Best Bubble Tents in 2020

Spending precious time outdoors with your friends, family or loved ones gives you a unique thrill to live life more beautifully. Generally, during holiday seasons or during some special occasions, people usually plan to visit their favorite destination. At such places, they may carry out hiking, running, cycling, trekking, etc. It is equally important to take a break while enjoying these outdoor activities and rest in a safe place. While normal tents may offer you the best relaxation area to unwind, they do not let you see the beautiful view of nature from inside. When you intend to relish the panoramic view of natural beauty while unwinding inside, you must try using bubble tents. All the people, pets and things present inside these tents will stay protected against sun, wind, rain and other environmental factors. When you carefully go through the below section highlighting the best bubble tents, you will end up buying the most suitable one:

Buying Guide:

Every day, the trend of traveling and enjoying holidays is getting stronger. Other than daily necessities, people also plan to spend their budget on recreational activities. To come out of the hectic schedule and to rejuvenate your mood, it is essential to go on a trip occasionally. Activities like camping, hiking, beach activities, etc. need proper accessories to be carried along with. In the absence of such accessories, the joy of your entire trip will be spoiled and you will end up with dissatisfaction.

The need for a decent quality tent is immense to lie comfortably inside without worrying about the surrounding. There are myriad of aspects to consider before purchasing a bubble tent. The below section would highlight some of the important factors.

Firstly, you need to check the size & design aspect while deciding to purchase a bubble tent.  The choice of poor quality bubble tent will deteriorate the enjoyment of the trip and would create issues like cracks, splits, etc. Generally, the PVC material is best to consider while looking at the selection of these tents. This is because this material is durable and resistant to external weather conditions. Moreover, PVC will keep away the insects and pests. You will feel comfortable and can use the same bubble tent for all the succeeding trips due to the excellent durability of PVC.

Once the material choice is done, you need to focus on the design aspects. At first glance, all bubble tents will appear identical due to their transparent structure. Based on your preference, you may choose the one that suits you the most.

After deciding the material and design, you need to consider the ease of setup. Majority of the bubble tents come with easy inflation and deflation practices, so you need not worry much. Additionally, you need to focus on the portability. This is because once the trip ends, you need to pack the tent and carry along with you. So, you can go for those bubble tents that boast excellent durability. The mentioned aspects are sufficient to consider while selecting a suitable bubble tent.

Benefits of a bubble tent:

A bubble tent is a wonderful travel accessory equipped with great versatility. So, it is easy to gauge how useful it is. Any travelers will gain fun-filled experience while using such a tent. The first and foremost use of a bubble tent is its capability to present a 360-degree panoramic view of the external world. Its overall structure is made uniquely to give you a magnificent view of the external world. You can feel the elegance of trees, mountains, flowers, bushes, waterfalls, and many other beautiful items while sitting inside.

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They are not just beneficial for camping but they are suitable to create an indoor-outdoor space within your own backyards. Generally, they are made spacious to accommodate you and your companions inside. You may use it as a sleeping shelter for your succeeding outdoor getaway or can use it in the form of a rain barrier during inclement weather conditions.

You may utilize a bubble tents in many applications like open-air adverting, outdoor relaxation exercises and occasion outdoors too. It is possible to design them uniquely to suit your needs. One of the most enticing benefits of bubble tent is they offer five-star lodging feel. Moreover, they are made waterproof and flame retardant.  You and your companions will stay protected against bugs and mosquitoes.

They are made available in varied sizes to accommodate pets, kids and adults. Equipped with high flexibility, you may set it up in your garden, beach and forest areas too. You may use it for casual purposes or as business apparatus for professional uses. In spite of being versatile, these tents would give you the home like experience. Finally, one of the supreme benefits is you can relish the stars and other celestial bodies during the night and can unwind in a soothing sleeping experience.

List of Top 8 Best Bubble Tents in 2020 Reviews on Amazon.Com

8. Foammaker Inflatable Eco Home Tent:

 Foammaker Inflatable Eco Home Tent DIY House Luxury Dome Camping Cabin Lodge Air Bubble

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With easy inflation and deflation, this home tent lets you feel the pleasure of outdoor activities. You can sit or lie down inside this home tent. Within a few minutes, the bubble tent can be inflated and set up in the desired location. To keep the tent inflated, the blower needs to be connected always. Once you accomplish blowing, just leave a 10-20cm gap to allow some air to leave outside. In this way, it is possible to avert damage to the zipper because of the strong gust of wind.


  • The included power plug can be customized.
  • This inflatable tent is available in various size options -2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters, or meters. If you choose a 3-meter tent, it suggests that the round ball diameter is actually 3 meters and that of the tunnel is 2 meters. If you go for the 4 meters tent, the round ball diameter would be 4 meters and that of the tunnel will be 2 meters.
  • To enhance the firmness, the ropes can be imposed on the ring clips on the base and can be fixed with a windproof nail.
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7. Bubble Tent- Inflatable Transparent Bubble Tent:

 Bubble Tent- Inflatable Transparent Bubble Tent

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Specified in the product name, the present version of bubble tent is transparent in structure. Hence, you can easily gaze the outside view of nature to refresh your mood. The presented magnificent views will delight your mood and let you feel stimulated. The interior of this inflatable tent is capable to comfortably fit two adults and kids. For relishing an affectionate night under the stars or to spend fun time with kids, this tent is ideal.


  • This see-through bubble tent enables the user to clearly see outside.
  • When inflated, it is simple to erect it so you may set it up within a few minutes.
  • You will relish a 360-degree view of the external world without worrying about any threats.

6. Tierra Garden 50-2510 Haxnicks Garden Sunbubble:

 Tierra Garden 50-2510 Haxnicks Garden Sunbubble Greenhouse

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To unwind inside or to indulge in playful activities, this Sun bubble tent is highly suitable. Haxnicks prepared the tent in an instant plant house style which is simple to use. It would be quite easy to shift and store. Prepared out of the UV stabilized PVC as well as flexible fiberglass rods, it is certain that the tent could be easily and instantly set up. Through its one-piece, folding design, it is easy to pack it inside a storage bag and carry it. Its superb versatility allows you to use it as a greenhouse for camping, dining, parties, tailgating, etc.


  • The curved shape of the Sun bubble suggests that the surface would stay at 90 degrees to the sun’s direction throughout the day. In this way, there will be a minimum reflection of sunlight inside.
  • Its contemporary dome shape offers sufficient space for plants and greenhouse.
  • Its design boasts adjustable vents and a sturdy, zipped doorway for entrance/exit.

5. BubbleU24(TM) Mobile Inflatable Bubble Tent:

 BubbleU24(TM) Mobile Inflatable Bubble Tent With One Tunnel Family Camping Tent

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This mobile inflatable bubble tent can be set up in your backyard. While enjoying camping or barbecue, you can definitely invite your friend to indulge in a resting experience inside this bubble tent. Its overall appearance is made beautiful and practical. All the essential accessories are contained in the package of this BubbleU24 tent. It includes a free repair kit, blower to inflate and glue. Moreover, it also comes with a 1-year warranty. To relieve the heat during summer days, you can set up in your backyard and rest inside. Overall the quality is decent and durable.


  • Manufacturing is done using the superior quality 0.3mm PVC or 0.8mm PVC and PVC tarpaulin. The diameter of the tent is 118~196 inches so it can accommodate all your family members.
  • Use of the high-strength PVC tarpaulin guarantees superb durability.

4. HHAiNi Outdoor Transparent Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tent:

 HHAiNi Outdoor Transparent Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tent Family Camping Backyard

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Capable to set up in any outdoor setting, this transparent bubble tent is made up of decent quality and durable materials. Discussing the fit, this inflatable camping tent is ideal for business, culture, outdoor activities, tourism, etc. Based on your need, you can select the most suitable size options. There will be zero penetration of mosquitoes and other insects. Optimal air flow is offered by its geodesic dome form. Also, the trapped heat is dispensed uniformly at all points.

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  • To improve durability, this HHAiNi bubble tent is prepared from non-toxic and flame-retardant PVC material.
  • It is made resistant against rain and wind. The waterproof feature is conveyed through the 210T polyester waterproof fabric and by the implementation of the waterproof layer.

3. Bubble Tents Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable:

 Bubble Tents Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable Family Camping Backyard Transparent

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The present model of the single tunnel inflatable tent is uniquely designed to provide optimal airflow. With the assistance of 2 types of pump, proper inflation is provided. The 250W pump with noise would be utilized 1 meter far from the tent. Using this pump, you will attain appropriate power to inflate. There is the special availability of a cool fan that operates without noise.


  • Inflation of the tent is supported by a fan which you need to operate continuously.
  • Deflation can be avoided by zipping off the tent.
  • It comes with the 3 meters in diameter of the bulb tent and that of the tunnel is 2 meters.

2. Welljun Stargaze Outdoor Bubble Camping Tent:

 Welljun Stargaze Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Camping Tent

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Based on your needs, it is possible to customize the size options. The dome size and the overall size are adequate to accommodate kids, pets, and adults. You will be able to make the most of your camping experience while sitting inside during the break. The clear outside view will refresh your mind and body too.


  • The overall dome size is 3m x5m (diameter x length).
    Flexibility to use and high durability is conveyed through the PVC material.
  • It operates at 110v/60Hz, 220v/50Hz.
  • Sufficient inflation is provided through the blower power of 50W.

1. Sayok Christmas Decoration Transparent Bubble Tent:

 Sayok Christmas Decoration Inflatable Snow Globe Transparent Bubble Tent-Bubble Tents

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Suggested from the name, Sayok prepared this version of bubble tent to make it adorable. You may use it for camping, Christmas decoration or other outdoor activities. Moreover, its transparent structure allows you to relish the 360-degree panoramic view of nature. There is a special facility of multiple fans that can be started one by one. You just need to wait until the first fan running approximately 20-30 seconds and finally start the next fan. These inflatable snow globes could be used at fairs, Christmas, carnivals, shopping malls, exhibitions, etc.



  • The material used is 0.6mmPVC and 0.6mmPVC tarpaulin and the size is 3 meters.
  • In the pack, you will get a snow globe with printed background, an air blower, a UL air pump and a repair cloth.
  • Its inflatable base is airtight and it could be maintained for a long period as it is inflated once.

Concluding Note:

Bubble tents are prepared in an elegant transparent structure as glass. Henceforth, you would delight the exquisite beauty of nature during day and night. A magnificent 360-degree view of nature and relaxing experience inside will make your trip pleasurable.