Best Big Bowls in 2023

If you go and take a look at your kitchen, you will definitely see different types of kitchen utensils. Among all of those utensils, you also own various sizes of bowls for serving different kinds of meals. Some are for cereals while the others are for salads or soup. For this reason, you cannot miss out on having big bowls at your utensils rack or kitchen cabinet.

If you are looking for the big bowls for your kitchen, we have listed the best ones for you. They are relatively big and large in size. Most importantly they are suitable for serving soup, salad, vegetables, curry, and you can even arrange for buffet hosting too. The bowls are easy to clean manually as well as with the dishwasher. Some of them are compatible with a microwave. Check out the top 10 best big bowls in 2023 below and get yours today.

List of  Top 10 Best Big Bowls in 2023

10. OXO Big Bowl Clear Glass Bowl

Big Glass Bowl

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With its transparent glass construction, it offers a crystal clear viewing which is suitable for storing salads, and fruits. The whole construction promotes a wide rim which makes it convenient for users to handheld it. At the same time, it carries out a heavy-duty base making it completely stable during mixing or pouring process. With its large size, users will be able to load up to 4.5 qt of food.

No more worry about stain or odor staying. Since it is made of premium quality glass, it highly resists stains and odor. For this reason, this makes it easy for users to wash it. What is more, the product is completely safe with either oven or microwave heating. Plus, users can also use it to store foods in the refrigerator or freezer too since it can handle both low and high temperatures. Also thanks to its good grip design, the product can be stored securely on the utensil storage rack and helps to promote space-saving. In case you are looking for a big bowl for salad serving. we definitely recommend this. 

What We Like: 

  • Its wide rim making it easy for holding
  • Coming with heavy-duty base, the product is totally stable during mixing or pouring process
  • It is highly resistant to stains as well as odor
  • The product is completely safe to use with oven, freezer, refrigerator, and microwave

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is quite heavy & thick

9. HILFA Stainless Steel Big Bowls with Airtight Lids

Stainless Steel Big Bowls

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If you ever want to buy big bowls in bulk, we would like to suggest you to this set from HILFA. HILFA provides this stainless steel big bowls in a set of 3 packs coming with different sizes. Users can use this one for serving soup, mixing their foods or salads, or storing fruit. Since all of them come with silicone lids, this makes it a lot more convenient for food keeping. Not to mention, the product features a silicone base which makes it very stable on your countertop. Even in the product of extreme mixing or pouring, the bowls can maintain their stability just fine.

Other than that, if you take a look at its design closely, you will surely see an eye-catching contrast between stainless steel and black colors. Thus, putting them on the dining table or storing them on your cabinet would make the whole kitchen look elegant. Although it is stainless steel, it goes well with either freezer or oven. This means that the product is able to handle high temperatures greatly. Plus, it is totally resistant to stains and odors, users may prefer to wash it either manually or by the dishwasher. In case users are looking for a big bowl for soup, we want to recommend this product of HILFA.

What We Like:

  • Its space-saving design allows users to store them neatly by stacking them together.
  • The stainless steel construction looks sleek and durable at the same time.
  • All of the bowls are totally safe with the use inside oven, freezer, or dishwasher
  • It comes with silicone lids & has silicone bases

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not recommend to use with microwave

8. Koziol PALSBY Large Bowl

white big bowl

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Bring back good morning vibe with this sleek white big bowl from Koziol. It is made in Germany which can definitely guarantee quality. The thermoplastic bowl is a recyclable product that is totally earth-friendly. Moreover, it is a less space-consuming product that needs no extra attention while storing. Simply, stack them together for storing. Most importantly, melamine and BPA free products cause no harm to your health.

This funky, elegant white color large bowl is capable of holding both the solid and liquid food. You can use it for pasta, salads, soup, popcorn, ice cream, as well as bread servings. At the same time, you can easily wash it with a mild dishwasher. The zero maintenance and tough plastic mark this one as a durable product to own.

What We Like: 

  • It is very lightweight & is made of safe BPA free materials.
  • The product is 100% safe with dishwasher & hold neither stains nor odors.
  • Its stackable storage design making it very space-saving to own
  • It is suitable for both solid and liquid food serving
  • Its large capacity can hold up to 5L of foods

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not safe to use with microwave or oven since it is the product of plastic

7. US Acrylic Vista 10-inch Plastic Salad and Snack Big Bowls

2 Pack Big Bowls

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This crystal clear set of 2 big bowls mark as one of the best salad big bowls on the market of 2023. The stackable design of them making storing become a lot easier and space-saving. Made in the USA, the product is totally free from BPA which is totally safe for health. The plastic that is used for this construction is literally very tough which helps to increase its durability.

What is more, the product does not get stains or hold any odor either. Not to mention, users can enjoy washing it by either hands or the dishwasher machine. Each bowl weighs only 7.1 oz, yet it is able to load up to 4 qt of food. The product is highly recommended for a popcorn movie night. 

What We Like: 

  • It comes with a stackable design.
  • Weighing only 7 oz, but it is able to support up to 4 qt of food.
  • The product is made free of BPA and other harmful chemical substances
  • It does not catch stains or hold odors at all.
  • Best for popcorn night as it is lightweight to hold on the couch.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is plastic which is not safe to use for oven or microwave heating.
  • Might not safe with freezer too

6. Lifver Porcelain Soup/Cereal Bowl

 Lifver 42-Oz Porcelain Soup/Noodle/Cereal Bowl,Elegant White,Set of 4 Serving Bowls

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The low budget yet fine and elegant porcelain bowl set is cadmium, leadless and non-toxic product. The big opening of the bowl allows you to stir the food easily and causes no dripping. Furthermore, this long-lasting and hardy bowl is safe for the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer.

In addition, this multi-functioned bowl is large enough to fill it up with the hot cereals, pasta, veggies, soup and so on. It takes up very little of your kitchen place as it features stackable storing design. Not to mention, the bowl is easy to clean. It also enables a comfortable grip for the handlers.

What We Like: 

  • It is made of porcelain which is highly resistant to both stains and odor.
  • Constructed from non-toxic materials, it is definitely safe for your health.
  • It comes with a stackable storing design which takes up very little space of your kitchen countertop or cabinet
  • The product is very easy to clean that is totally safe with dishwasher, microwave, oven, or freezer

What We Don’t Like:

  • Very heavyweight

5. TGLBT Porcelain Salad/Soup Big Bowls

white soup bowls

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This is a set of 3 packs of slender white big bowls coming from the TGLBT company. Made solely from quality Porcelain, the bowls are highly resistant to yellow stains and keep themselves away from odor. On top of that, it has a very silky surface that does not catch or wrap food at all. As a result of this, users can choose to wash it by either hand or dishwasher conveniently. Since the materials used to handcraft these bowls are FDA approved, users do not have to worry about whether it will affect your health.

You can use these bowls simply for salads wor fruit serving, and you can also use it for food reheating inside the microwave. Additionally, the bowls are also compatible to be stored in the freezer too. If you ever want to mix or pour the ingredients together without tipping over, you should go for this set.

What We Like: 

  • Coming in a set of 3 packs & features a stackable design for ease of storage.
  • It features a heavy base that can prevent tipping over.
  • Being made from AB-Grade porcelain, it neither holds stains nor odor.
  • Completely safe with dishwasher, microwaves, and freezer.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It cannot be used with an oven.

4. DOWAN Porcelain Soup Bowls

 DOWAN 29 Ounce Porcelain Soup Bowls

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This all-time classy white bowl has high-quality porcelain construction. You can use this cadmium and lead-free big bowls for foods or cereal serving. It is 100% safe with microwave cooking and keeping in the refrigerator. More importantly, it is a dishwasher-safe product which you can simply put them into the machine once you are done with eating.

It is the perfect utensil that is able to endure rough usage on a daily basis. The bowl requires very low space and stress-free maintenance while maintaining a stylish look from the restaurants. The multipurpose bowl allows you to serve puddings, soup, large desserts and even breakfast cereal with ease. Moreover, you may use it, as a serving bowl, direct from the oven. With the purchasing, the product also comes with a 90-day warranty which you can ask for money return in case of breaking or dissatisfying with the quality.

What We Like: 

  • Comes in a set of 3 packs & are made of high-quality porcelain
  • The products are totally safe with the contact of microwave, freezer, & dishwasher
  • Highly resistant to stains & odor, the bowls can be used for foods, cereals, soup, salads, and more.
  • It also comes with a 90-day warranty.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Each of them is quite heavy, yet can only support up to 7-inch capacity.

3. Sweese Porcelain Bowls

 Sweese 1104 Porcelain Bowls - Set of 4-28 Ounce

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Looking for an eye-catching big bowl for cereal serving for the weekend morning? This set of 4 big bowls can definitely help. Each of the bowls delivers a storage capacity of 28 ounces, and they are suitable for salads, desserts, cereals and likewise. In fact, the product set features under Amazon’s Choice for its high ratings. The style is unique and cute while the shape is artistic. They are very easy to clean and they are dishwasher safe.

One can also clean them manually and they are pro-grade porcelain. For this reason, you can even use them in the freezer and microwave. They are non-toxic and lead-free. Besides, this big bowl set is also available in different colors other than white. Those include navy, pink, red, steel blue, and turquoise.

What We Like: 

  • Available in more color choices
  • Best for salads, desserts, cereals, and other food-serving
  • Easy to clean as it can be washed manually or with dishwasher
  • Made highly with top-grade porcelain that can anti stains and odor
  • Completely fine with microwave, freezer, and oven

What We Don’t Like:

  • Nothing to dislike

2. Corelle Livingware Super Soup/Cereal Bowl

super soup bowl

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Corelle Livingware also offers a super soup bowl that you may need to have in your kitchen. Being made from break and chip-resistant, the bowl is totally durable and is able to withstand high pressure. What is more, it perfectly goes again stains, scratches, and odor too.  It does not come in a single piece, but you will receive a set of 6 pieces that are enough for home soup serving.

Besides, the bowl is compatible to use with either oven, microwave, dishwasher, and also a freezer. Most of the time, the customers usually rate this product for being lightweight, easy to clean, sturdy, and durable. For each bowl, it is able to hold up to 28-ounce capacity.

What We Like: 

  • Very lightweight
  • Super easy to clean
  • Holds no stains, odor, as well as scratches
  • Highly compatible with oven, microwave, freezer, and more

What We Don’t Like:

  • Nothing to dislike

1. DOWAN Porcelain Serving Bowls

DOWAN 2-1/2 Quart Porcelain Serving Bowls - Salad/Pasta Bowl Set-Big Bowls

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This is the best serving bowl that you can buy in terms of quality and proper size. The size is 2.5 quart and it is perfect for serving salads, pasta, ice cream, and various other items. The best part is that it is stackable; hence, you can buy multiple of them and they will take the least space in your kitchen.

The product has FDA approval, and it is free from lead, cadmium, or any other harmful substance and chemical. Besides, it is safe for the dishwasher, freezer, microwave and likewise. Moreover, it is designed to last a lifetime without fading in color. Within the purchase, you will receive a set of 2, and there is also a 90-day warranty too.

What We Like: 

  • It is the product of porcelain & completely free from harmful elements.
  • The bowls are safe to use with freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and oven.
  • It is able to hold up to 2.8 qt of capacity.
  • All of them are highly resistant to stains, scratches, and odor.
  • There is also a 3-month warranty coming with the purchase too

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is quite heavy

Buying Guide to Choosing the Right Big Bowls for Your Usage

Have you ever get so disappointed when you get the wrong product from your purchasing? If this case ever happened to you, it should require greater caution the next time you want to purchase something. Likewise, when it comes to purchasing big bowls for your daily kitchen use, you chouse as well consider these factors below.

Choose the Types of Big Bowls

Big bowls normally come in various types. Those include glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, and more. You should study each type to find the one that best suits your needs and requirements.


For the glass time, it looks nice to use for salads or fruit servings. This is because normally glass big bowls offer a see-through display that you can see clearly of what’s on the inside. To vegetable or fruits, they usually come mixed in colors making it eye-catching to store them on a glass big bowl. Most of the time, it is seen that people also use glass big bowls for salad or fruit buffet serving too.


For metal big bowls, we often notice that the customers use it for ingredient mixing at the kitchen. This is because the metal products are often durable and feature a heavy-duty base. For this reason, it can prevent tipping during the process of mixing or pouring. Although it is good for mixing usage, its metal construction is not suitable for using inside the microwave oven at all. Still, there are some products that at least can be used with freezer and dishwasher. If you are going to get a metal big bowl, we highly recommend that you check with the build quality and make sure it is rust and corrosion-resistant.


The plastic can be cheap, lightweight, easy to use, but some might not be durable at all. If you only plan to use it for storing popcorns, breaks, fruits, and a few vegetables, plastic bowls would definitely work fine. However, since it is the product of plastic, we do not think that you should use it for soup or hot food serving at all. Most importantly, they are surely not compatible with oven, freezer, or microwave use at all. However, some plastic big bowls can still be put inside the dishwasher safely. If you plan to get plastic big bowls, we want to remind you to check whether or not the product is BPA-free.


The wooden products are not highlighted on our reviewing list at all. Still, there are a lot available on the market. Most of the time, people often use wooden big bowls only for ingredient mixing, salads serving, or fruit storing. The good thing about the wooden big bowls is that they are environmentally friendly. But, they cannot do so much. For example, you cannot use it for reheating the foods, you cannot use it for oven baking, or storing in the freezer at all. Not to mention, they may hold odor and can easily chip.


Most of the time, everyone would notice that people usually go for porcelain big bowls. This is because the product of porcelain is durable, odor-resistant, stain-resistant, and highly compatible with a lot of usages. For instance, you can use porcelain bowls for soup, cereal, fruit, salads, and even ingredient mixing. Interestingly, it goes well with oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and more application. The last thing is that it is totally easy to clean since most of them feature silking surfaces.

Consider Compatibility

After deciding on what types of big bowl you should choose, it is time for you to consider on compatibility that each product can offer. This is to compare your usage requirement to the actual compatibility of a certain product you are going to choose. if you ever need it for a lot of applications, it is just right to pick porcelain big bowls or glass big bowls. However, if you think that you only need it for decoration or for a light application, simply go for plastic or wooden ones.

Look at Loading Capacity

We are sure when you are looking for big bowls, you would concern about loading capacity that each product can provide. Because if not, you would not be looking for one. Some of the product can hold up to 4 qt capacity while the other big bowls are good with 4.5 qt or even 5 qt. If the big bowl you are about to purchase cannot even hold about 2.5 qt, you should not waste your money and time getting it at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many types of big bowls are there on the market?

A: Big bowls come with a variety of types which include glass, porcelain, plastic, wood, ceramic, and metal.

Q: What are big bowls for?

A: Often time, very big bowls are seen to use for buffet serving or food party serving. It is used when a large amount of food storing is required.

Q: What are big bowls called?

A: Besides calling it as a big bowl, you can also give it another name as a large container.

Q: What is a standard bowl size?

A: a standard bowl size usually can hold from 2 cups of food up to 4 or 5 cups of food.


It is better to buy a stackable set of bowls if you have less space in your kitchen for their storage. Moreover, you should either buy a set or multiple individual big bowls so that they have consistent to look appealing. None of the above big bowls have any harmful chemical construction like lead or cadmium. In addition, they are sure to last a lifetime without fading or degrading with time. Get any of them now and enjoy your meals better.