Best OnePlus 6 Cases & Covers in 2023 Reviews

The launch of OnePlus 6 surprised its fans and tech-lovers with its great hardware and large display. This is actually a tempting bargain to try if you admire its unique design and display. Just think how embarrassing it is when you drop this expensive device on the floor. If you are careless while handling this phone then it may suffer from scratches and cracks. Now you can stay stress-free regarding the security of OnePlus 6 because the market offers a variety of compatible cases and covers. The users of this phone who are looking for different ways to customize the phone to match their personal style can pick one of the best cases and covers. Since there is a wide variety of phone covers, to remove the confusion, simply have a look at the below-discussed OnePlus 6 cases and covers:

Check Out Best One Plus 6 Cases and Covers On in 2023

7. Oneplus 6 Case, Vinve Slim Anti-Scratch Shockproof Cover Clear Hard Back Panel + TPU Bumper Protective Case for Oneplus 6 (Black) by Vinve:

 Oneplus 6 Case, Vinve Slim Anti-Scratch Shockproof Cover Clear Hard Back Panel + TPU Bumper Protective Case for Oneplus 6 (Black) by Vinve:

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The beauty of any case designed for a costly smartphone is how easily it provides access to different ports, controls, and buttons. You are guaranteed to use your Oneplus 6 with great ease without adding any extra weight. All the products manufactured by Vinve are as professional and stylish as your device. The brand is dedicated to offering the appropriate accessory to outfit your individual requirements.

  • This case for Oneplus 6 from Vinve is manufactured from an ultra-clear polycarbonate tough material for the back which is combined with the semi-flexible TPU bumpers.
  • Its exceptional design facilitates quick and simple access to every control, port, and button. The access provided is so easy that you need not remove the phone.
  • The case is dedicated to providing protection against abrasions and drops. Moreover, it also maintains a slim fit as well as low profile.
  • With the support of secure and slim fit, this case does not add much weight to this device. It is generally found that its clear see-through and ultra-slim design depicts the true beauty of Oneplus 6.
  • The back side of this cover is made clear and transparent with the use of superior quality polycarbonate material.
  • The body of this cover includes TPU bumper to provide sufficient protection from every side. This material is elastic in nature and resistant against dirt. Furthermore, it is jagged to shield the device against shocks and abrasions.
  • Its design highlights an ultra-slim silhouette which keeps this case, lightweight.
  • Vinve has made available this cover in red and black colors.

6. Oneplus 6 Case, Dretal Single Layer Rugged Heavy Duty Armor Shock Proof Case Cover For Oneplus 6 (6.3″) (Navy) by Dretal:

 Oneplus 6 Case, Dretal Single Layer Rugged Heavy Duty Armor Shock Proof Case Cover For Oneplus 6 (6.3") (Navy) by Dretal:

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The specialty that defines this heavy duty armor shockproof case from Dretal is its innovational design that offers simple and swift installation ease. Whenever you equip this case for your Oneplus 6, it is guaranteed that your device stays protected in all directions. Those OnePlus 6 users who are on a limited budget may consider buying this case to remove the distress of dropping the device.

  • Implementation of the four corners stylish anti-falling airbag design works to shield your Oneplus 6 in every direction. Thus, it avoids scratches and drops
  • Your Oneplus 6 device gets supreme protection and durability with the help of polycarbonate material.
  • Its innovational design helps to provide an instant and simplified installation that retains convenient access to all the functionalities. This includes a camera, headphone jack, button, speakers, microphone and charging port.
  • It comes with the anti-fingerprint design that does not show any marks of the fingerprint. So, its screen and body look clear always.
  • The Oneplus 6 device’s cover assumes the advanced front cover design that helps to remove the hassle of bulky weight to the phone.
  • When you start using it, you will find that the buttons and openings are all positioned in the appropriate places. Furthermore, they are covered in a brushed texture along with the presence of two carbon fiber effect panels.

5. OnePlus 6 Case, TUDIA Slim-Fit HEAVY DUTY EXTREME Protection/Rugged but Slim Dual Layer Case for OnePlus 6 (Matte Black) by TUDIA:

 OnePlus 6 Case, TUDIA Slim-Fit HEAVY DUTY [MERGE] EXTREME Protection/Rugged but Slim Dual Layer Case for OnePlus 6 (Matte Black) by TUDIA:

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Presented in appealing matter black color, the OnePlus 6 case adds an elegant look to the device along with providing protection.  The brand TUDIA assesses each element of the cases manufactured by them to find out how every feature will fulfill the expectations of the visual and functional value of their products. It is also found that the brand has good professional relationships with its manufacturers to guarantee that only the supreme quality materials are used in the manufacturing process of the products.

  • Dual layer design is implemented by the manufacturers which combine a supreme quality polycarbonate exterior layer with an improved Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) soft gel skin. This type of combination provides lightweight, sleek, and form-fitted security for your device OnePlus 6.
  • In order to ease the process of installation, the snap on design is implemented in this case.
  • The users of OnePlus 6usually demands different color options while buying the case. This case from TUDIA offers a wide assortment of colors to suit your personal style.
  • On the case, you will find lifted edges to shield the display screen from external factors like scratches and bumps. These edges protect the screen whenever the device is positioned face down and its lip presents wide compatibility with the majority of the screen protectors.
  • By the use of two layers, the cover assimilates the supreme safety benefits of a soft and hard case. It is usually found that the soft internal TPU sucks up and diffuses the shock of the majority of the drops that take place in everyday use.
  • There is the presence of highly durable polycarbonate material on the exterior that works as a shield against abrasion. This material helps to retain the smooth feel of your device
  • You will find the precision-cut cutouts that seamlessly line up with every control, button, and port. These cutouts are so accurate that they enable easy access to the speakers, camera, microphone, as well as charging port without discarding the case.

4. Oneplus 6 Case, Nillkin Qin Series Cover Durable Slim PU Leather Wallet Case for Oneplus 6 – Brown by Nillkin:

 Oneplus 6 Case, Nillkin Qin Series [Flip Up] Cover Durable Slim PU Leather Wallet Case[with Card Holder] for Oneplus 6 - Brown by Nillkin:

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For adopting an affordable Oneplus 6 case with wallet based design, you can go for this case from Nillkin. Whether you want to keep your device on the desk or want to carry it in your bag while traveling, this case works perfectly.

  • Basically, this is a slim, polyurethane wallet case that presents a minimal polycarbonate covering with huge openings provided for incessant access to all the things including buttons, ports, charging, etc.
  • This cover unwraps like a book to exhibit a single slot for safely accommodating ID card or credit card.
  • On the interior part of the body, you will find soft lining that provides safety to the device.
  • You can pick from different colors like red, black, or brown. Moreover, its metallic logo located at the bottom conveys the unique design.
  • It is due to the use of superior quality leather that this case provides a super sense of touch along with lightweight features.
  • Your device is guaranteed to obtain 360-degree protection because the cover essentially features classic flip leather-based
  • Important features such as anti-skid and dirt-proof are functional due to its delicate lining.

3. OnePlus 6 Case, Poetic Guardian [360 Degree Protection] Full-Body Rugged Clear Bumper Case for OnePlus 6 – Black by Poetic:

3. OnePlus 6 Case, Poetic Guardian [Scratch Resistant] [360 Degree Protection] Full-Body Rugged Clear Bumper Case [with Tempered Glass] for OnePlus 6 - Black by Poetic:

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Manufactured by the Poetic Guardian Series, this OnePlus 6 case is uniquely characterized by its ultra clear, jagged and hybrid bumper design that elegantly depicts your phone. You can carry your OnePlus 6 with a style whether you are going on a trip or for some professional meeting.

  • The TPU lining and bumpers on this case are resistant to impact. This type of design provides 360-degree security from drops. So, your OnePlus 6 stays protected from every angle.
  • On the front part, there is the use of polycarbonate material whereas the back is equipped with clear polycarbonate material, TPU lining and bumpers as well. The presence of TPU lining surrounding the polycarbonate case offers shock absorbing protection specifically for the corners as well as it improves grip to avert issues of sliding.
  • The case comes with a detached, tempered glass screen protector which protects the screen of the phone from dirt, dust, and abrasions.
  • Its slim profile and transparent back lets you use the case for long-term. Moreover, the original design of your OnePlus6 remains intact along with providing utmost protection.
  • To suit the professional environment, you can buy a blue colored case; else you can choose from other colors like green, pink, and black.
  • There is the scratch-resistant coating on the back side of the case which helps to showcase the device with utmost clarity.

2. OnePlus 6 Case, TopACE TPU Rubber Gel Shock-Absorption Bumper Anti-Scratch Transparent Silicone Cover for OnePlus 6 (Clear) by TopACE:

 OnePlus 6 Case, TopACE TPU Rubber Gel Shock-Absorption Bumper Anti-Scratch Transparent Silicone Cover for OnePlus 6 (Clear) by TopACE:

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There are many OnePlus6 users who are often worried about the effects of scratches, thumps and bumps to the device. Now they can get relief from such issues because this case by TopACE is uniquely designed to provide complete protection to your expensive device. Implementation of smart design indirectly implies that every function of the phone is easily accessible.

  • The arrangement of clear-cut cutouts and molding facilitates complete access to the button, port, and camera.
  • Its process of manufacturing uses silicone TPU that is soft to touch, comfortable to grip and lightweight as well.
  • An outstanding grip is provided with the help of premium matte TPU material.
  • With the usage of high-end silicone material, it is assured that you would feel soft touch, along with protecting the device in every direction.
  • When you hold your device equipped with this case, there are no occurrences of sweat. You will find it soft to touch with the help of its easy grip mechanism.
  • In case, you wish to clean this case after a few months, you can do that by the use of damp cloth.

1. Oneplus 6 Case,Asmart Resilient Shock Absorption Slim Soft TPU Bumper Cover Protective Phone Case Oneplus 6 (Blue) by ASMART:

 Oneplus 6 Case,Asmart Resilient Shock Absorption Slim Soft TPU Bumper Cover Protective Phone Case Oneplus 6 (Blue) by ASMART:

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If you are fed up with the look of your OnePlus6 then you can give it a brand new look with the use of this case by ASMART. Excellent grip and durability are some of the noteworthy aspects of this case.

  • The design of this shock absorbent cover features brushed texture appearance accompanied by carbon fiber as well as gloss detail in order to convey a smooth & secure grip.
  • As compared to other cases available in the market for this device, this case provides excellent shock absorption benefits. This is made possible with the help of flexible TPU bumper along with air buffer.
  • You will get the feel of the responsive button that provides tangible feedback. Even if the cover is used on your Oneplus 6, the touch of buttons is as if you are touching it directly.
  • This case is found compatible with the majority of the third-party screen protectors as well as many other accessories.
  • Since this cover uses jagged single-piece TPU material, it provides high durability and comprehensive protection to your device’s body.
  • The case is not at all bulky and offers sufficient coverage to make sure the front screen and rear cameras do not touch when kept on flat surfaces.
  • It is found that the case slips inside and outside of your jeans pockets with minimal resistance. There are no concerns with it slipping from the hands.
  • The arrangement of accurate cutouts provides convenient access to every function and socket.
  • For enhancing the camera and screen protection, the case comes with the lifted edges.

It is a smart choice to ensure the protection of your Oneplus 6 device with a suitable case. You can definitely try any of these cases manufactured from the top brands and they will not let you down regarding protection.