Top 10 Best Rotary Phones in 2019

A blast from the past, It may be hard for some people to believe we are reviewing rotary phones. These are relics from a bygone era in most countries. But they still can work and help you communicate. Especially if you are using one of the top 10 best rotary phones in 2019.

These phones bring the past back to life and let modern people see how easy it was to communicate with others. When it comes to communication, it is not wrong to return to the past.

List of  Our Best Top 10  Rotary Phones Review

10. Hewnda Creative Retro Rotary Dialing Telephone

 Hewnda Creative Retro Telephones European Resin Rotary Dialing Telephone

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This is a work of art only. It is not a functioning rotary phone. The artist wanted to give modern people an idea of how communication took place in the 20th century.

Measuring approx. 9 x 8.5 x 5 inches, this retro art piece will fit on most shelves or small tables. It will contribute to an antique look to your home or business. It is also made to look old. What we liked: it is a piece of art.

9. Crosley Classic Desk Phone

 Crosley CR62-BC Kettle Classic Desk Phone with Push Button Technology, Brushed Chrome

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It has the classic rotary phone look, but the makers have replaced the old rotary style dialing with push-button ease. You get a re-dial button in case the person you are calling is not home.

Other features include volume control for both hearing and ringtone. Plus, you also get an on and off switch when you want some privacy from callers. The tone or pulse option lets you stay current with electronic needs. What we liked: push-button dialing and on and off switch.

8. Wild and Wolf Rotary Design Phone

 Wild Wood Rotary Design Retro Landline Phone for Home, Concrete Grey

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Except for the push button technology, you will think you have stepped back into the past. This old rotary style phone uses a mechanical bell to let you know someone is calling. It will also plug into standard landline outlets.

Inspired by 1960s British style phones, this unit can be a conversation piece when you have friends over. They won’t believe what they see in your home. What we liked: The British inspiration.

7. Cortelco Rotary Phone

Cortelco 500BLK Cortelco Rotary Phone Black

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This is a true rotary dial phone, but it comes with a redial feature. The loud ringer’s volume can be adjusted to fit your home environment. While designed for today’s home, this rotary phone is wired all the way.

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The receiver is wired to the phone and the phone is wired to the phone outlet. You can’t walk far with this unit. Also, it can only handle one phone line. What we liked: it is a real rotary phone.

6. ECVISION Vintage 1960’s Rotary Dial Home Telephone

ECVISION Black Color Vintage 1960's STYLE ROTARY Retro old fashioned Rotary Dial Home Telephone

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If you watch old movies and television shows from America, this is the phone you will see most often. It is traditional, stylish and durable. They do not make phones like this anymore.

A volume control adjusts the mechanical bell’s loudness and no radiation to worry about. Its rotary dial does have a redial feature and a speaker function. It will plug into the standard landline outlet in your home. What we liked: Just about everything this phone offers.

5. Wild and Wolf Rotary Design Landline Phone

 Wild Wood Rotary Design Retro Landline Phone for Home, English Mustard

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You will find this phone in the dark with is bright yellow color. But that is a good thing. The push button technology makes dialing faster and easier. Then you get a redial feature just in case you need to call the same number again.

Its mechanical ringer sounds like a bell and will let you know when you have a caller. The phone will plug into standard landline wired outlets. What we liked: Original ringer and push-button technology.

4. Design Toscano Antique Phone

 Antique Phone - Grand Emperor 1933 Rotary Telephone - Corded Retro Phone - Vintage Decorative Telephones

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Emperors had good and extravagant tastes back in the 20th century. They also had the money to purchase such luxurious phones. Its Baroque styling sports modern push-button technology making using the phone easier.

Inspired by real emperor phones, this one has modern touches to it like redial, volume control and uses modern landline outlets. What we liked: The antique brass styling.

3. Design Toscano Brittany 1929 Antique Phone

 Antique Phone - Brittany Neophone 1929 Rotary Telephone

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Another antique styled phone inspired by the early 20th-century British phone system. While it is not truly a rotary phone, it will look good wherever you place it. Fully corded means that it is mostly stationary and can’t travel very far.

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The brass accents highlight the push button technology, and it has volume control, as well as a redial feature. What we liked: the classic overall British design.

2. Sangyn 1960’s Style Rotary Dial Vintage Corded Telephone

 1960's Style Rotary Dial Old Fashioned Retro Classic Vintage Corded Telephone

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These old rotary phones fill in the gap when your cell phone is busy recharging for hours. You will not miss a call when you have one of these units in your home. The bright blue color means it will not be invisible or hard to find.

Just think, no power banks, no batteries to mess with and no radiation to worry about. It is a simple old-fashioned rotary phone that works when you need it. What we liked: No batteries, no radiation, no misplacing it.

1. OPIS 1921 antique style telephone

 OPIS 1921 CABLE - MODEL C - antique style telephone -Rotary Phones

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What can we say? This is a real wood with brass highlights rotary phone. This phone will support modern dial tones and work with real landlines. Its metal ringer will let you know when you have a caller.

The cloth cables are a real blast from the past as well. What we liked: The overall design and function.

Some Final Words

The past top 10 best rotary phone in 2019 may not have the convenience of the modern cell phone. But it had better durability, class, looks, and function. Plus, they did not have any health scares, batteries to lose or recharging time. They worked all the time and looked good doing it.

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