Top 10 Best Chalkboards in 2020 Reviews

Children love to draw for some reason they think drawing on the walls is a good thing. Parents do not share that view. Fortunately, there is a solution that will make parents happier. You have many choices to choose such as mini chalkboards or large chalkboards, Here are The top 10 best chalkboards in 2020 can replace your walls as a canvas.

If you are not sure which of the best of the best to buy, just keep reading. Our review is designed to give you the information you need to make a smart purchase. Soon your child will be drawing on the chalkboard and not the walls.

List of  Top 10 Best Chalkboards Reviews in 2020

10. Vogue Carpenter Coavas Multi-Purpose Chalkboard

Coavas Multi-Purpose Chalkboard Contact Paper Wall Decals

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Your child can use it as a canvas. Adults can use it to send messages, plan a menu or leave your loved one a romantic note. The self-adhesive chalkboard can be attached to just about any smooth surface.

If you do not like the drawing or need to change a message, then just wipe it clean and let your child start all over. plus, another good feature is that it is not permanent and you can remove or move it anytime you want. Plus, you can always trim it to fit in a custom spot.

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9. Board Dudes 17″ x 23″ Chalk Board

Chalk Board with Oak Style Frame

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As you can see, it is not very large, but it will protect your walls. This is a true blackboard and comes with a nice oak frame to offset the black color. The board is made of plastic and comes with its own mounting hardware.

You can mount it to almost any wall, either horizontally or vertically doesn’t matter. When the board is full, just wipe it clean with a wet cloth or eraser will do and It works well with white or colored chalk.

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8. VersaChalk Rustic Wooden Framed Standing Chalkboard (Chalkboard Restaurant, framed chalkboards)

Rustic Wooden Framed Standing Chalkboard Sign

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If you own a quaint little restaurant or gift shop, this chalkboards with stands 10 x 7-inch chalkboard will fit right in. The tripod leg system gives the chalkboard stability and the steel design gives the board durability.

The rustic frame provides some charm to any room it is placed. You can use liquid chalk markers or chalk. The black background highlight almost any color you choose to use. Because it is made of steel, the chalkboard can double as a magnetic bulletin board and versatility is always a good idea.

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7. Board Dudes Magnetic Chalk Board

Board Dudes Magnetic Chalk Board Wood Style Frame

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This 18” x 22” chalkboard has a great wood frame and can mount just about anywhere. The magnetic feature allows it to be versatile and used for notes, memos, important papers and more.

These chalkboards are not just for kids. Adults can use them for their needs as well. But we are sure your kids will get lots of fun doodling on this chalkboard. You can also use the magnetic board to display any fridge magnets or other magnetic collections you may have.

All the mounting hardware is enclosed, and the board is good with white or colored chalk, etc.

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6. VersaChalk Porcelain Steel Wall Mounted Chalkboard

Porcelain Steel Magnetic Wall Mounted Chalkboard

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Made of porcelain steel, this durable wood framed chalkboard will not fade. It will not scratch or dent either. The 17.3 x 11.5 x 1.1-inch board can be mounted to just about any wall and the wood frame is damage resistant and will last for years.

This chalkboard is designed to handle any heavy-duty use your child throws its way. But this chalkboard is not just for kids. Adults can be creative when they use it for any number of purposes and It is easy to clean by just use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. No ghosting either.

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5. MyGift Rustic Style Wood Framed Erasable Blackboard

Rustic Style Wood Framed Erasable Blackboard

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Size does not matter in most cases. Sometimes you just need small chalkboards to write small messages. This 25.25″ x 12.75″ x 0.5″ chalkboard can also be attached to almost any wall.

You can see it for weekly menus, specials, or as a memo pad. The easy to clean surface ( a little soap and water) will erase previous messages with ease. One drawback is that it is not designed to work with liquid chalk markers and another missing feature is that this chalkboard is not magnetic. It is a true chalkboard.

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4. MyGift Vintage Wall Mounted Brown Wood Framed Chalkboard

Vintage Wall Mounted Brown Wood Framed Chalkboard Sign

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The rustic wood frame seems to be ‘in’ this year. A little larger than other chalkboards 3’ x 2’ approx., your child has lots of room to be the next Picasso and You can use chalk or liquid chalk markers with this unit.

One drawback is that this board is not magnetic. But that is okay, you can mount it almost anywhere you want. Either horizontally or vertically, it is your choice. The backboard is not slate but made of plastic for longevity and easy use and the wood frame should fit in with almost any bedroom or house décor.

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3. Loddie Doddie Premium Surface Magnetic Chalk Board

Rustic Wood Premium Surface Magnetic Chalk Board

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The claim is that it will never stain, never ghost and erases every time. Those are great features for this 18 x 22-inch chalkboard. Not only can this be used to provide positive reinforcement for your child. You can use it for adult things.

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The magnetic feature allows you to use it as a memo pad, message board, collection display rack or whatever you want to use it for.

Like other chalkboards, you can hang it horizontally, vertically and on just about any wall surface you own. Also, it can be used with wet or dry chalk and wipes clean with a damp cloth.

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2. XBoard Magnetic Framed Chalkboard

XBoard 48 x 36 Inch Magnetic Framed Chalkboard

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Surrounded by a metal frame, this 48 x 36-inch chalkboard will provide plenty of space for your child’s artwork and It comes with its own removable chalk tray, is hard to scratch and 2 magnetics so, the chalk tray can mount to any of the 4 sides.

The aluminum frame has no sharp edges to hurt your kid and the all the hardware is included for easy placement on your walls. Fully magnetic, it has a 2-year limited warranty protecting it and
It works for adults as well.

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1. Master of Boards Black Magnetic Chalk Board

Black Magnetic Chalk Board-Chalkboards

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The aluminum frame surrounds the all vinyl drawing surface and measures 32″ x 44″. It will work with standard white and colored chalk, pin magnets, blackboard markers and other office board equipment.

The durable and scratch-resistant board is easy to wipe off, easy to mount, and a removable chalk tray. Besides drawing, you can use this board to help your child do their homework.
Once the work is done, a quick wipe and the board is ready for playtime.

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Quick Buyer’s Guide to Buying Chalkboards

When one goes and buy something as simple as buying a Chalkboard, one would think it would be just as easy as purchasing a cup or a glass of some sort for drinking. Something that you would not have to put any real thought too. You just see in the store and buy it, well maybe ensure that you measure where the chalkboard would go. It is not an art to buying a chalkboard, one would just to do some research that here are various types of chalkboards. Knowing that they last a pretty long time once one bought one, but the question is when one goes to buy one would one to purchase, what is the better type or style should be bought, which one would be a better. Not a lot people think about the fact that a chalkboard could be around for awhile and do not have to worry too much about the length of time that one could have a chalkboard on the wall in the house. What one does not think about is what has to be done when getting a chalkboard to ensure that everything is doe correctly will make sure that once the board is bought it will work out well no matter if it being put in home, meeting room or a school.

First you will have to choose what style of chalkboard would be wanted let’s say the kitchen, since that is the room where everyone sometimes gathers. One may want a small chalkboard or a large one; should the chalkboard have something unique about it that shows how one’s style is like maybe one shaped in a butterfly. Researching the styles of the chalkboards may come in may take a little time but is not impossible. A chalkboard has some advantages and disadvantages to being purchased, chalkboards have dimensions that would be helpful in measuring it and making sure it would fit in the area on the wall that I will hang on or the corner that it stands. There particular attributes to a chalkboard that makes a great thing to have access to in one’s home.

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The advantages to having a chalkboard are:

  • They easily erasable
  • Simple to Clean
  • Writing and reading is simple
  • They are durable and, in a way, not easily broken

And other advantages that come with having the chalkboard and using them for what they are used for.

Chalkboards are also considered to have some disadvantaged that comes with having a chalkboard like:

  • They make dust
  • Affects people’s allergies and upper respiratory conditions
  • They make hands dry
  • The dust from the chalkboard is really damaging to electronics.

And there are other disadvantages to having a chalkboard that may make it difficult for someone to owns a chalkboard. It may be considering a little messy but would not be hard to do.

One would have to consider the dimensions that are offered when buying chalkboards and displaying them in in particular areas in a room. The standard size of a chalkboard sometimes ranges from two-feet by three-feet to four-feet by sixteen-feet. They can be bigger or smaller in stature but are still able to be used in the way that it is expected for. One would have to think about if they would like to one that is mounted on the wall or would be better to have one that is freestanding where it can just be pushed against a wall to be out of the way. Pondering the thoughts about the best way to setup the chalkboard, because keeping in mind that if the chalkboard is bought to use in a house one would have to think about the fact that the chalkboard would have a permanent place in the home and that the permanent place is fees able.

There somethings one doesn’t really think about when buying a chalkboard like the frame, the care, the accessories that go with the board, so that writing, and drawing can be done. There is some thought that goes into purchasing a chalkboard and all that would be need like the frame is mainly for the decor of the room that the chalkboard would be setup in. The chalkboards can have wooden, plastic, and metal with this will ensure easy cleanup of the chalk dust that will accumulate over days pass. One would just have to be able to work out the little kinks that come from the purchase of the chalkboard, along with taking the time to keep taking care of the board and the accessories. The erasers should be replaced every so often to aid in the wiping of the board when erasing. Cloths or sponges should be bought as well, so board can be washed and cleaned thoroughly. It works.

Some final words

Protecting your walls from your child’s creative tendencies has never been easier. With one of these top 10 best chalkboards in 2020, you can positively reinforce certain art behavior.

But as you can see, these chalkboards are not just for children. Adults can use them too. The top 10 best chalkboards in 2020 are versatile, sturdy, and decorative (decorative chalkboards
. Since they mount almost anywhere, there is a convenient spot in your home.

They are also designed to enhance and not clash with your home’s décor. Just remember that not all of these boards are magnetic or use liquid chalk markers. Double check what these boards can do before you buy.


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