Top 15 Best Personalized Cutting Boards in 2020 Reviews

When you present someone a personalized gift, the receiver would appreciate the gift for a long period.  The kitchen accessory plays a critical role when it comes to the taste of food recipes. For cooking enthusiasts or homemaker or chef, the use of decent quality kitchen accessories will lay several positive impacts.  One of the versatile and highly useful kitchen accessories is the cutting boards. The need for chopping vegetables, slicing fruit, cutting tiny pieces of cheese and many more arise on a frequent basis. For fulfilling all those needs, the choice of cutting boards is immense. With the appropriate choice of the personalized cutting board, you can engrave any name, date or designs into it. So, whenever you use it on your kitchen or dining table, your mood will be delighted. It is needless to worry about the best-personalized cutting boards once you check below sections:

List of Top 15 Best Personalized Cutting Boards in 2020 Reviews on Amazon.Com

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Personalized Cutting Board, 3 Sizes & 12 Designs, Bamboo Cutting Board - Personalized Gifts - Wedding Gifts for the Couple, Gift for Women #G
GIFT FOR FAMILY FRIEND HOUSEWARMING - Engraved 2-Tone Bamboo Cutting Board w/Free Stand ~ 2-Sided Design Engraved Side Designed For Décor, Reverse Side for Usage ~ Christmas Gift Birthday
OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board
BeeZen Bamboo Cutting Board - 14 x 10 inch - Engraved
Walnut Wood Cutting Board with Handle by Virginia Boys Kitchens - 4x20 American Hardwood Chopping and Serving Rustic Paddle for Baguette Bread Cheese and Charcuterie
Personalized Cheese Maple Walnut Cutting or Serving Board - Custom Monogrammed for Free (Walnut)
$34.99$39.99 (13% off)
Extra Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens - 18x24 American Hardwood Chopping and Carving Countertop Block with Juice Drip Groove
Brew City Engraving - Custom Personalized Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board - Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation, Housewarming, Closing, Realtor Mother's Day, Fathers Day Gift/Present for Cooks & Chefs 34
EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove - Best Kitchen Chopping Board for Meat (Butcher Block) Cheese and Vegetables | Anti Microbial Heavy Duty Serving Tray w/Handles - 18 x 12
$19.97$21.97 (9% off)
Personalized Cutting Board, Bamboo Cutting Board - Personalized Gifts - Wedding Gifts for the Couple, Engagement Gifts, Gift for Parents, Real Estate Agent Closing Gifts

 15. Sur La Table Marble Pastry Board HK165-50:

 Sur La Table Marble Pastry Board HK165-50

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The elegantly designed marble board seems a perfect addition for preparing many different recipes. It is not required to attain professional assistance for making desired shapes cutting in the kitchen. Now, with the assistance of this pastry board, many different varieties of foodstuffs can be chopped perfectly. For preparing delicate pastries, there is no requirement to supplement much flour. For any homeowners or professional users, it would be quite simple to clean and maintain. The end results would represent perfectly chopped vegetables, fruits, cheese or other foodstuffs.

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  • The cool surface of the board assists the dough to stick while you involve in kneading.
  • Spacious 16″ x 20″ surface enables ample room to roll out dough.
  • It comes with sufficient thickness for extra durability.

14. Kitchen Cutting Board (3 Pieces Set) by SUNPOLLO:

 Kitchen Cutting Board

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Representing the latest design in all 3 pieces, SUNPOLLO prepared these cutting boards with great caution. Boasting the exceptional marble appearance design, this board makes you feel confident while cutting a variety of food matters. All the 3 boards convey decent design and they will appear sophisticated in any kitchen. The PP+TPR plastic material combination utilized in the making of these boards make sure they do not mold or smell stinky. Each of the three kitchen cutting boards is available in 3 unique sizes.

The small sized board has the dimension of 11.8*7.1*0.4 inches, the medium sized board has the dimensions of 13*7.8*0.4 inches and finally, the large-sized board has dimensions of 16*9.5*0.4 inches.  For serving a single individual or whole family, this set is perfect.


  • Implementation of the anti-skid design guarantees superb stability while dicing or slicing.
  • With the assistance of the unique juice groove design, the juice will not be splashed on your clothes.
  • It is completely safe to use these 3 cutting boards as their making does not involve chemicals.

13. Plastic Cutting Boards for Kitchen by Gipfel:

 Plastic Cutting Boards for Kitchen

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Important qualities of this plastic cutting board product are durable and resistant to slip. Prepared in sufficiently large size, these boards can be used to prepare food for the whole family and guests. Equipped with the rubber edges, you will be benefitted with the stable slicing. All the included boards in the set are dishwasher safe and free from BPA. They will not dull your knives while use. You need not have to spare much time for cleaning.


  • Use of the durable plastic material makes sure there are no scratches on the surface.
  • During cutting, high stability is guaranteed due to its non-slip feature.
  • When placed in the dishwasher, it would not get warped.

12. Custom Cutting Board – Small Wood Engraved Board:

 Custom Cutting Board - Wood Engraved Cutting Board

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It is easy and straightforward to customize this engraved board. Made up from bamboo, it is completely safe to use and would let you feel pleasant.  Its overall size is made small to make sure it can easily accommodate in any kitchen space. It is easy to customize –simply click on the ‘Customize Now’ button shown on the right. Subsequently, follow the directions on ways to customize the board.


  • Size of this customized small cutting board is approximately 8.5″ x 11.5″.
  • With the use of 100% all natural bamboo in the making, the engraving is made unique.

11. Classic Swirl Personalized Engraved Cutting Board:

Classic Swirl Personalized Engraved Cutting Board

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Classic Swirl takes enough care to make this engraved cutting board from premium quality materials. Basically, this personalized board is prepared from natural wood and would not get stained while cutting. Use of the natural wood, you may find some color variations. The engraving color variations may happen because these personalized cutting boards are engraved through a high-density laser beam.


  • The juice groove side of the board is uniquely engraved with the chosen design for display purposes.
  • The remaining side is made functional for use in your kitchen.

10. Personalized Cutting Board, 3 Sizes & 12 Designs:

 Personalized Cutting Board, 3 Sizes & 12 Designs, Bamboo Cutting Board

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Specified in the product name, the present model of beautiful cutting board is made available in 3 unique sizes. Whenever there is a desire to get a custom cutting board, there would be 3 sizes available. Plus, there are 9 different design options available on the customize now section. Personalization Lab is specialized in preparing different types of cutting boards for different occasions. Whether for simple use in the kitchen or for weddings, business events, restaurant use, etc., these boards are just perfect.

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  • It is simple to customize; a simple click on the ‘customize now’ button available on the right and pursue directions shown on the customization page.
  • All these boards will appear exquisite when displayed in the showcase of your kitchen.

9. Personalized 2-Tone Bamboo Cutting Board:


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The exceptional, beautiful design is conveyed through the huge custom engraved graphics depicting the word “Home” on its surface. For serving small or huge masses of people, this bamboo cutting board product is ideal. With the inclusion of free display stand, this customized bamboo cutting board stands attractively on any kitchen counter. Moreover, it would also fit perfectly under cabinets.


  • The reversible decor design is made by designing one side for decor and another one for culinary use.
  • This 2-tone bamboo cutting board is made lightweight and the measurements are 11.5 x 13.5 x 3/4 inches.

8. OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board:

 OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

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For fulfilling the simple cutting needs in the kitchen to the professional use in restaurants, this utility cutting board is just perfect. When you would flip the utility cutting board, the remaining surface can be used to avert cross-contamination. Hassle-free transportation is guaranteed through its soft, non-slip handles. These handles make sure the board would not slide off on wet countertops. The construction of this good grips cutting board utilizes thick polypropylene. The two sides of the board are made durable, nonporous and resistant to odor.


  • It comes at a size of 10-1/2- by 14-1/2-inch along with black edges.
  • With the assistance of the juice groove and non-slip edges, the kitchen countertop will not become messy.
  • For hassle-free lifting, the handles are made soft and tapered.

7. BeeZen Bamboo Cutting Board:

 BeeZen Bamboo Cutting Board - 14 x 10 inch - Engraved"Live Laugh Cook

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Prepared from the professional grade, durable bamboo, the BeeZen cutting board product is capable to resist knife scarring. Your knives will not become blunt when you use it. The used bamboo is of decent quality so it would not harm your blades. So, the ceramic knife edges will be retained. Its high durability indicates that it would not crack or warp. For any occasion, the receiver will be pleased when you gift the cutting board by BeeZen.


  • Unlike other wooden cutting boards, this bamboo made board is easy to wash. All you need to do is hand wash with foamy warm water, wash, and wipe it with a dry cloth.
  • Compared to plastic, bamboo will stay cleaner and safer.

6. Walnut Wood Cutting Board:

 Walnut Wood Cutting Board with Handle by Virginia Boys Kitchens

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Whether you wish to bake or cook, the foodstuffs chopped on this wood cutting board will enhance the cooking process. This walnut board is considered as one of the preferred choices among housewives, restaurant professionals, and professional caterers.


  • The manufacturing is successfully accomplished through the non endangered black walnut wood. Moreover, the board is kiln dried and meticulously smoothed before finishing.
  • This sturdy, thick and reversible designed block would not warp or splinter.

5. Personalized Cheese Maple Walnut Cutting Board:

 Personalized Cheese Maple Walnut Cutting or Serving Board

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To prepare delicious recipes at the convenience of home, you may try this personalized cheese maple board. Whether for regular use in the kitchen or for occasions like Christmas, the board is versatile. It is possible to customize the design based on your preference. Usually, the cheese maple cutting board is suitable for marriages, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

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  • Free engraving is available so you can personalize the board in your own way.
  • Measurements of this walnut cutting board are 13.5″ x 7″.

4. Extra Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens:

 Extra Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens

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Representing the rich chocolate color, this extra large walnut wood cutting board looks an attractive kitchen accessory. The Virginia Boys Kitchens prepared it uniquely so that it seems perfect for occasions like weddings, anniversary, holidays, bridal showers, mother’s day, office party and many more. When you start using it in your kitchen, there will be an improvement in the original taste of cheese platters, charcuterie, breads, sushi, pizzas, and more.


  • The perforated, soft straight grains of walnut wood gives an assurance that the knives will not get dull while cutting.
  • The liquid spills will be controlled by the meticulously carved juice groove surrounding an edge. Therefore, issues of messy food prep will not occur.

3. Personalized Custom Engraved Cutting Board:

 Personalized Custom Engraved Bamboo Wood Cutting Board - 13.5"x9.6"x0.68" - Beautiful

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A versatile, customized cutting board for a variety of occasions, this engraved cutting board appears unique. For occasions like wedding, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, New Year, etc. the engraved cutting board appears alluring. You are free to include the desired design on the board.


  • To let it work perfectly for almost all kitchen, the approximate measurements are 13.5″ x 9.6″ x 0.68″.
  • You may use it for daily use in the kitchen or for display purpose.
  • One side is engraved whereas the other side is blank for chopping and cooking.

2. EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board:

 EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove

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The prime specialties of this version of bamboo cutting board product are its extra large size and premium quality materials. Equipped with side handles, the board can be used as a cutting/chopping cheese board or serving tray. Being convenient and practical are the other prominent specialties of the board. Keeping in mind the typical kitchen users, this organic bamboo cutting board was designed. All such boards do not possess superior quality, durable and dense edge grain bamboo but this one possesses it.


  • The100% organic bamboo used in the making would not create surplus wear & tear to cutlery.
  • Its built-in drip grooves are capable to hold juice emerging from fruits, vegetables or meat.
  • It possesses important properties like antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. So, its surface would absorb less liquid and would reduce cross-contamination concerns.
  • Knives will not become dull while cutting.

1. Personalized Cutting Board by Be Burgundy:

 Personalized Cutting Board-Personalized Cutting Boards

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Be Burgundy prepared this customized cutting board in rich chocolate hue to represent a stylish look. The appealing dark brown shade makes the board an attractive accessory in any kitchen. It proves to be the ideal gift for holidays, weddings, anniversary, bridal showers, father’s day, mother’s day, etc. You may use it as a unique presentation piece for showcasing cheese platters, charcuterie, or pizzas for guests.


  • In order to customize it, you have to click on the ‘Customize Now’ button accessible on the right-hand side. Consequently, follow the directions on ways to customize it.
  • You may cut on one side and use the other side for displaying the engraved letters.

Concluding Note:

An individual will feel delighted when his name, a special date or any words relevant to his/her life are engraved on the cutting board. To fulfill this need and to avail hassle-free cutting experience in the kitchen, these personalized cutting boards are perfect.