Top 10 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2023 & Buying Guide

While there are many choices of portable carpet cleaners in the market today, choosing the best one that is suitable for your needs could be challenging. When looking for a carpet cleaning unit, it is important to sit down and think of what features you really need your cleaner to have. Things to consider are the healthiness of the cleaner ingredients. 

The features that you are looking for in your cleaner, the desired weight of your unit, whether you prefer a cordless or corded unit, what tank size you are looking for, and what hose length and attachments are the best choices for you. Moreover, there are a lot of things to take into account and personal research is necessary. We hope this buying guide of Best Portable Carpet Cleaners helps you to come to an informed decision.

List of Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2023 on

10. BISSELL 2003T Cordless Portable Floor Cleaner

#10 BISSELL 2003T Cordless Portable Floor Cleaner-Portable Carpet Cleaners

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BISSELL 2003T Cordless Portable Floor Cleaner is a wonderful option to consider when deciding what brand to purchase. Bissell donates $10 to the Bissell Pet Foundation for every portable cleaner product that is purchased. With this version, the power rating is 7.2 amps with the tank capacity at 8 ounces. In addition, it can scrub, spray, and use the suction function to remove all pet messes and stains from a number of different surfaces. More importantly, this version works well on carpets, stairs, area rugs, upholstery, car interiors and so much more. A the same time, it is a five-pound lightweight and lithium battery-powered handheld carpet cleaner.

On the other hand, the lithium battery only takes four hours to charge so it is always available for use. Not to mention, it comes complete with a ready to use cleaning formula that stores inside of the unit so it is always ready to go when you need it most. This Bissel cordless portable floor cleaner is great at quickly and easily removing stains from your pets including feces, urine, vomit, mud, and dirt, grass, plus any food or household items that could be a problem.

Product Feature:

  • The product arrives with a cordless handheld 
  • It instantly and permanently removes tough pet stains and odors
  • The tool is weightless than 5lbs 
  • It is easy to remove the suction nozzle for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Formula stores conveniently in the machine, so it is always ready to use anytime 

9. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaners

#9 Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable-Portable Carpet Cleaners

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This is one of the highest-rated products on our list. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable is a professional spot carpet cleaner that is amazing at removing difficult spots and stains from your home or work. It works great on stairs, upholstery, upstairs, in cars, and much more. Also, this carpet cleaner comes complete with a 5-foot flexible hose that is helpful and convenient in cleaning up tough spots and stains. The tool arrives with a 6 stair tool as well as with a 3 tough stain tool.

With your purchase, you will receive a complimentary bottle of the Professional Deep Cleaning formula. This version does require the use of a power cord.  However, the power cord reaches for 22 feet so you should not encounter any problems. Additionally, the power rating on this one is a generous 5.7 amps with a 3/4 gallon tank capacity. This one is a bit heavier than some of the others at a complete 13.2 pounds.

Product Feature: 

  • Its 5ft long hose and 22ft power cord allow you to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • The item comes with a 2-years limited warranty 
  • It has a large capacity that can accommodate water or cleaning solution up to 3/4-gallon
  • Trial-size BISSELL Professional formula is included
  • It helps remove the odor quickly and easily

8. Hoover Smart Wash Automatic Cleaner FH52000

#8 Hoover Smart Wash Automatic Cleaner FH52000-Portable Carpet Cleaners

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Hoover Smart Wash Automatic Cleaner FH52000 utilizes automatic cleaning technology. That is to say, when you push the cleaner forward, it cleans, and when you pull it back, it dries. To add up, it also has an auto-clean motion sensing which cleans as well as leaving all of your floors refreshed. The auto mix feature perfectly mixes the solution and accurately dispenses the cleaning solution for optimal cleaning.

It also has an auto dry feature that uses heat force technology to assist in the faster drying of the cleaned area. Plus, the flex force power brush carefully and gently removes deep-down dirt and pet messes. It comes complete with a 2 in 2 pet tool, and 8-foot hose, a storage bag for accessories as well as a sample bottle of the cleaning formula.

Product Feature: 

  • The tool is capable of removing deep down embedded dirt with FlexForce PowerBrushes.
  • It utilizes an automatic cleaning technology 
  • The gear comes with Flexforce power brush
  • It has a faster drying with the power of HeatForce 
  • The carpet cleaner comes with pet tool nozzle 
  • It operates using 110 Voltage 

7. Hoover Power Dash Portable Carpet Cleaners FH50700

#7 Hoover Power Dash Carpet Cleaner FH50700

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This is one of the best and affordable choices on our list. It comes small but mighty. Hoover Power Dash Carpet Cleaner FH50700 has two times more cleaning power than other leading lightweight cleaners. It comes with a power spin pet brush roll that uses antimicrobial protection with powerful carpet cleaning.

On top of that, the heat force power is great for delivering faster carpet drying potential. In addition to that, this model is very lightweight and compact to help with efficient cleaning and compact storage. It is a compact size, so it is convenient to store in any space. This product is very easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the nozzle, and it will quickly rinse and remove dirt and grime. 

Product Feature:

  • Included with a power spin brush roll, it is perfect to clean pet mess with its antimicrobial protection 
  • It comes with a small size, so you could store in any convenient space 
  • The product features a removable nozzle
  • Dual tank system is available within this cleaning system. Thus, making it easy to separate waste and clean water.

6. Hoover Power Deluxe Carpet Washer

#6 Hoover Power Deluxe Carpet Washer-Portable Carpet Cleaners

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Hoover Power Deluxe Carpet Washer comes complete with a spin brush system that safely deep cleans carpets without harming them. What is more, the brushes provide a 360-degree system. Meanwhile, the nozzle is a Dual V system that provides equal suction throughout. Dry time is sped up with the advance heat force availability to lift stubborn stains.

This model is less than 19 pounds. Therefore, it is easy to pick it up and move it when you need to, but you can also just pull it with you. There is an eight-foot-long hose that helps to reach all of the hard to reach areas. Coupled with a special stair tool, a separate upholstery tool, a wedged crevice tool, and a complimentary bottle of the special formula carpet cleaning solution, it is a complete set to own.

Product Feature: 

  • It comes with a smart tank system that makes it easy to fill, empty and clean. 
  • There is a delay nozzle that provides strong, equal suction to clean the surface evenly. 
  • It provides heated drying. Thereby, giving you a speedy drying assistant 
  • Coming with dual Tank technology, this gives you a separate tank of clean and dirty
  • The gear is completely lightweight, so it is very convenient to move around. 
  • There is also an automatic detergent mixing system.

5. BISSELL Spot Clean Pro Pet Portable Carpet Cleaners 2458

#5 BISSELL Spot Clean Pro Pet Portable Cleaner 2458

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BISSELL Spot Clean Pro Pet Portable Cleaner 2458 is another one of the Bissel pet vacuums, that help donate a portion to animal shelters each time you purchase a product. As mentioned before, for every pet carpet cleaner that is purchased through Bissel, it helps out the Bissel Pet Foundation with a $10 donation. Besides, this compact carpet cleaner combines powerful brushing action, powerful suction and a special cleaning solution to clean out all embedded pet stains and dirt. This portable cleaner easily cleans upholstery, stairs, beds, pet areas, area rugs, car interiors, and carpets.

Aside from this, the power cord is 33 feet long to make it easier to take around the house, without having to move from room to room before moving the plug. The power rating on this version is 5.7 amps. As a bonus, this cleaner comes with a trial size of the Bissel Professional Pet Urine Eliminator that is loaded with oxy. It removes the pet urine, odors, and stains, and the oxy smell discourages your pets from resolving the area. 

Product Feature: 

  • Coming with superior suction – perfect to remove pet spots, stains, and odors 
  • It arrives with a design to easily deep clean the stairs
  • The product is able to clean multiple surfaces 
  • It has a big capacity that can hold ¾ gallons of water/cleaning solution
  • The machine has a stain trapper tool that keeps the liquid mess inside the tool
  • With its Extra Reach, the cleaner goes further with its 5ft long hose and 22ft power
  • Professional grade formula included 

4. Rug Doctor Extracting Upholstery

#4 Rug Doctor Extracting Upholstery

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Rug Doctor Extracting Upholstery Neutralizes odors help removes stains, cleans up dirt, fur, and any other mess that you can throw at it. On top of its cleaning tank capacity, there is also a collecting tank capacity which is able to hold half a gallon for each. It glides across the carpet and other surface areas with ease. Not to mention, the product is easy to carry or push and pull while traveling through the home. It not only cleans, but it also grooms and polishes carpets and other areas.

This vacuum extracts dirt and stains with its 5-foot hose as well as with the larger main section of the machine. You can clean up pet stains, food spills, odors, and more with the powerful effective suction capabilities of this tool. It is noted as being twice as strong and effective as other leading portable carpet cleaners. It effectively scrubs every surface clean with its rotating bristles without damaging the area with heat or steam.

Product Feature: 

  • The handheld can motorize brush that moves 1200 times per minute 
  • Thanks to its powerful suction, that can remove any tough stains and odors 
  • The gear injects soapy water and scrubs deep down to lift and extract stains and odors
  • It is ideally perfect for cleaning any vehicles 
  • There is also removable tanks that keep clean & dirty water separated
  • It has a compact design for easy cleaning and storage 
  • This tool is lightweight and easy to carry around anywhere

3. BISSELL Turbo Portable Carpet Cleaners Power brush Shampooer 2085

#3 BISSELL Turbo Clean Power brush Shampooer 2085

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BISSELL Turbo Clean Power brush Shampooer 2085 is another Bissel that helps to provide a donation to the Bissel Pet Foundation. At only 12 pounds, this is Bissell lightest upright carpet cleaner. Its cleaning path width is an amazing 9.5 inches and the tank capacity is half a gallon. Also, it is great for removing mud, tracked in dirt, food spills, and pet messes.

It has two separate tanks, one for clean water and the other for soiled water. Coupled with that, there is the four-row rotating power brush combines with powerful suction. For this reason, it is able to loosen and remove items from soiled areas. Although It is small and compact, it is very functional. Arriving with a collapsible handle, it is pretty convenient for small space storage.

Product Feature: 

  • It comes with four-row rotating DirtLifter PowerBrush guaranteed to scrub stains and lift deep-down dirt
  • The product weighs only 12 lbs which are very lightweight and easy to bring anywhere
  • It includes BISSELL Oxy Formula to help remove the ground-in mess 
  • Since it has a collapsible handle, this makes it simple for storage & easily fit into small space 
  • The two-tank system can keep the clean and dirty water separated.
  • Its removable nozzle makes it easy for cleaning up. 
  • There is Edgesweep bristol to make it convenient to clean around furniture 

2. BISSELL ProHeat Portable Upholstery 14259

#2 BISSELL ProHeat Portable Upholstery 14259

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BISSELL ProHeat Portable Upholstery 14259 is a compact multi-purpose wet vacuum that works great for deep cleaning, even though it is not a steam cleaner. This model can spray specialized cleaner, suction clean, and help to dry the area all in one step. What is more, the power rating on this is 9 amps, and it has separate clean and dirty water tanks equaling 48 ounces for each. At the same time, it comes with a flexible, 4-foot long hose, a special spraying crevice tool, and a brush that helps with tough stains.

The weight is thirteen pounds. As a result, it is convenient and small enough to move around to where you need it. Even though it is small in size, it is big in cleaning power. This model has many of the features of a full-size carpet cleaner that can reach the hard to reach places in your home. Most importantly, it removes deep-down stains and dirt quickly and efficiently. To use the special cleaning formula, it mixes warm water with the formula and powerful suction to remove deep-down spots and stains.

Product Feature:

  • The ability to clean multiple surfaces makes it appear so attractive to users.
  • Coming with a lightweight design it is suitable for transporting cleaning. 
  • There is a tank that easy to fill and empty which helps users to finish the job faster. 
  • The built-in heater provides enhanced cleaning results with up to 25 degrees hotter water and formula
  • It comes with a 2-in-1 crevice tool to help clean furniture and corner 
  • Cleaning formula is included 

1. Bissell Professional Portable Carpet Cleaners 86T

#1 Bissell Professional Cleaner Machine 86T-Portable Carpet Cleaners

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This is our top-rated portable cleaner on our list. Although the price is a little high, it also has the highest rating on the Amazon list. Bissell Professional Cleaner Machine 86T comes complete with an extra-large dirt lifting power brush that is great for deep scrubbing. It cleans while moving forwards and backward.  Its heavy-duty suction power helps the area to dry faster while the cleaning process is happening.

It comes with two large tanks for multiple room cleaning, each tank holds 1.75 gallons of water. The power cord is 25 feet with a power rating of 12 amps. It has a 6-inch tough stain tool that allows you to provide extra spraying and scrubbing of tough spots. The 9-foot hose helps you to get into those hard to reach places. The 2 times powerful deep cleaning formula contains Scotchgard protection that helps to protect your carpets from future stains.

Product Feature: 

  • The machine sprays the carpet with a water-and-formula solution while you are cleaning, guaranteed a deep clean on any surfaces or carpet fibers 
  • Its powerful suction then removes the loosened dirt, along with the solution that was sprayed down
  • The product comes with the professional formula of Bissell, perfect combination for the carpet cleaner 
  • The high-quality material construction coupled with a sturdy, anti-tip design ensures great performance & longevity.

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Portable Cleaner

Choosing the best portable carpet cleaner could be an overwhelming process. There are many styles, and brands that perform different functions and high tech features in the market. So which one is the right for you? We are providing some tips that will help you choose the perfect portable cleaner whether you are a pet owner, or you just need the right carpet cleaner for your home. 


One of the main factors to look into the right portable carpet cleaner for your home is the weight. We are looking for a “portable” one for a certain reason. Especially, because it is easy to carry around. For a portable, carpet cleaner weight between 5 pounds to 20 pounds is the convenient size for you to clean different applications or items as well. 


For pets owners, there is probably a certain function you are looking for in a portable carpet cleaner. There are specific portable carpets cleaners that are designed to help with pets’ hairs and messes. In fact, a lot of portable carpet cleaners are designed to work for most basic cleaning requirements. However, one brand might contain stronger cleaning power than the others. That is why it is important to look for specific pet hair attachments like special brush patterns and wider openings to reduce hair clogs. 


For portable cleaners, size is just as important a feature as weight. It is important to understand your needs such as: whether you are planning to use it for your vehicle or sofa, etc. For some portable carpet cleaners we recommend on our list, some size is more suitable than the other depending on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the cleaner come with any cleaning solution? 

A: It depends. Some do come with cleaning solutions, while others are not. Pretty often, some that are sold in a set or a packet can come with provided cleaning solution.

Q: Can I use the cleaner for an auto vehicle? 

A: Of course it is possible. However, you might look for the instruction provided within each purchasing. If the carpet cleaner is okay with cleaning the car’s carpet, you are sure able to use it for cleaning your vehicle too.

Q: Would the cleaner work well on the entire couch? 

A: If you own any Furniture upholstery, it is possible to use a carpet cleaner to remove dust and small debris from them. Therefore, this means that you can use your portable carpet cleaners to clean any couch upholstery. However, this requires you to use the upholstery attachment hose.

Q: How often should you use a carpet cleaner?

A: Often time, people usually clean their carpet cleaner twice or several times per month. However, for those who own pets, it would be good if you can clean your carpet with the cleaner once every week.


If you are looking for some brief ideas to buy the right portable carpet cleaners for you and to eliminate a complicated process, we got you! We only collect the top products with the highest rated reviews for you, so it makes your process of buying a suitable portable cleaner of your need. An essential household like the cleaner, we always want to get the best quality one that would last long, since the price to purchase these products could be really expensive. Understanding your needs and some basic requirements are some important factors you need to consider before browsing for a suitable one.