Top 12 Best Anti Static Sprays in 2020 Reviews

The static current present on some materials may shock you and let you feel uneasy. Occasionally, it happens that you feel a shock while you enter into a car or on an airplane. You may also feel shocked while you come in contact with other individuals. To get rid of such astonishing situations, you can use anti-static sprays. They are potential to remove the static current present on the surface of any material. In addition to eliminating shock, these sprays are capable to make clothes soft and daunt them from getting sticky. With their application, the object or material turns more conductive due to the elimination of static electricity. There are certain physical and chemical methods working inside these sprays to remove the static current. Let’s have a look at the best anti-static sprays available currently:

List of Top 12 Best Anti Static Sprays in 2020 Reviews on Amazon.Com

12. Anti Static Spray Can 10 oz.:

 Anti Static Spray Can 10 oz. Industrial Antistatic Spray

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Suitable for home use and industrial use, this spray product is a versatile one. When there is a need to eliminate the presence of electric current from machines, paper, gadgets or any other kinds of stuff, this spray could be applied. Discussing its design and quality, it is made colorless and also offers a long-lasting effect. Basically, this 10 oz spray is found to be non-oily and non-greasy. Therefore, it would not stain on any materials. Additionally, the spray is proficient to avoid the accumulation of dust. The cleanliness of the surface will be maintained and dust will be repelled.


  • This 10 oz spray can product is capable to limit the static electric current existing on drapes, paper, equipment, rugs, and upholstery. Therefore, your body will not experience shock while you touch it.
  • Due to resistance against oil and grease, the spray would not stain.
  • Issues of static buildup will be brought in control.

 11. Real Simple Clean Wrinkle Release:

 Real Simple Clean Wrinkle Release

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For home use or for traveling, the Real Simple Clean is considered as one of the top-notch anti static sprays. It’s working operation serves a simple and reliable approach to simplify your life and stay stress-free from the static current. Because of its excellent versatility, you may use his wrinkle release spray for cleaning dirt, stains, dirt and for eliminating odor. It came to know that the Real Simple Clean is essentially a bio-based product and it is also USDA certified. In simple terms, the spray is enriched with the original essential oils, so there is no compromise with safety. Packed in a non-aerosol bottle, the spray is completely recyclable. There will be no messy odor during its use.


  • In addition to controlling the static current, the spray can work as no-iron quick fix, fabric & pillow freshener, and static cling remover.
  • Its chemical formula is devoid of harmful matters like dyes, caustics, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, chlorine, phosphates, or triclosan.
  • A considerable amount of the ingredients in the formulas are plant-derived. These ingredients are safe for mankind and pets.

 10. ACL Staticide 2006 Static Sentry:

ACL Staticide 2006 Static Sentry, Aerosol, 12 oz., White

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The Static Sentry spray from ACL Staticide works perfectly for removing the static charge available on porous and non-porous materials. A wide range of benefits will be conveyed when tribogeneration is inhibited. Some of these advantages comprise of reducing system errors and downtime for equipment. Furthermore, the spray is proficient to prevent dust accumulation on plastic and discard static attraction on garments.  Generally, there will be no safety hazards while using it on fabric and plastic. Also, it is completely safe to use for employing static control on keyboards, trays, test equipment, protective packaging, smock, and ESD protective clothing.


  • The 2006 Static Sentry spray is accomplished to work at varying angles so that horizontal spraying can be employed.
  • It can be sprayed on a wide range of surfaces like carpeting, laminate flooring, cabinetry, w fabrics, polycarbonate, paper, glass, acrylic, and PET.
  • It comes with the surface resistivity of 10e9 to 10e10 ohms every square.

9. Static Guard Spray — 5.5 oz. (Pack of 3):

 Static Guard Spray

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Capable to quickly discard static electricity and deter static build up, you will be benefitted a lot while investing in this spray. Basically, the present Static Guard spray is gentle and free from residues. Within no time, this 5.5 oz spray can remove static cling and deter flyaway spraying by applying on brush prior to styling. Its versatility allows the removal of pet hair by spraying it on drapes, clothes, and upholstery. The static current around the house can be eliminated by spraying it on your carpets.


  • When sprayed once, its effect would persist throughout the day. Therefore, you no longer need to suffer from a shocking incidence or irritating clingy spot.
  • The electronic gadgets and computers will stay protected by spraying it on carpets close to these gadgets.
  • Its working operation is found safe for every color-fast fabrics and on silk.

 8. Static Guard Fabric Spray, 5.5 Ounce:

 Static Guard Fabric Spray

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The problems associated with hair or pet fur or lint clinging on clothing will be now brought to zero with this 5.5-ounce spray product. The Fabric Spray belongs from Static Guard and it is highly effective to daunt static buildup. There will be no concerns related to dust or hair clinging to your garments. Its formulation is specially done for use while you wear. For silk based garments or color-fast fabrics, the spray is completely safe to apply. Issues of static build- up will be controlled.

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  • The corresponding anti-static formula relieves you from almost all types of static induction resultant from different activities.
  • This spray’s lightweight bottle enables the user to carry one or two sprays anywhere you go.
  • When you spray it on your hairbrush, the flyaway hair will be calmed.

7. Record Cleaning Solution 6.7oz:

 Record Cleaning Solution with Anti-static Vinyl Cloth

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It is necessary to keep your vinyl collection looking like new in order to make the most of music. For that, this record cleaning solution is one of the finest ones. Along with the cleaning solution, you would get microfiber cloth from the brand Record-Happy. Both these items are highly important for a successful record maintenance routine. Working in the form of an excellent DJ accessory, the solution penetrates deep inside the record grooves in order to discard fine particles. This efficiently working record cleaner fluid is suitable for any music fanatic or professional.


  • The volume of the cleaning solution is 6.7 oz and the size of the cloth is 7” x 7”.
  • It can safely eliminate dirt and dust from the surface without any issues of scratches. So, you can experience melodious music listening.
  • The cleaning solution will last for several months and its exceptionally designed microfiber cloth is versatile. This is because it is suitable for cleaning cell phones, glasses, laptop screens, etc.
  • Its non-abrasive feature makes sure it does not scratch the surface.

6. Static Guard Aerosol: Tote Size 1.4 OZ:

Static Guard Aerosol: Tote Size 1.4 OZ

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One more antistatic spray from Static Guard in this list, the spray would remove the static current attached on any fabric or material. It has been uniquely formulated to present excellent safety while using. This aerosol spray product is uniquely formulated to use while you put on clothes. The color of clothes will be kept safe and there will be the prevention of static build up on clothes. To benefit greatly from this tote size spray, it is advisable to use it a few days before going to your event. Also, it is recommended to air out your clothing earlier.  Its compact size easily fits in your handbag.


  • The concerns of flyaway hair accumulation on the brush will be controlled.
  • It is easy to get rid of the annoying static cling on fabrics and other cloth materials through this fresh scent.
  • The chemical formula is devoid of any artificial fragrances.

5. Static Guard Fresh Scent Spray, 5.5 oz:

Static Guard Fresh Scent Spray

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The 5.5 oz volume of this fresh scent spray is capable to last several months of continuous use. Regardless of how intense the static electricity concern is this fresh scent spray works perfectly. Actually, the spray product is referred to as America’s top-notch static spray.


  • It’s working operation would quickly discard static electricity and avoid the issues of static build up.
  • Since its effect would persist throughout the day, there will be zero clingy spots or incidences of shock.

 4. Downy Wrinkle Releaser:

 Downy Wrinkle Releaser, Travel Size

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Once you start using the Downy Wrinkle Releaser, you will be benefitted with how smoothly the wrinkles are disappeared in a few seconds. Consequently, the clothes would attain a lightweight, airy fresh feeling. The Downy wrinkle releaser is made versatile so that it can also work on dry-clean-only fabrics. The product is available in travel size format with a volume of 3 fl oz. The complete working mechanism is completely simple -just spray, tow, and smooth whenever you require to instantly decrease ugly wrinkles.

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  • There is no need for ironing.
  • Corresponding fibers will be relaxed to smooth out wrinkles in a few seconds.
  • In order to eliminate odor, the spray would freshen the clothes with a light, gentle scent.

3. ACL Staticide 2005 1 qt Trigger Sprayer Bottle:

 ACL Staticide 2005 Regular Heavy Duty Topical Anti-Stat, 1 qt Trigger Sprayer Bottle

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Incorporating a proprietary water-based formula, inside this sprayer bottle, you will find many different quaternary compounds. Its working mechanism proves to be a long-lasting solution to apply on the high friction surfaces. Generally, this 1 qt bottle is useful for removing static current on chairs, carpets, clothes, totes, conveyor belts, and different work surfaces. It is known that the Staticide topicals could be seamlessly applied by wiping, spraying, transfer roller coating, gravure coating, dipping, or flexographic printing. There will be the elimination of tribogeneration on fabrics, carpets, and upholstery.


  • The Staticide topical dilution is found to be highly efficient at the humidity level below 15%.
  • A gallon is capable to encompass approximately 2000 square feet and it would usually last for several weeks or months. This is depended on the application and the type of material it is sprayed on.
  • In addition to removing static current, the sprayer bottle is proficient to avoid jamming or material slippage while printing or packaging.

 2. Static Schmatic for Clothing (Set of 2):

 Static Schmatic for Clothing

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Now it is a straightforward process to keep your clothes looking fresh and new. This is because the Static Schmatic spray is capable to separate the clingy bond formed on clothes. The spray is packed inside the 12 oz laundry size bottle so that it can appropriately dispense off the liquid. With great confidence, you could wear your chosen clothes, scarves, hats, and many more without worrying about clingy stuck.


  • Both the sprays for clothing are 100% natural and devoid of harmful chemicals.
  • After the application, there would be no static build up, stains or residue.
  • It can be easily reapplied like lipstick; you just need to keep it with you.
  • Being free of odor, you may instantly apply the sprays on clothes, blankets or upholstery whenever required.

 1. Downy Wrinkle Release Spray Plus:

Downy Wrinkle Release Spray Plus-Anti Static Sprays

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For any causal or professional occasions, now there is no need to wear wrinkled clothes. The Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus product’s few spritzes will give highly effective results. You only need to spray, tug, and finally smooth whenever you require to quickly decreasing messy wrinkles.

Just carry this spray bottle with you wherever you go and thus, you will be benefitted with crinkle free clothes wear. Also, the messy odor will be eliminated. Being simple to use, there will be a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and your clothes will appear neat. For students, professionals or business travelers, the product is highly suitable.


  • The hassle of ironing will be gone permanently.
  • Not just wrinkle but it can also discard odor and static current.
  • The innovatively designed spray nozzle is beneficial to dispense uniform spray output.

Concluding Note:

It is best to first understand the problem and then go for the purchase of the anti static sprays. The buildup of static current on clothes or any gadgets will be effectively eliminated. Also, the incidences of shock will be brought to zero.