Top 14 Best Robot Dog Toys in 2019 Reviews

For mankind, dogs are the best companions and you may find the character of the dog widely used in movies, animated cartoons, toys, etc. The recent era represents the era of automation where the technology has streamlined lots of physical tasks which was earlier done by humans manually. The advent of robots has streamlined lots of manual tasks that may seem laborious. In the present time, you may find the robot toys being used widely. In addition to creating a fun-filled atmosphere, they are dedicated to performing lots of activities automatically. They are designed uniquely to employ intuitive and interactive working mechanism. For instance, the robot dog toys are capable to respond to voice command, perform diverse real dog postures and actions. You will be stunned to know that the touch and feel mimics a lifelike dog. It may not be difficult to make the selection of robot dog toys if you go through the corresponding toys discussed below:

List of Top 14 Best Robot Dog Toys in 2019 Reviews on Amazon.Com

14. Durherm Smart Storytelling Robot Dog:

 Durherm Smart Storytelling Robot Dog

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Identified as a smart toy with remote control, this storytelling robot dog will certainly cherish your day. This smart dog is capable to dance, sing and attend insightful questions. It is this intelligent toy that seems fascinating to kids of all ages. It proves to be their good partner while studying and other entertainment activities. It is known that this Durherm smart robot dog could sing melodiously; tell stories, present math questions, etc.

You will be surprised to see how the dog walks forwards and backward through the use of the infrared remote control. During the movement, this smart dog would light up and wag its tail. With the included remote control, you can control its diverse operation. Also, the 6 AA batteries included in the pack drive its operation.

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  • For kids’ fun, this smart robot dog can perform a/b/c questions and answers.
  • It comes with the auto-shutoff function with “bye-bye” while standby time exceeds a minute
  • Different movements it assumes are forward, fast forward, backward, and fast backward.

13. Interactive Little Baby Pup by Yeezee:

Yeezee Wirless Robot Puppy, Interactive Little Baby Pup

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Specially devised for kids, this interactive little pup is highly suitable for kids over 2 years old. It can seamlessly communicate and interact with children. In addition to presenting fun, it also allows kids to learn ways to stay with an actual pet.


  • The face emoji functionality makes sure the interactive robot toy possesses diverse lighting on eyes.
  • Kids will get unique fun when the robot responds while they ouch their tail or shake their body.
  • To present excellent rechargeable functionality, the USB charge is present at the stomach of the dog. Removing the cover would let you charge it within 1-2 hours.

12. Tekno Newborns Pet Dog Toy:

 Tekno Newborns Pet Dog Toy Robotic Puppy Interactive Dog That Jumps

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When your kid first sees this pet dog toy, he/she will definitely be enticed to its repeated use. This is due to its smart functionality presented in an attractive body format. Basically, the Tekno Newborns are adorable robotic pets that appear lifelike. It is easy to program your dog to sit, walk, sit, sing, and jump into the hand. They will instantly fascinate your attention through their illuminated eyes, melodious sounds, and movements.


  • The eyes of this pet dog toy would light up whenever the dog is awake and it would respond to touch and voice.
  • While performing different movements, it would twist its tail and ears.

11. BIRANCO. Electronic Pets Dog Toy:

 BIRANCO. Electronic Pets Dog Toy

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Capable to work as a cute friend for your kids, this electronic puppy comes with tons of smart functionalities. It comes with touch response, voice control, music, light, etc. So, kids can indulge in nonstop fun when you gift them this alluring pet dog toy.


  • It is completely safe to use since the preparation is done using child-friendly ABS plastic material. This material is completely safe, toxic-free and environmental-friendly.
  • The pet dog toy packs in disposable batteries -simply open the battery compartment using a screwdriver, add 3 AAA batteries and finally turn on the switch. There is no need to waste your time behind recharging the battery.

10. Wireless Voice Control Robot Dog, Interactive Little Baby Pup:

 Wireless Voice Control Robot Dog

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Equipped with the wireless voice control functionality, the smart baby pup is controllable through 10 commands. So, you can easily control its diverse functionalities from long distance. There is an exceptional study mode that allows the robot to perform simple mathematical calculations, tell a story and speak out information by Q/A games.


  • For providing a smile on the face of kids, this interactive pup will walk, sing, dance and chase with kids.
  • The functioning is rechargeable through a built-in 700mAn 4.8V Ni-Cd battery.

9. Zoomer Interactive Puppy:

 Zoomer Interactive Puppy

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Zoomer is popular when it comes to robot toys and all of its toys are highly reliable. One of the great working robot toys from Zoomer is this interactive pup. Due to the included smart functionalities, this interactive small dog can bark, speak, play with you, etc. Similar to an actual pup, this interactive puppy would like to learn new tricks. You can train the pup to speak, walk, sit, sleep, shake, play and more. When you include this Zoomer pup into your home, it is certain that you will feel as if the pup is a part of your family.

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  • This Zoomer interactive pup would comprehend your voice in 3 different languages -English, Spanish and French.
  • Its functioning is rechargeable through the built-in USB cable.
  • With the included instruction guide and reference guide, you can remove confusion if any.

8. Tekno Mini Jumping Puppy Robotic Pet:

 Tekno Newborns Tekno Mini Jumping Puppy Robotic Pet-Puppy

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Devised in a compact form, this jumping puppy is a loveable and amusing toy. Due to its interactive functionality, this robotic pet can sing, beg and jump. Its working mechanism would resemble an 8-week old kitty. Kids will find it fascinating to see how its eyes light up when it awakes.


  • The Tekno mini robotic dog would seamlessly respond to voice and touch. Moreover, it also interacts with you as well as other pets.
  • Being touch sensitive, this cute pet toy would generate happy sounds; also, you could program the toy to sing.
  • Kids will find interesting to see how the toy twist its ears and tails.

7. Liberty Imports Smart Robot Dog Toy:

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The Liberty Imports cute robot dog is capable to walk and dance in a cute manner. Designed specifically for kids, this cute electronic robotic toy would create an amusing environment to remove boredom. Its working would let you see how it automatically alters the direction after thrashing into a wall or object. This version of the smart robot toy is equipped with the potential to twist the tail and shake the head.


  • In addition to the wagging tail and shaking the head, this smart robot toy would dance to the wonderful music.
  • To convey a realistic motion, it comes with the multiple moving parts.
  • Its paws and heads light up and also emit animated sounds.
  • Any kid aged 3 years and higher can use it.

6. Interactive Puppy Plush Animated Pet Electronic Dog Cute Robot:

 Interactive Puppy Plush Animated Pet Electronic Dog Cute Robot Dog Baby

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The barking and movement of this cute robotic dog can be controlled by just touching its soft body. Wherever you want, you may take this animated pet along with you. Due to its multipurpose functionality, the toy can dance, walk, sleep, move forward/backward, sit, jump, etc. You will be amused to see how it barks while it performs movements in varied sounds.


  • The short soft plush material used in the making is soft to touch and durable too.
  • It comes in an average size i.e. 12 inches.
  • It just weighs 500g, so easy to move around.
  • You may use it on the go since its operation is powered by 4 AA batteries.

5. Liberty Imports My Best Friend Interactive Smart Puppy:

 Liberty Imports My Best Friend Interactive Smart Puppy | Kids Electronic Pet Toy Robot Dog | Ideal Gift Idea for Girls

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Intended to convey a glorious environment in the surrounding, this interactive pup will bring so much fun into your family. So, it is an ideal toy gift for your kids and toddlers. It proves to be an excellent companion since its configuration boasts light up eyes. Moreover, its body would respond while you pet its head or touch its nose. For all children aged 3 years and higher, this interactive pup is a perfect toy.


  • Important features included are touch response, voice control, music, and light.
  • It is completely child-friendly since its construction uses ABS plastic and it is 100% safe and free from toxic.

4. JOYIN Electronic Pet Dog, Puppy Robot Dog Toy:

 JOYIN Electronic Pet Dog, Puppy Robot Dog Toy, Touch Induction

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Cable to convey super fun and also work as an educational toy, this puppy toy is an essential electronic gadget for sensory development. Its multicolored body and illuminated lights would provoke touch and many new skills. For instance, kids can auditory learning and they can develop a sense of music. Use of the superior quality gives assurance that this electronic pup is extremely simple to use and highly durable. With the facility of the built-in multiple sensors, the entire working is made automatic.

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  • Total 3 modes are available. One of its important modes -remote control mode enables you to choose a song, allow the dog to sing, move and dance. Besides, the toy can even organize the math quiz wirelessly.
  • It can be used on the go with the help of included 4 AA batteries.

3. Hi-Tech Wireless Interactive Robot Puppy:

 Hi-Tech Wireless Interactive Robot Puppy

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Being rechargeable and environmental-friendly, this wireless robot puppy proves to be an ideal gift for kids. You may gift this Hi-Tech robot puppy on auspicious occasions like Birthday, Christmas, New Year, etc. This remote control enabled smart dog toy is exclusively designed using flexible joints. In order to avail its remote control functionality, the distance can be 15 meters. This wireless robot puppy is capable to speak diverse sounds to depict different emotions. Its overall appearance is made cute and highly interactive for conveying unique fun.


  • When operated in the study mode, there is the availability of two models i.e. Arabian numbers from 0 to 10 and 26 alphabets. They would be exhibited on the eyes of the toy. This represents an ideal blend between sound and images in order to reinforce its memory.
  • Names of different fascinating modes are crawl, stand, fart, show, and coquetry.

2. WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog – Chippo (Black):

 WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog - Chippo-Robot Dog Toys

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Prepared in a classic black design, this Chippo black puppy incorporated with a gold doggy-bone collar would prove to be an ideal watchdog.  Its head is capable to present diverse reactions like barks, sniffs, puppy kisses, and sneeze. The WowWee little pup is packed with full of energy. Hence, you can take it to a dance party or just play with it at home.


  • The user owns flexibility to utilize the compatible remote control to let Chippo sing, dance, wag its tail, etc.
  • This Chippo dog toy could explore your room or protect it from intruders through the built-in sensors.

1. Electronic Pet Dog Interactive Puppy – Robot Harry:

 Electronic Pet Dog Interactive Puppy

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The Harry robot dog is essentially an adorable robot dog with music functionality. Moreover, it can work as an educational toy for all toddlers aged 2 years and above. Similar to a real dog, this electronic pet dog would create an amusing environment in the surrounding. It could walk, run, speak, bark and create dog sounds.  Its appearance resembles a cute dalmatian toy dog for fun.


  • The included sensor would respond to your touch.
  • It is sufficiently sized since it comes with approximately 7 inches length and 6 inches height.
  • With the Bump n Go feature, you may play and chase the robot Harry on smooth surfaces.

Concluding Note:

Robot dog toys are uniquely designed to mimic the most functionalities and appearance of lifelike dogs. In addition to presenting fun, they could perform diverse smart functionalities. They can grasp new tricks, listen, dance, walk, sing, bark and many more. Your kids will indulge in nonstop fun for hours while simultaneously improving cognitive and coordination skills.

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