Best Digital Calendar Clocks in 2020

As we are nearing the end of a busy, yet great year of 2020 it is time to review the best and worst products from the year. Amazon sells many different products and has shown a great variety of product since it’s original goal of only selling books in 1990. We are now fortunate enough to have many different products and many different reviews and trustworthy feedback from every product on the market. This year we want to focus on the top ten best digital calendar day clocks available on We have narrowed down our list and want to share with you which ones we feel are the best choices for you whether it be a Christmas gift or simply an addition to your own home.

List of Best Digital Calendar Clocks in 2020 Reviews

10. Large LCD Digital Bedroom Alarm Clock

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This Large screen LCD Digital Bedroom Alarm Clock is great for heavy sleepers and people that need large print in order to see. It has a 9×6 inch display screen that displays the time, date, day and even temperature very largely and easily visible making this a great clock for anyone that may not wear their glasses to bed and have trouble seeing in the morning and at night. Another positive of this calendar clock is that it has a battery back up which is really great in the event of a power outage or some other interruption in power to the clock to be sure you will wake up in time. The only con I can see with this particular product is it does not come with batteries included which is very common with products like this.

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9. Marathon Commercial Grade Atomic Clock

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The Marathon brand commercial clock is another really great calendar clock that tops our charts from Amazon. This clock is great because it comes in eight different colors, it has adjustable settings that are easy to use, and it uses multiple display modes for a more customizable product. Unlike the Large LCD Digital Bedroom Alarm clock, this clock has batteries included as well making it the whole package. The only downfall I can see with this product is that it is a little more on pricey than some of the other digital clocks sold on Amazon.

8. Extra Large Digital Display Clock

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The Extra Large Digital Display Clock is the perfect product for the senior community or people who have trouble seeing. The print is not only extra large but is in a very bold black color making it even easier on the eyes. Another great thing about this clock is that it has an auto adjustable light dimming option that will automatically dim at 7 pm and bright back up at 7 am. Again, the price is a little higher than some of the other clocks on amazon but the large print and quality of product it is definitely worth it.

7. Dayclox Digital Calendar Clock

best digital calendar clocks in 2020

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The Dayclox digital calendar clock was designed for people with memory loss, and certainly does a great job at it’s purpose. It uses a high resolution LCD screen with clearly visible date and times in their entirety rather than using abbreviations as people with dementia, Alzheimer or memory loss have difficulty interpreting abbreviations sometimes. This clock does require an AC adapter and does not have a battery back up in place which is the only downfall I can see with this overall great product.

6. Mooas Mini White LED Clock

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The Mooas Mini White LED Clock is different than the others in that it has an LED screen rather than an LCD screen making it more simple and less bright. It is great because it is priced at a very reasonable price but delivers most of the same features as the rest. There are two different display modes that can be utilized and the date and time as well as temperature, although not displayed largely on the front screen, can be added and adjusted accordingly.

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5. Raynic Digital Clock

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The Raynic Digital Clock is another really great choice for anyone looking to get a reliable alarm clock with a calendar as well. It has an 11.5 inch LED display that has five different levels and light options and modes and it is also a multi-functional use with different display settings for each individual person whom may want to customize it to their liking. Another really great option that this alarm clock has is that it has three different alarm settings so that both you and your partner can actually share this alarm even if you get up at different times of the day. It is also very easy to use, it has two usb ports and a 30 day return policy in case you aren’t completely satisfied with it. The only con I see to this clock is that the buttons do seem to be a bit on the small side making it difficult to set at night or in the dark.

4. Marathon Travel Alarm Clock

digital calendar clocks

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The Marathon travel sized alarm clock makes the list as one of the best calendar clocks on Amazon because it is the only option that is portable yet also has many different, desirable features. Although it is smaller and more compact it has all of the same features such as date, time and calendar options that you would need in an alarm clock. It has an adjustable stand that allows for it to fold up when not in use but be standing up right when needed. It runs on batteries and batteries only, great for the portable use of it, and comes equipped with one full set of batteries included. The only downfall to this product in my opinion is that being a travel size makes it smaller all together and therefore the print on the screen can only get so large. However this is a great gift idea for a traveling teen, or a family that likes to go camping a lot.

3. Aomago Alarm Clock

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The Aomago alarm clock is another really solid choice if your shopping for alarm clocks because it has dual screens, one for each different platform a calendar and the clock. This screen is a decent size with multiple different lighting options, a loud alarm that will wake even the soundest of sleepers and it operates on battery power so there is no risk for power outages to disrupt your alarm system. This clock is also very classy in appearance and can be used in your bedroom, at your office or even in the kitchen. The only con I see with this product is that it only has a few different options and is less customizable than some of the other products on the list.

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2. American Lifetime Day Clock

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The American Lifetime day clock is great for it’s screen size and visual appearance. It has an elegant faux wooden border to look classy yet functional and the screen and print of the numbers is made large enough for both the elderly and visually impaired. It comes in more than ten different colors and designs and clearly labels the full day of the week and month without using abbreviations. The other good thing about this alarm clock is that if you don’t like it or if it wasn’t what you were expecting you have a full year to return it for a full refund. The only con to this clock is that it appears to not be able to automatically adjust for daylight savings time even though it is said to be a smart clock.

1. Large Alarm Clock for Bedroom, Calendar Day Clock

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Ringing in at number one on our list of digital alarm clocks with calendars is the Large Alarm Clock for Bedroom, Calendar Day Clock. This alarm clock comes equipped with a large 11.5 inch screen, dual USB ports, multiple different alarm settings and a battery power back up for in case of a power outage emergency. The screen has adjustable back lighting so you can adjust it for the dark or light and it has easy to use alarm modes to not only be used to wake you up in the morning but for reminders and notifications. The only con to this product in my opinion is the actual appearance of it, although it has a nice sleek black finish, it is a little modern and could be described as ordinary and not unique.

So as you peruse Amazon for a digital alarm clock and calendar take these top ten options into consideration and choose the one that fits what you need best. Whether it be a gift for mom or an addition to your bedroom night stand for yourself all of these options have potential to fit the bill. So wake up, smell the coffee and do so with one of these excellent Digital Calendar clocks of 2020!