The top 10 Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutches in 2020

Rabbits are good pets

They are not noisy. They do not dig up the yard. And they do not stay out all night. You always know where they are. They also will not take up space on your bed. Keeping them safe is not difficult. All you need is one of the top 10 best outdoor rabbit hutches in 2020 to help you.

Finding the best one is not as difficult as it seems. Our review is designed to guide you to those outdoor rabbit hutches that will serve you well. All you need to do is keep reading to get all the information you need.

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List of  The top 10 Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutches in 2020

10. Pawhut Outdoor Triangular Rabbit Hutch

Pawhut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch

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This wood and wire rabbit hutch measures 45.5″x 24.25″x 20.75″ and provides enough space for your pet rabbit to run. The triangular shape is designed to help keep the rain off your favorite pet.

It is easy to assemble, easy to move but also durable. Its screen wire and wood frame system will protect your pet from any predators. The wire mesh ensures enough ventilation reaches your pet and keep it cool.

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The two access doors make feeding and handling simple. One door is in the loft and the other on the wire frame. Not only will this unit house 1-2 rabbits, its versatility will allow you to house other small pets.

9. Merax Auburn and White Rabbit Bunny Hutch House

Merax Auburn and White Rabbit Bunny Hutch House

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Most pets do not get to live in such luxury. Some rabbits have all the luck. The slanted roof and wood exterior are covered in waterproof paint. Plus, the wire mesh is small enough to make sure predators stay out.

This two-story unit has a removable tray to clean up the rabbit waste. It is also made of kiln-dried wood and has 2 easy access gates. A slightly slanted walkway provides your rabbit access to the second floor.

This unit is easy to assemble and comes with instructions and all the hardware you need. The downstairs also provides a large space for your rabbit to get all the exercise it needs. The overall size of this rabbit hutch is 50″L X 25″W X 36″H.

8. Petsfit Rabbit Hutch

Petsfit Rabbit Hutch

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If you do not want your rabbit exposed to the cold ground, this elevated rabbit hutch will do the trick. This 36″Lx22″ Wx30″H rabbit hutch also has a removable tray for easy upkeep.

Also, it is equipped with three access doors. Two on top and one on the side. One lid is operated by a pneumatic arm which takes special installation care. The red and white paint will not clash with your outdoor setting décor.

The wood construction gives enough space for you to house 1-2 rabbits. Or you may use this hutch for other small pets that need the outdoor life. Just follow the instructions to assemble this unit. There is a very limited tie warranty that comes with this product.

7. Tangkula 2 Doors Rabbit Hutch

Chicken Coop Wooden 2 Doors Rabbit Hutch

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The chicken coop inspired rabbit hutch provides plenty of living space for your favorite rabbit. Its dimensions, 44″L x 34.5″W x 34″H, also provide plenty of outdoor space for exercise.

The wood and iron mesh construction keep your rabbits from escaping into your garden. They also keep predators out. Your rabbits will be safe in their new mansion. The rabbits have an easy to climb ramp to get to their living quarters.

Two conveniently located access doors ensure that you will have complete access to your pets. Feeding time will not be difficult. The slide bolt locks keep the doors secure. All the parts are included for easy assembly.

6. Tangkula 52” Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit Hutch Outdoor Garden Backyard Wood

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The elevated two-story rabbit hutch will protect your rabbit from the cold that comes up from the ground. While there is no outdoor run area, there is an upstairs to help keep your pet fit.

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The climb up the slanted ramp will replace the missing outdoor space. The construction materials and paint used are not harmful to your pet. The four doors are equipped with a slide bolt lock.

This ensures that the doors will be secure when closed. The wire mesh allows you to keep a watchful eye on your rabbits. Also included is a removable sliding tray. Cleaning the hutch will not be difficult. The 51.18×34.25×19.67inch dimensions provide plenty of space for your pets.

5. Purlove Rabbit Hutch Wood

Purlove Rabbit Hutch Wood House Pet Cage For Small Animals

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The unique doll house design adds a cuteness factor to your backyard. The waterproof roof keeps the weather away from your pet rabbit. As does the all fir and wire mesh exterior frame.

The 56.5″ x 22.6″ x 43.3 rabbit hutch is easy to assemble and comes with 2 large removable trays. There are also 4 access gates to make sure you can get to your pet when you need to.

The limited wire mesh provides enough ventilation without sacrificing any warmth. While there is no outside exercise space, the two stories will fill the void. The second story is easily obtainable with the included slanted ramp. There is enough room for your rabbit or other small pets.

4. Idealchoiceproduct Rabbit Hutch

 Wooden Chicken Coop Poultry Cage Backyard Hen House Rabbit Hutch

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Here is a rabbit hutch that will provide a rustic look to your backyard. Good for rabbits, chickens or other small pets, this wood frame rabbit hutch is durable.

Standing 83″*28″*52″h, you get an elevated interior house with enough outside space for your rabbit to exercise. One unique feature included in this unit is the hinged box. You can either collect eggs or store your rabbit accessories or food inside.

Along with the hinged box, there are at least 3 doors, one sliding. These all have slid bolt locks and provide great access to your pets. Waterproof, anti-termite this unit is also made from environmentally friendly materials.

The wire mesh ensures that enough ventilation is provided to your pet while keeping them safe from predators.

3. Petsfit Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

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Rabbits are cute, no matter what anyone says. They deserve a cute home to live in. This uniquely designed rabbit hutch has two floors and a planter for added cuteness.

The asphalt shingle roof not only keeps the ran out, it doubles as an access door. The three access doors have very secure slide bolt locks. Even though the upstairs/ downstairs design measures 31.5″ x 26″ x 46″, there is still plenty of room to run.

All construction materials used are safe for your special pet. For added convenience, there is also an upstairs/ downstairs removable tray.

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2. TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch

TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run

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Unique features are what set the best apart from the rest. This split-level rabbit hutch comes with an easy access attic. This attic will hold all your pet’s accessories and food.

If you need more space in the living section, the attic floor is removable. 4 access doors plus a hinged roof provide all the gates you need to get to your pet. Sliding locks keep your pets safe from predators and hinder escape.

The non-slip ramp, sliding plastic trays and waterproof look complete the look of this outdoor rabbit hutch. There is also enough ground floor space for rabbit exercise times. The 78.2 x 36.5 x 57.2-inch dimensions should provide enough room for 1-2 rabbits with ease.

1. Olymstore Waterproof Rabbit Hutch

Olymstore Natural Wood Color Waterproof Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch-Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

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Rabbits are part of nature. It stands to reason to put them in an all- natural looking rabbit hutch. This easy to assemble two-story hutch has a ramp that is easy to walk on.

While it doesn’t have the frills that other rabbit hutches have, its basic design still has its features. Those include two removable trays for easy cleaning, 4 access doors, and waterproof roof.

The 48.03 x 19.69 x 40.94 size is sturdy and durable. Also, it will not take up a lot of room in your backyard. The top-quality materials are easy to assemble and contribute to its stability and durability.

Because it can house more than rabbits, this unit will bring many years of service to you and your pet needs.

Some final words

Rabbits are very gentle creatures. They do not antagonize anyone, nor do they cause many problems. They deserve one of the top 10 best outdoor rabbit hutched in 2020.

All these units are easy to assemble. They provide great access for when you need to reach your pet in a hurry. They also look good in your backyard. Their construction materials ensure that your rabbit is protected from the weather and their predators.

Along with that protection, those materials are not harmful to your rabbits. They also allow you to keep your pets for their lifetime.

Which one you choose to purchase depends on your backyard design. There is a model and design that will fit any backyard theme. Just make sure you choose the one that will meet your needs. You are the one who has to live with your purchase.


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