Top 12 Best Basketball Backpacks in 2019 Reviews

Playing sports explores the mental and physical abilities in a new way. One of the fun-filled sports games is basketball and you need to dedicate your time and efforts to master the game. When preparing to reach the basketball court, you need to pack lots of accessories along with you. A regular bag which you use in day-to-day life will not suffice the need since it cannot accommodate the bulky ball and other accessories. Keeping in mind this aspect, there are special basketball backpacks uniquely designed to safely accommodate all basketball accessories. All the related accessories will be kept organized and safe in such backpacks. When you invest in a decent quality backpack from the acclaimed brand, you will be certainly benefitted with durable materials and chic designs. Taking a look at the below basketball backpacks will give you a clear idea regarding the purchase:

List of Top 12 Best Basketball Backpacks in 2019 Reviews on Amazon.Com

12. Nike Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack:

 Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Basketball Backpack Anthracite

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A high-quality sports backpack from Nike, this backpack is a perfect one for athletes. Those who focus excessively on the unique blend of style, convenience, and feasibility, this Elite Pro backpack are a suitable choice. It is certain that you would not repent after making an investment in this sports backpack since it is durable and simple to use. Being waterproof, you can use it in the rainy season too. Furthermore, the water-resistant bottom prepares a durable exterior for long-term use. The need to distinguish the wet and dry accessories is essential while deciding to play basketball. To fulfill this need, this Nike backpack incorporates a wet/dry compartment to neatly separate your dirty and clean accessories.


  • Execution of the Nike Quad Zip System guarantees trouble-free access to all the included gears. Now you can avail any of the gears from any angles.
  • Its spacious main compartment offers sufficient space for accommodating all your gears. This is further supported with the help of max air shoulder straps to enhance comfort.
  • Manufacturing is done using 100% polyester materials to provide durability. Besides, the availability of diverse colors with the cool design lets you carry it in style.
  • The durable configuration and a water-resistant base avoid absorption of liquid inside. So, cleaning is simplified.

11. VASKER Large Drawstring Bag String Backpack:

 VASKER Large Drawstring Bag String Backpack Water Resistant Gym Sackpack Pockets 3 Colors

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It is commonly found that a drawstring backpack lets you easily access all the inside stuff. Keeping in mind the need to save time and easy access, this large drawstring bag is quite simple to access. It comes with the 7.0 x 19.0 inch size to sufficiently accommodate a wide range of stuff. These may include your basketball, clothes, shoes, water bottles, daily supplies, shoes, and other sport gears. Since it is prepared in a drawstring style, it comes with the 2 straps on each side. These straps are comfortable to use and the user can easily reduce the length. If you want to reduce its length, you may cut and tie the knots.

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  • The front part of the backpack is prepared out of durable and water-repellent nylon. On the other hand, the back is prepared out of perforated, soft fabric. All such aspects indicate a convenient to fit and simplicity during the use.
  • Presence of the two-layer mesh back decreases the pressure imposed while carrying.
  • There will be no troubles to fold it up in order to fit it into any place.

10. Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack:

 Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack with Ball Compartment

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The stylish look and durable construction makes sure this Hard Work backpack survives the rough sports uses. Regardless of the weather conditions, you may use this sports backpack wherever and whenever you want. Once you begin using it, you will admire the quality of the materials being used and the adorable design. Generally, it is capable to fit your shoes, water bottles, towels, and other sport gears.


  • In this sports backpack, there is a secured front mesh ball holder to make sure the ball is held safely.
  • All the vital equipment can be organized inside its large main compartment.
  • For delivering exceptional comfort, it comes with adjustable and perforated shoulder straps.

9. Wilson Evolution Basketball Backpack:

 Wilson Evolution Basketball Backpack

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One of the noteworthy characteristics of this product of the Wilson evolution backpack is its spacious main compartment and the drawstring closure. With the assistance of the drawstring closure, it is definite that all the inside stuff will not fall off. You can safely organize your basketball and shoes if needed in this main compartment. The need for wet stage arises frequently and for that this backpack incorporates a separate bottom compartment. Moreover, you may keep bulky equipment inside its padded computer sleeve. Availability of the side pockets is capable to hold your headphones. You need not stress about where to keep a water bottle because the bag comes with a thermos guard water bottle holder.


  • All valuables can be safely stored inside the fleece lined front pockets.
  • Sufficient ventilation is provided through the ClimaCool technology and this technique prevents the accumulation of heat.
  • Your shoulder would not feel excess pressure due to the included shoulder straps. These straps bear the weight and alleviate strain on your pressure.
  • For accommodating ball, there is a zippered mesh pocket at the front.

8. BAGLAND Basketball Backpack:

 BAGLAND Sport Backpack - Basketball Backpack

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Not only basketball but this BAGLAND backpack is highly suitable for a myriad of occasions. So, you may use it for business use, cycling, climbing, camping, educational purposes, daily use, traveling, etc. In spite of being lightweight, the entire configuration is made durable. Therefore, this versatile backpack is perfect for prolonged rugged use. There is the special availability of multi-pouches design to safely accommodate your laptop, cellphone, earphones, iPad, credit cards, passport, pencil case, wallet, books, etc.


  • The overall dimensions are 11.5″ x 6″ x 19″ and its capacity is 1880 cu in.
  • The included high-density canvas is made water resistant to make sure the backpack can be used in all weather conditions.
  • Use of the multi-panel airflow design delivers additional padding for supreme comfort. Moreover, your back will not feel strained or heated due to the excellent back support.
  • The adaptable air mesh shoulder strap and umbar pad present high comfort.
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7. MIER Basketball Backpack Large Sports Bag:

 MIER Basketball Backpack Large Sports Bag for Men Women

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There are a few aspects that justify the reason why this large sports bag is reliable and durable. They are the use of water-resistant fabric and abrasion-resistant cushioned bottom panel. With a view to seamlessly accommodating basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc., it comes with a huge, ventilated pocket on the base.


  • To neatly organize different kinds of gears, the facility of the multi-pockets assists uniquely. The interior comes with a top “D” opening the main compartment along with a laptop compartment, a tablet pouch, a side mesh pocket, and 2 side open pockets.
  • The exterior includes a top velvet zipper pocket, a side mesh pocket, a front zipper pocket, and a zipper pocket with aluminum film liner.
  • It is due to its smooth yet durable MIER zipper that avoids zipper issues.

6. Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack Black:

 Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack Black/White Size One Size

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When you carry a sophisticated sports backpack to a basketball court, your appearance will be praised among people present around. Total 5 unique colors are made available and chic design adds to the sophistication. Since it is developed by one among the prominent companies in the field of sports gears, there is no confusion regarding the reliability. Actually, this cool backpack possesses dedicated compartments for everything. It incorporates a distinct compartment for accommodating your ball, shoes, clothes and other gears.


  • The spacious, dual-zip main compartment equipped with rain flap is available for secure storage.
  • To neatly organize small items, it includes the top and interior zippered pockets.
  • For effortless access and storage, the mesh side pockets are made available.
  • For hassle-free carrying, Nike included adjustable rounded shoulder straps.

5. Gofar Lightweight Backpack:

 Gofar Lightweight Backpack Large School Bag Travel Rucksack holds shoes basketball Fits 15.6-inch Lapto

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The investment in a sports backpack proves to be valuable if it presents multifunctional uses. Keeping in mind this aspect, Gofar prepared this lightweight backpack for sports, gym workouts, and any outdoor activities. The distinct pocket located at the bottom seamlessly fits to carry basketball, volleyball, football or soccer ball.  In spite of being lightweight, the entire configuration is made sturdy with the use of superior quality nylon material as well as the smooth zipper.


  • The stylish look is showcased using the chic contrast color design.
  • All the accessories are neatly organized by its several smart organizer pockets. These may include a basketball zipper pocket and an exterior perforated water bottle holder.
  • Stress-free carrying is allowed using the adaptable padded shoulder strips, and some special padded areas. These areas include meshing fabric over the back side to present excellent cushioned comfort.

4. Under Armour Unisex Undeniable 3:

 Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Backpack,Black

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The third evolution of sports backpack from Under Armour, this sports bag is uniquely built using durable materials. On the surface of this backpack, you will notice the classic UA logo to represent the pride of brand The Undeniable 3 backpack proves to be a perfect go-to bag for daily performance. Its construction is made unique with storage space in order to seamlessly fit a size 5 soccer ball or also an NBA-sized basketball.


  • Implementation of the UA Storm technology employs an incredibly water-resistant finish.
  • Extra protection is added with the help of the foam reinforced panels.
  • It comes with a spacious main compartment with effortless top loader access.
  • All the packed stuff stay safe inside the water-repellent valuables pocket at the front.
  • The incorporated soft-lined laptop sleeve is capable to hold up to 15-inch MacBook Pro or laptop of this size.
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3. Soccer Backpack – Basketball Backpack by DashSport:

 Soccer Backpack - Basketball Backpack - Youth Kids Ages 6 and Up

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For all the young, enthusiastic basketball players, this sports backpack comes with sufficient interior space. With the spacious interior, all the sports gears can be safely accommodated without adding bulky weight. There are dedicated places for accommodating gears of different types. So, you can incorporate water bottles, socks, cleats, clothes, shin guards, ball and snacks. The ball bag is proficient to fit up to size 5 soccer ball, volleyball, and full sized basketball.


  • The entire construction is made durable by utilizing the 420D nylon material accompanied with PVC backing. This kind of unique configuration makes sure the bag is sufficiently tough for daily use.
  • The ventilated side pockets are capable to safely accommodate shoes, socks, cleats and shin guards.
  • Comfort during the use is enhanced with the presence of cushioned back with variable shoulder strap.
  • The included dual water bottle holder reduces the water dripping issues.
    Durability is further enhanced through the dual stitched zipper.

2. Athletico Backpack for Soccer, Basketball & Football:

 Athletico National Soccer Bag - Backpack for Soccer

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Being versatile in nature, Athletico prepared this sports bag to work for basketball, soccer, and football. Its spacious vented ball compartment at the front is ideal for effortless carrying. It is possible to use it for business use since its back compartment boasts a cushioned laptop sleeve. So, there would be no stress to carry a laptop. Besides, its 7 pocket accessories organizer makes sure all the stuff is neatly organized.


  • Preparation is done using toughened polyester and nylon fabric, so this sports bag is capable to withstand different severity of the weather. For external factors like dirt, mud, rain, excess temperature, there will be no compromise in its quality.
  • There is a separate cleat compartment at the base and it is vented to transport all your shoes or cleats.

1. KOLAKO Casual Sports Backpacks:

 KOLAKO Business Laptop Backpack-Basketball Backpacks

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Equipped with the multi separated compartments, it is now easy to organize your laptop, iPad, iPhone, pen, keys, credit card, bottle, charger, clothes, books and many more. On the surface, the soft lined laptop sleeve perfectly fits laptops of size up to 15.6 inches. Hence, sufficient space is provided and comfort is not compromised.


  • The decent air permeability and excellent heat dissipation give assurance that your waist gets comfortable feelings.
  • Dense, soft foam padding offers additional protection and decreases damages due to impacts or scratches.

Concluding Note:

Without any difficulties, it is quite simple to carry a basketball and related accessories along with you. Everyone around will admire your stylish look and the backpack’s potential to accommodate all gears safely.

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