Top 13 Best Glass Electric Kettles in 2019

Now that the winter months are upon us don’t you just want to curl up on your couch with a blanket, fuzzy socks, and warm cup of coffee or tea? Waiting for your water to boil can be a pain especially if you’re using a microwave to heat it one cup at a time. Even stove top kettles can take a long time to heat up and half the time you’re just guessing how hot it is before pouring. A glass electric tea kettle can eliminate how time consuming boiling water can be but there’s so many to choose from how do you know whats right for you? Below are the top thirteen glass electric kettles of the year.

List of Top 13 Best Glass Electric Kettles in 2019

#13 Cafe Brew Collection WK112

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This stove top kettle is made of heat resistant borosilicate glass and can hold up to twelve cups total. You can wash it in the top rack of your dishwasher and it comes with a drip-free whistling lid. This tea kettle is better suited for warming water rather than boiling large quantities as the lid is plastic and if left on high heat it can melt after a few weeks of use. Because it is a glass container having it on extremely high heat for hours at a time may cause it to crack.

#12 Chef’s Choice 680 Cordless Electric Glass Teakettle.

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An electric tea kettle with the convenience of being placed anywhere in the kitchen due to it’s lack of cord and can hold up to 1-3/4 of water total. With 1500 watts of power this kettle boils water quicker than a stove top or microwave and once the water is at a boil it shuts off automatically. Cordless function only pertains to the kettle itself the heat source must be plugged in but you can easily refill multiple cups once the water reaches its potential heat.

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#11 Russel Hobbs Glass Electric Kettle.

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The Russel Hobbs kettle has a smooth, modern build and aesthetic with cooling blue lights beneath the surface to create an enchanting display to look while the water is boiling. It comes with a removable and washable filter and a streamline pour spout to stop any spills. The outside casing is made of plastic so handle it gently if it is a product you’re going to use often. This kettle is a great investment for anyone who uses a lot of hot water for cooking, making drinks, and entertaining.

#10 Royal 1.7 Cordless Electric Kettle.

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The royal electric tea kettle has a slip-resistant handle much thicker than other tea kettles we’ve talked about so far and is BPA free. The kettle lights up blue when it’s on to ensure you won’t accidentally leave the kettle on for hours at a time. It holds 50oz total and allows you to pre-set custom temperatures. This kettle is great for low use and is not built to sustain frequent heavy usage over a long period of time. If you’re a casual tea or instant coffee drinker this kettle might be right for you.

#9 Capresso H20 Plus Glass Water Kettle.

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Taking elemental designs from Victorian tea kettles this electric kettle adds a modern twist while keeping the elegance of it’s origin. Once water hits its boiling point it automatically shuts itself off and can boil up to six cups of water in six minutes with the ability to keep it warm for thirty minutes. With the press of a button the pour spout opens allowing you more control in case the kettle is bumped or tipped on accident. Due to its design it is rather heavy when full and the outside rim is made of plastic which can warp over time in extreme heat.

#8 Ovente BPA-Free Glass Kettle.

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A kettle that can boil 1.5 liters of water in seven minutes made with stain-resistant glass and illuminated with blue LED lights this kettle is made for people who need their hot water quickly. The kettle is cordless and its heating element is concealed to match the glossy black aesthetic of the whole kettle. Not only does the kettle shut off when boiled if there is no water in the kettle the entire heating element shuts off too. This is another kettle that will not last much if you plan on using it multiple times a day. Casual use is best suited for this kettle.

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#7 Hamilton Beach Variable Temperature Glass Kettle.

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With one touch you can set six different temperatures on the handle and keep the water warm for up to thirty minutes. Holds up to 1.7 liters of water at a time with automatic shut off and a cordless kettle to make serving a group much easier. Easy to read buttons on the handle to keep warm, boil, and open the spout making accidents less likely to occur during pour. Good for multiple daily use and serving large groups.

#6 Molla Puro Cordless Kettle.

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A quiet tea kettle that boils water in under five minutes. The design is more modular than other kettles leaving little room for stains and things to fester in the crevices. The spout and upper rim is made of metal so there is no chance of it warping like kettles with plastic spouts but the metal will get hot to touch. The metal bottom of the kettle may be subject to rust after constant usage. The design is better suited for casual use and not holding standing water over long periods of time.

#5 Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Kettle.

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Another Hamilton Beach kettle but this kettle is a simplified version of the previous. One setting rather than multiple and perfect for the casual tea or coffee drinker when temperature doesn’t matter. Boils quickly and auto-shuts off when the water is at its desired boiling temperature. The shut off happens rather quickly though so if you’re not paying attention you may have to reheat the water a second time.

#4 Hario V60″ Clear Glass Range Coffee Server.

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A heat resistant kettle that can be put in the dishwasher and microwave. This server is great for single cups and for people who like to make their own drip coffee with an eccentric aesthetic twist to the design. The glass is heat resistant and keeps coffee warm for up to thirty minutes. Easy to store or place on your counter in the mornings it’s great for single use. If you’re wanting to serve a large group of people this server will not hold enough and will require multiple brews that can be time consuming.

#3 Tribest GKD-450 Raw Tea Kettle.

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This kettle has a variety of pre-sets depending on what you’re making. Coffee, tea, green tea, or just warm for a tea refill. Without choosing a preset the Raw kettle will set your water at 115 degrees Fahrenheit and keep it warm with it’s double glass kettle that also keeps out any plastic and helps stop burns from happening when in contact with skin. The white design adds a bit of different flare to the usual glass and black combo with its buttons on a larger base rather than the handle. It can hold up to 1.7 liters of water at once but does not have an extremely long lifespan.

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#2 Zeppoli Electric Kettle.

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A BPA-free and cordless glass kettle with a boil time of 6 minutes maximum and can hold up to 1.7 liters. The handle is anti-slip and heat resistant. The automatic shut off gives you thirty seconds to grab the kettle at its highest boiling point before it turns off. To turn it on you simply press the button on the heating base and wait a few minutes for your water. The lid can pose problems because of its large flap up top that may swing open when tipped over while pouring.

#1 French Press Coffee Maker.

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A double stainless steel filter ensures no coffee grounds or other unworldly things get into your freshly brewed coffee with this french press. The entire press is made of stainless steel to keep it looking shiny and protect it from rust. It is BPA free and can hold up to eight cups of coffee, tea, or cold brew. Heat resistant glass keeps it warm for a period of time, and the press can be easily taken apart for a good cleaning. If you’re an avid coffee or tea drinker this press is worth the investment.

Don’t spend this winter microwaving tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Or even worse watching a pot of water boil. There’s bound to be one or two or maybe three options on this list that will enhance your winter experience. Warm up on those snowy days with a quick-boil kettle or a delicious, freshly made cup of drip coffee to warm your bones. Having a decent tea kettle or press if you’re a heavy coffee or tea drinker is a great investment that will help you and your family survive multiple winters for years to come.

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