Top 10 Best Light Up Shoes in 2020

Sneakers used to boring and bland, There was no excitement to them. But technology has a way of updating the blah and bland products. Technology has made the top 10 best light up shoes possible. You can now give you and your family a little excitement in their footwear.

Light up our family’s way home with a new pair of top 10 best light up shoes in 2020. They are shoes the whole family can get a kick out of.

List of Our Top 10 Best Light Up Shoes Review

10. COODO LED Shoes

COODO Men Women Kids LED Shoes 7-Color-Lights USB Charging Light up Sneakers

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The USB compatible charger helps light up your life. A full charge will give you 7 to 8 hours of light up fun. Plus, you will get to use 7 different colors in 11 different light modes.

Then the shoes have a woven fabric upper body resting on a rubber sole. You get good traction as well as breathability for your feet. Its lace-up style keeps the shoes snug and secure. What we liked: the 11 light modes and 7 different colors.

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EIGHT KM EKM003 Women & Men LED Shoes Youth Boys Light up Shoes

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The stretchable polyester fabric upper looks more like a sock than a shoe. But it works to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Then the plastic rubber outer sole provides both tractions for you’re and protection for the LED lights.

The lights operate in 17 ways and give you 7 different colors to enjoy. A four-hour charge provides enough power for the battery to last 7 to 8 hours. What we liked: The unique design and 17 light modes.

8. LeoVera LED Shoes

LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes USB Charging Flashing Sneakers Light up Shoes for Women Men

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Light up your family’s way home with these uniquely designed LED light sneakers. A hidden switch by the charging port turns the lights on or off. One on, you get 8 to 10 hours of enjoying the different colors and multiple light modes.

One USB charge takes about 3 to 4 hours. These lace-up shoes have a fabric upper body and a rubber outer sole. You will have a hard time slipping and tripping when you wear these shoes.
What we liked: The low charging time and long battery life.

7. Electric Styles Light Up Shoes

Electric Styles Light Up Shoes - Bolt Low Top

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The synthetic materials provide the durability and strength you want in a sneaker. Then the 7 different colors provide the fun. A single charge will last for about 6 hours, then the shoe turns back into normal sneakers.

A small button changes the light colors and each light is waterproof. Be careful these shoes may run a bit small than your regular shoe size. What we liked: the waterproof lights.

6. TUTUYU Kids&Adult; Light Up Shoes

TUTUYU Kids&Adult 11 Colors LED Light Up Shoes

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These fabric and leather shoes use a Velcro closure and laces to keep them snug on your feet. Then this system sits on rubber outer soles to provide you with all the traction you expect.

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Also, a hidden switch helps you make your way through the 7 colors and 11 light modes. All it takes to get up to 11 hours of LED light is a small 2 to 3-hour charge time. What we liked: the 11 hours of battery life and Velcro closure.

5. TUTUYU Kids&Adult; LED Shoes

TUTUYU Kids&Adult 11 Colors LED Light Up Shoes High Top Flashing Sneakers For Christmas

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Made from fabric and leather, these shoes come in a variety of colors. Besides the comfort of the midsole, you get a rubber outsole to keep your feet on the ground.

Then, you get 7 colors and a multitude of light modes to keep your shoes from being boring. Any USB connected power source can recharge these sneakers. 2 to 3 hours is all you need for up to 11 hours of LED light. What we liked: A variety of power sources and leather construction.

4. TUTUYU 11 Colors LED Shoes

TUTUYU Kids&Adult 11 Colors LED Light Up Shoes High Top Flashing Sneakers For Christmas

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11 colors and 11 light modes to choose from. What is a person supposed to do? You can have hours of fun on a simple single 2 to 3-hour charge. Your shoes will light up your way home.
Then, these leather shoes can be powered by any USB compatible power source. Along with the lights, you can get traction with the rubber soles.

3. SIKELO LED Light Up Running Shoes

SIKELO LED Light Up Running Shoes USB Charging Flashing Sneakers

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The design of these shoes provides you with a look of eloquence. Then once people like them, you can light them up with the wireless remote control. You can wow people with your shoes’ 22 light modes.

The remote control works up to 5 feet away from the shoes. Plus, the rubberized soles protect the lights even if you use the shoes for jogging. Be seen in low light conditions when you light up these shoes. What we liked: the remote control.

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2. Idea Frames Fiber Optic Light Up Shoes

Idea Frames Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes For Women Men USB

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You will look stylish and wonderful with these beautifully colored fiber optic shoes. In low light conditions the fiber optic LED lights to keep you visible all the time. A hidden button controls the power to the lights.

A quick 2 to 3-hour charge is all you need to stay visible any time of the day or night. The lightweight shoe repels water. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe them clean. What we liked: The fiber optics.

1. Nsasy Single Wheel Shoes

Nsasy YCOMI Unisex Boy's Girl's LED Light up Single Wheel Double Wheel Shoes Roller Shoes Roller Sneakers-Light Up Shoes

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Besides lighting up your path home, you can take a break and ride on the single or double wheels in the heel. Because of the power cables, it is not recommended that you wear these sneakers when doing extreme workouts.

A hidden button turns the lights on or off. Then the rubber soles protect the wiring and lights while letting your feet breathe. What we liked: The roller wheels.

Some Final Words

Technology has a way of spicing up one’s life. These top 10 best light up shoes in 2020 are a small example of that ability. Put a little fun in your footwear and switch to the best of the best.