Best Kid Book Shelfs & Bookcases in 2020

It is rightly said that books are the best friends of a person. One can gain many life experiences through book reading habit. The modern-day parents are gradually getting inclined to let their kids develop book reading habits. Only book reading habits would not suffice because kids also need to learn how to keep them organized. The haphazardly placed books will make you feel confused and also deteriorates the aesthetic of surrounding. A special storage unit designed exceptionally for neatly organizing books is the bookshelf & bookcase. For kids use, these units are aesthetically designed to represent alluring appearance. In an elegant manner, all the necessary books will be clearly organized and depicted so that kids can find them effortlessly. To gift the kids with the best quality book shelfs & bookcase, go through the below products:

List of Top 12 Best Kid Book Shelfs & Bookcases in 2020 Reviews on Amazon.Com

12. Ameriwood Home Hazel Kids 4 Shelf Bookcase:

 Ameriwood Home Hazel Kids 4 Shelf Bookcase

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Parents can provoke creativity in their kids when they set up this bookcase for them. The Ameriwood Home furniture collection for kids is extensive and it is certain that you will love almost all products. It is this collection that provides a kids floor easel along with 2 methods to draw and write. Moreover, it is equipped with a kids chair and table set so that they can conveniently read, play, draw, etc. Basically, this kids’ bookcase is a 4 shelf bookcase enabling kids to store their toys, books, and other daily essentials. Taking a look at the appearance, the Hazel Kids collection is showcased in white or espresso design. Furthermore, it proves to be a decent addition to prevailing furniture. Alternatively, it can be blended as a complementary set to supplement a unique style quotient to the kids’ room.


  • Availability of a bottom bin and 4 shelves are useful for storing the belongings.
  • The curved side panels guarantee complete safety for kids aged 4 years and above.
  • The overall dimensions are 60″H X 31.5″W X 15.5″D and it weighs approximately 75.24 lbs.

11. Yescom Wood Kids Book Shelf Sling Storage Rack:

 Yescom Wood Kids Book Shelf Sling Storage Rack Organizer Bookcase Display Holder Walnut

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When the requirement arises to save the space in the surrounding yet install book storage rack for kids then go for this shelf. In simple terms, it is a wood based book storage rack presented in a compact size. In its configuration, the book storage sling pockets showcase book covers so that they can be recognized easily by young kids. There are no restrictions to the size of the book because this Yescom rack is accomplished to hold books of any size. It is easy to view books from far distance and storage facility is convenient. It would be easy to assemble and it would definitely appear cute in kids’ room.


  • The collapsible cubes design assist to save the space.
  • Manufacturing is completely done using the superior quality MDF and the nylon fabric material along with durable wood construction.
  • Kids will be defended from scratches due to the smooth cambered edges.

10. Guidecraft Wood Hand-Painted Book Display:

 Guidecraft Wood Hand-Painted Farm Friends Book Display - Themed Sling Bookshelf

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Kids will now learn how to neatly organize their books and daily essentials when you gift them this book display. For kids of any age, the books can be neatly stacked and can be easily accessed when required. The overall dimensions seem perfect and also the quality is decent enough. Generally, it happens that the setup will be finished in a few minutes. Kids will be enticed to use it due to its hand painted barnyard and cute farm animals design.


  • The book display unit boasts sufficient storage and gorgeous design.
  • Its structure showcases an attractive sling-style fabric design and spacious pouches capable to hold up to 20 books.

 9. folding book shelves 30 inch:

 book shelf book shelves 30 inch bookcase folding book shelves bookshelf

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Prepared in the modular shape with classic design, the corresponding structure of this bookshelf enables the user to prepare storage closet in many different shapes. In this way, a particular shape can be chosen according to your taste. Glancing at its construction, it is doe using durable ABS connector and superior quality PP panel. It is completely safe and eco-friendly for kids to use it. Access of the strap further enhances the protection.


  • A multi-purpose cube closet structure is represented by a total of 9 cubes. They are useful to keep kids’ clothes, shoes, books, and other essential items.
  • The considerate design is signified by its crafting process utilizing decent quality plastic panels along with a steel wire frame. Besides, this design showcases plastic connectors to enhance durability and convey a waterproof feature.
  • A total load of up to 10lbs can be withstood to fulfill your everyday storage needs.

8. Fantasy Fields – Cracked Rose Bookcase:

 Fantasy Fields - Cracked Rose Thematic Kids Wooden Bookcase

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The crackled rose bookcase from Fantasy Field is essentially a chic Hutch bookcase. It is intended to offering a total of 3 shelves arrangement for storing books, picture frames, toys, and other items. At the base, there is a practical storage area, concealed by white & pink picket fence design along with 2 adorable knobs. Any playroom or kids’ room will be uniquely adorned by the setup of this elegant bookcase. Any kids aged 3 years and above can conveniently access this rose bookcase.


  • Assembly is not difficult and it is simple to put together.
  • Easy access is facilitated to access books and other items kept inside.
  • There is an anchor fastened to the wall so kids could not pull it down on their own.
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7. Whitmor Kid’s Book Organizer:

 Whitmor Kid’s Toy Storage - 12 Easy Clean Bins

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To make the most of the available space, shelves prove to be a simple and affordable approach. They assist to create a neat organization of daily essentials and generate an open airy feel. The Whitmor book organizer for kids allows you to keep things in close access whenever required. Its structure is essentially a 12-bin, 4-tiered toy organizer showcasing 4 8 tiny toy bins and double-size toy bins.

Generally, this book organizer rack is highly beneficial for the storage of crayons, books, toys, and more. Even big sized toys can be conveniently stored in its spacious construction. The bins of the toy storage conveniently fit amongst the two rods. Thus, they face outwards to provide your toddlers with convenient access to toys. If your child is 3 years of age or above then this book rack is perfect.


  • The colored bins will be easily held by the sturdy, wood frame.
  • It comes with easy assembly and does not need extra tools.
  • You may clean the entire 4 tier organizer structure by using a damp cloth and mild soap.

 6. AmazonBasics Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer:

 AmazonBasics Kids' Toy Storage Organizer

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Not only playtime but even cleanup would be fun-filled with this book storage organizer. The choice of colorful bins in a wide range of sizes makes kids feel enthusiastic about organizing their books or toys. Now you can add a colorful display to your organizational system through this jolly toy storage shelf. Based on the color, the plastic bins could be easily assigned to every child or the toy type. There would be no problems while placing and removing the books on its tiered shelving system. A natural wood appearance is exhibited through the bins available in 4 different colors -red, green, yellow, and blue.


  • Its composite wood frame comes with 25 lb capacity and it is reinforced with steel rods to provide stability.
  • This AmazonBasics organizer offers convenient access to toys and also keeps them organized.
  • The anchors are attached to the wall for safety.

 5. Sauder 415541 Beginnings 3-Shelf Bookcase:

 Sauder 415541 Beginnings 3-Shelf Bookcase, L: 24.57" x W

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Those parents looking to gift a typical bookshelf to their kids can go for this 3-shelf bookcase. Essentially, Sauder prepared it in three-step design with broad storage compartments. Every single compartment is capable to hold books and other storage essentials. It is showcased in a back panel enclosure that makes sure no items fall off.


  • The included three spacious shelves offer a sufficient amount of space for storage and display. In these storage shelves, you can keep a wide range of diverse things like storage bins, stacks of books, shoes, etc.
  • Its two s shelves are adjustable, so it provides the ability to shift them to diverse heights. In this way, it would prepare flexible storage options to accommodate items of all sizes and shapes.

 4. Kidkraft Nantucket 2-shelf Bookcase – White:

 Kidkraft Nantucket 2-shelf Bookcase

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The significant qualities associated with the configuration of this white bookcase are two spacious shelves, an arched top, and an attractive wainscoting detail. Those parents intending to organize the kids’ accessories in a practical manner can try out this 2-shelf bookcase. The overall structure is well-built due to its sturdy wood; this wood material is well-finished with alluring non-toxic color. This version of Kidkraft bookcase is ideal for kids aged 3 years and above. Customers highly praise its versatile white finish capable to adorn the appearance of kids’ room. All the necessary assembly instructions are included to let you accomplish the setup successfully.

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  • The subtle wainscoting-style paneling supplements a beautiful charm to the bookcase’s structure.
  • Use of the sturdy wood construction guarantees you years of use.
  • The two deep shelves are ideal for storing books, picture frames, toys, and more.

 3. Homfa Kids Book Rack Storage Sling:

 Homfa Kids Book Rack Storage Sling Bookshelf Toy Display for Children

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Being multipurpose, this kids’ book storage rack offers convenient access to books. So, any kids who are 3 years or above can easily access the items stored inside. There will be a positive enhancement in the organization and reading skills in kids.  High practicality and elegant design allure the attention of kids. Its innovative design enables the stored books to be showcased in the front or back, so children can recognize them easily. If there is limited space in the kids’ room, parents can set up this book storage rack in the corner of the room.


  • Homfa utilized superior quality MDF and polyester fabric material to enhance the durability of the whole setup.
  • Its space-saving design appears adorable and would not occupy extra space in the room.
  • The vivid color design would entice the attention of children and allows them to neatly arrange their books.

2. Naomi Home Kids Toy Sling Bookrack:

 Naomi Home Kids Toy Sling Bookrack Espresso

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A highly practical bookrack unit, its innovative design facilitates the books display either at the front or back.  This kind of unique structure simplifies the recognition of books for kids. The entire unit stands at the perfect height so that toddlers can easily find their favorite book. You will perceive that this multipurpose bookrack sling facilitates convenient access to kids aged 3 years and above. Furthermore, there will be a positive improvement in reading and organizational skills. Book organization would be turned into a fun-filled activity due to its multicolor and playful design.


  • The Naomi Home bookrack is made sturdy utilizing the superb quality engineered wood. Moreover, the durable soft fabric makes sure the books do not get damaged.
  • Due to its lightweight yet durable configuration, it is easy to haul from one room to another.
  • To perfectly complement any decor, the rack is made available in 3 unique finishes of natural white or espresso.

1. Tot Tutors Kids Book Rack Storage Bookshelf:

 Tot Tutors Kids Book Rack Storage Bookshelf - Kid Book Shelfs

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When books are displayed with covers forward, children can easily identify them. Keeping this aspect in mind, Tot Tutors designed this book rack for easy identification. Its structure provokes organization and reading skills in the minds of little ones. The corresponding space-saving design seems impeccable for neat book storage in kids’ room, living room, playroom or nursery.


  • There are a total of 5 deep, fabric sling sleeves in order to sufficiently hold books of any size.
  • Its well-built engineered wood construction is found to be simple to assemble and there are no cleaning hassles.

Concluding Note:

The neat organization virtue can be enriched in the toddler’s minds right from an early age through these bookcases. Along with neatly organizing the items, kids will find utmost joy while accessing the books and other items kept inside.