Napier Bed Road Truck Tent

Napier Bed Road Truck Tent

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With the Napier Bed Road truck tent, you can relax and enjoy with perfect camping oasis after a long day adventure. Plus, the spacious interior allows a comfortable two adult sleep. Furthermore, it is a full rainfly with the extra protection and the storm flaps so that it provides full coverage on the door and window and keeps you dry. Also, two massive windows help in optimal ventilation. Especially, this tent provides a gear pocket, a lantern that could keep your staff well organized.
Besides, security is a major part of the customer. With this truck tent, it adds the security inside the bed of the truck if critter scroll by. Setting up this tent is not a complicated thing to do since it has a color code pole and sleeve assembly that could help you set it up for only about 10 minutes. Especially if you buy every back road purchase, a tree will be planned and this is also helpful in the environment so that you can receive fresh air to absorb.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Easy to set up
  • Spacious interior, sewn floor
  • Available to fit most of the bed truck
  • Storm Protection and security inside a tent
  • One tree planted after every purchase

A Little to Perfection 

  • 2 people maximum

5. Napier Badroadz Truck Tent

Napier Badroadz Truck Tent

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Another Napier truck tent offers you 800mm PU Polyester Tafetta. More than that, it has a large interior with headroom of over 5.6 which is a great choice for two adult sleep. In addition, no need to worry about being unclean, as it provides you with full floor and dry elements.
More interesting, this tent is designed to most of the truck bed. Also, it has full protection from the rain and the ultimate weather. Moreover, this unit is super easy to set up with the color poles and sleeve assembly; just one person also enough. Of course, this tent truck will guarantee you a fun and enjoyable moment on the camping day.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • 800mm PU Polyester Tafetta
  • Easy to set up
  • One person setting up 

A Little to Perfection

  • Not a very well ventilated

4. Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

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Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent deploys in just a few minutes that provide quick and convenient shelter. This tent provides a clean and dry floor equipped with sewn-in polyethylene flooring. On top of that, it comes along with a large interior area of the headroom, D shape door and fully enclosed to make a way even more comfortable inside the tent. 
With this unit, it includes a heavy-duty and weather-resistant polyester carry bag for your preparation. Besides that, it also had a 190T water resistance coat for you and come with a full rainfly to use in the rainy season. And it also has great air flowing through the mesh ventilation windows. Therefore, this unit will not disappoint you, and users can even prepare your personal staff through the two storage pockets inside the tent as well.
Take-Home into consideration

  • Sewn-in polyethylene floor
  • Weather-resistant
  • Lightweight 
  • Mesh Ventilation Window
  • Large interior area

A Little to Perfection 

  • Quite difficult instruction
  • Need to careful with the pole or in case it could break

3. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

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With this Kodiak Canvas Truck bed tent, it is equipped with Hydra-shield plus 100 percent cotton duck canvas. As a result, it offers you a durable, breathable, and watertight tent. On top of that, it has maximized interior space with five feet ceiling height as well as a large D shape door covered in the top line of YKK zippers. Besides, the two gear pockets and five windows allow the air current flow in the tent well.
In addition, with the sturdy design, ¾ inches of the steel tube frame could attach to the clamp on rails which provide a convenience made for the secure fit of the tent. Specifically, it is designed for year-round use. However, it is not recommended to use it in the heavy storm. Of course, with this tent, you will ensure to have three-season camping with your family.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Mental pole easy for the setup
  • Hydra-shield  and cotton duck canvas
  • Durable
  • Solid strap with high quality
  • Nice design

A Little to Perfection 

  • Can’t use in heavy snow

2. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent 

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent 

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Another waterproof tent is offered by Guide Gear full-size truck tent in which the design has a water-resistant 190T polyester material, and a full rain fly. Thus, it avoids the drop of rain in the tent as well as the truck gear for camping. With the sewn floor, it would protect you from getting dirty and it has two large pockets to organize your stuff inside the tent. Moreover, it fits best for the tall people as it is 5.25 inches headroom and the large D shape door even easier to use. Especially, it has two mesh windows so that the unit would provide great ventilation.
Additionally, it is used high-quality material to ensure durable under extreme weather and the steel poles would promise the tent to stay stable on the bed of the truck. Not only a durable tent, but the whole package also provided you the 6*6 awning which is an excellent choice to protect you from the sunny day. Lastly, the instruction for the tent is quite easy since it took around 20 minutes only so that it would save you a lot of time.
Take-Home into consideration

  • Light Weight
  • Spacious interior for taller campers
  • Waterproof tent with 190T polyester 
  • Durable with the weather 

A Little to Perfection 

  • don’t fit the truck that has an external rear mouth spare tire

1. Rightline Gear Truck Tent

Rightline Gear Truck Tent

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This awesome looking tent comes with a unique floorless style and you just spend less time to set up this unit without taking out the gear from the bed. Moreover, it also prevents dirt on the truck when the tent is picking up. Another special feature is that it won’t damage your truck after use thanks to the protective strap and buckles. Also, it is outfitted with 2 pockets, a lantern holder, and glow in a dark zipper that you see the zip at night time.
Additionally, the rainy season never bit this special tent since it offers the quality water-resistant fabric, PU 200mm with tape sealed seams. Therefore, it allows you to stay dry and clean inside the tent all the time. More interestingly, you would feel amazing when you sleep under the beautiful sky full of hundreds of stars with your favorite person. Besides, you would never getting tired to set up this tent since it offers colorful poles for a quick and easy setup. Especially, it comes with a warranty for a whole year so you can feel confident in buying this tent.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Unique floorless 
  • Save time and easy to set
  • Glow zipper, sky view vent
  • One year warranty

A Little to Perfection 

  • Seam and poles could easily stretch or ripping

Buying Guide To Choosing Best Truck Bed Tent in 2023


The types of truck beds tent are one of the things to consider before buying it. You have to think about whether you need a tent for a big family or a small one. Also, you have to decide the amount of gear you will be taking with. Normally, the perfect size of the tent is based on your truck. You have to ensure that you pick the one that has enough space for you to sleep comfortably. 


Choosing the tents that are fitted to the seasons is simply very important. Mostly in markets, there are commonly 3 season’s tents include with spring, summer, or the winter season. And it is essential to buy the right one since we sleep in a tent where it is safe and comfortable, especially the one that can hold in the heavy weather.

Height and length 

Height and length are other points before deciding on buying the tents, especially for the one who is going to use it. In some situations, if you are not clear about the height, somehow it can make the person sleep with an uncomfortable feeling.

Tent Poles

Pole is where the tents can stand uptight on the truck. So if it does not string, you might need to find good ones that will support your tent tightly. Most poles are made of lightweight aluminum and others are made of fiberglass. Before you consider buying it, you need to check what poles are made of. You better select the ones that are made of sturdy materials and can hold against strong winds. 


The durability of the tent is a very important thing that you have to check as well. During camping, you can’t guarantee what kind of weather you will face or harsh whether it really affects the tents or not. Therefore you have to search for a tent model with waterproof, windproof, and stormproof. By doing so, it will make you feel comfortable. More than that, the lifetime of your tent is also based on durability. If you’re going to consume the tent regularly, then go for the most durable one.

Mesh panels 

Another important feature is the ventilation. It is considered to be essential for the buyer to think about the vents and windows of the tents, especially when they have camping during summer or hot weather.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –Best Truck Bed Tents in 2023

Is a truck bed tent worth to buy?

Of course, it is worth buying, especially for the one who really loves to enjoy their time camping. Additionally, it is even more convenient when using this truck bed tent since you don’t have to sleep on the hard uneven ground.

Can a Truck tent use on the ground?

The truck bed tent is perfectly designed to put on the bed of the truck. That is why it might have some difficulty in putting the truck tent on the ground. But you still can use it if you know well how to make a tent and support it from the ground very well. 


Considering buying a truck bed tent is compulsory for your wonderful trip, especially for camping. There are several features that you need to think of before you decide to buy such as the types, sizes, seasons, rainfly, durability, and warrant.
Therefore, this article will help you to receive more information about truck bed tents. And we hope that all this useful information above will help you buy one of the best tents and the desired one for you and your fantastic adventure. Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!