Top 12 Best Bunkie Boards in 2019 Reviews

Sleep is one of the most crucial factors and there has been a great concern in recent time due to the inadequate sleep. With increasing workloads and social media exposures, people of different age groups are not getting enough sleep. When the appropriate sleep setup is prepared, an individual may be enticed to leave all such distractions and take sufficient sleep.  There are certain bed accessories that interact with your mattress in order to offer an enhanced sleep experience. It is a feasible option to try one of the superb mattress accessories i.e. Bunkie boards. Basically, they work interactively with your bed requiring extra support or a solid surface in order to fully optimize their properties. Generally, such accessories are positioned beneath the bed to provide increased support to your mattresses and foam. Taking a look at the below Bunkie boards will clear your confusion regarding which one to go for:

List of Top 12 Best Bunkie Boards in 2019 Reviews on Amazon.Com

12. 2-Inch Fully Assembled Split Foundation Bunkie Board:

 Continental Sleep, 2-Inch Fully Assembled Split Foundation Bunkie Board

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When you intend to provide a significant lift to your bed for attaining comfortable sleep, this 2-inch Bunkie board is the best. The offered lift would not add much height and yet provides convenient support. Basically, this Bunkie board serves as a decent alternative for a box spring. This is because box springs are extremely high for day beds. It is this assembled board that is sufficiently sturdy to be used directly on the bed frame. Whenever a mattress is directly laid on planks or metal spring, it is certain that the mattress would possess the propensity to rip or descend. Such incidences can be avoided by using this Bunkie board.


  • A solid surface foundation is provided for any platform beds, daybeds, and bunks.
  • Its working mechanism would supplement support to the mattress and would retain the mattress in proper shape. Henceforth, it would prolong the life of your mattress.
  • Firm bottom support is offered and it also elevates up to the mattress for approximately 2 inches.
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11. Spinal Solution Fully Solid Wood Set:

 Spinal Solution Fully Solid Wood Set of Two 1.5-Inch Foundation Bunkie Boards, Twin Size

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The night rest is significant and the same can be enhanced by adding firm support to any type of bed. This, in turn, would provide proper back support, reduction in fatigue, proper blood flow, and proper spine alignment. A solid surface foundation is presented in order to let it work for any platform beds. After its setup, it would maintain the stability and shape of the mattress. Taking a look at its measurements, they are 74 inches (L) x 38 (W) x 1.5 (H) inches; also, it just weights 10 lbs.


  • Once set up, it would not move beneath your mattress. This is due to the fact that the board would offer uniform support to reduce back stiffness and provide restful night sleep.By gliding it beneath the bed, your mattress would feel supportive, fresh and firm.
  • Use of the stitch bond fabric material would support a heavy load. You can use 2 adjacent boards to fit the mattress.

10. DMI Folding Bunkie Bed Board for Mattress Support:

DMI Folding Bunkie Bed Board for Mattress Support

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Every Bunkie boards in the market are not made folding but this one is made in a foldable design. This Bunkie bed board for mattress support would enhance the sleep by incorporating proper firm support to the bed. Its regular use will facilitate you with improved back support, excellent spine alignment, and uniform blood flow. A supportive base is presented to upkeep a polished look. Since it does not use the box spring, it would take up less space and would not add much height.  Presence of the space around the edges provides enhanced support. Weighing just 12.2 pounds, this folding Bunkie board is easy to carry around.


  • The foldable functionality is found simple to carry and stow.
  • Its folding sections would line up with hospital beds to allow the board to offer firm support. There would be no compromise in the bed’s potential to elevate or lower down.
  • There would be no hurdles to prolong the life of a sagging mattress by just gliding it amid the box spring and mattress.

9. Signature Sleep 5562096 Ultra Steel Bunkie Board:

 Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board with Premium Metal Frame Design

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To attain restful night sleep, a compact yet the solid surface foundation is essential for any platform beds or bunks or daybeds. The steel Bunkie board from the Signature Sleep fulfills this requirement. Prepared out of premium metal enclosed in a quilted, polyester fabric, it is quite simple to assemble the board. So, firm and proper support are provided to any mattress. It is known that Signature Sleep offers this board in two size options i.e. twin size or full-size. Choosing any of these options would guarantee perpetual comfort and durability for restful sleep.


  • High durability is offered through its premium metal frame construction.
  • Its versatility allows it to be applied for platform beds, daybeds with supportive slat system, and daybeds.
  • The built-in cover is made heavy-duty to uniformly disperse the weight.
  • Its overall finish appears elegant in any bedding system.

8. Acme 02529 Twin Bunkie Board:

 Acme 02529 Twin Bunkie Board

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There are some individuals who intend to use a Bunkie board of twin size. For such requirements, this twin Bunkie board is an excellent choice and it would function exclusively with any mattress or platform. Also, it would appropriately retain your box spring and in the correct alignment. Its overall mechanism would boost the life cycle of bed. Nearly all sort of beddings is appropriately fitted with the size of this Bunkie board.

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  • It often happens that footboard and headboard serve you with reliable support and this twin Bunkie Board would secure such boards.
  • Its manufacturing is done using plywood and veneer. These materials would enhance the strength of the slat to fit larger weight without any issues of ripping.
  • Weighing only 21 pounds, it is convenient to carry.

 7. Crest Relief Dreamax 2 in. Bunkie Board:

 Crest Relief Dreamax 2 in. Bunkie Board Foundation

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The present model of the 2 inch Bunkie board foundation would offer the required strength and durability. The comfort provided resembles the three-layered quilting. Obtainable in the standard bed sizes, this Crest Relief Bunkie board is enclosed with non-woven gray fabric. The corresponding brand Furniture of America is well-known to provide exceptional and reliably designed furniture. You can make the selection based on your size requirements. Use of superior quality fabric will indirectly boost the comfort.


  • This Cushy Drive Dreamax bed board comes in the size of 75 x 39 x 2 inches, so it would conveniently fit beneath the bed.
  • The offered stability enhances the support over your bunk bed.
  • It feels soft when used due to the multi-needle quilt fabric and knit fabric.

 6. Classic Brands Standard Solid Wood Bed Support Slats:

 Classic Brands Standard Solid Wood Bed Support Slats

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The bed support slat styled Bunkie board is purposely designed to offer proper support while you sleep. It provides uniform weight allocation for your new mattress. In most cases, it proves to be a superb alternative to the usual foundation for daybeds, bunk beds, and platform beds.  A convenient fit may surprise you while you attempt to fit it inside most frames and beds.


  • The width of the slat is 54″ and at this width, it would offer surplus support for most mattress types.
  • There is no dependence on the link springs.
  • In absence of requiring assembly, all you need to do is simply unroll on top of the bed frame and that’s it.

5. Mattress Solution, Split 2″ Foundation Bunkie Board:

 Mattress Solution, Fully Assembled Split 2" Foundation Bunkie Board

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A spring coil Bunkie board from Mattress Solution, this board would assure perpetual comfort and unsurpassed durability. These qualities guarantee outstanding sleep whenever you need. It proves to be the impeccable support solution for the comparatively thin mattress needed for safety purposes.  It is not at all complex to use this 2-inch foundation Bunkie board –simply open it and position it on the bunk bed. Its overall crafting process is intended for use with the full-size beds measuring 74x52x2 inches.


  • This 1.5 inches wooden Bunkie board could be used for platform beds, bunk bed, and daybeds possessing supporting slat system
  • Due to its sturdy construction, it could be directly laid over the bed frame as an alternative of a box spring.

4. Zinus Deepak Wood Slat 1.6 Inch Bunkie Board:

 Zinus Deepak Easy Assembly Wood Slat 1.6 Inch Bunkie Board

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You may have been using memory foam, hybrid or spring mattress for your bedding. For all these types of bedding, the Zinus wood slat Bunkie board of 1.6 inches would prove to be beneficial. This is because it provides a compact, sturdy and reliable foundation. Taking a look at the size options available, it is accessible in twin, full, King, and queen size options.

Long-Lasting support and excellent durability will be guaranteed for your mattress. It is easy and quick to accomplish the assembly with compact packaging. Moreover, the compact packaging provides sufficient space for tight interior spaces like staircases and hallways.

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  • Perfect mattress support is offered through the use of premium steel and wood slats.
  • In this Zinus Bunkie board, the foam padded tape is supplemented to the steel frame. This tape would guarantee noise-free use. Besides, it is non-slip on the wooden slats, so it would deter your mattress from moving.

3. Classic Brands Standard Solid Wood Bunkie Board, Twin XL:

 Classic Brands Standard Solid Wood Bed Support Slats | Bunkie Board

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An ideal approach to facilitate your mattress with extra support is none other than this twin XL sized Bunkie board. Classic Brands always assure that they use premium materials and would usually surpass the industry standards when it comes to the construction of their products. Prepared from wooden material in the slat style, this board would enhance the longevity of a mattress. During its presence, there will be zero incidences of sagging.

Generally, such wooden slats are simple to use and setup; also, they function perfectly with the mattress of any type. If you intend to replace your broken bed slats, this wood Bunkie board is the best option. It would be shipped in a compact package in convenient pieces for hassle-free assembly. Henceforth, it would conveniently fit through the compact hallways or narrow staircases.


  • Manufactured from the solid wood, it is possible to add them to a regular bed frame, so it would create a platform bed frame.
  • No extra time will be consumed behind the assembly -simply unroll on the bed frame’s top.

2. Zinus Gulzar Quick Lock 1.6 Inch Bunkie Board:

 Zinus Gulzar Easy Assembly Quick Lock 1.6 Inch Bunkie Board

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The prominent aspect of this quick lock type Bunkie board is its sturdy steel frame. This type of steel frammakes it perfect for use with daybeds, bunk beds, and recessed “sit-in” platform bed frames. It is its compact packaging that facilitates for tight interior spaces like narrow hallways or stairs. It came to know that the 3 diverse size options available are full, twin, full, King, and Queen. Durable and long-lasting support will be offered for your mattress.


  • Implementation of the quick lock construction streamlines the assembly process.
  • A foam padded tape is supplemented to the steel frame and due to its non-slip feature, it would daunt mattress from moving.

1. HOMES: Inside + Out IDF-Bunkie-EK 2-inch Bunkie Board:

 HOMES: Inside + Out IDF-Bunkie-EK 2-inch Bunkie Board/Foundation-Bunkie Boards

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Now setting up your bed is a cinch with this 2-inch Bunkie board presented in a multi-slat form. Basically, its crafting is accomplished from solid North American lumber to provide required durability and comfort. It is this 2-inch board that proves to be the impeccable replacement for your box spring. Overall, it is a solid, non-squeaky Bunkie board with well-made construction.


  • Excellent comfort is provided through the soothing quilted fabric.
  • It comes with the lightweight non-woven gray dust cover to resist the accumulation of dust.
  • The mattress under which this board is setup would feel firm and sturdy.

Concluding Note:

Based on the type, size and features offered, the Bunkie boards vary a lot. Made from metal or sturdy wood, these boards are dedicated to offering firm base support to the mattress. Most of them would be compatible with daybeds, bunk beds, and platform beds.

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