Best 8 Person Tents in 2023

Do you have a pile of work on your desk you have not worked on? This makes your head feel so heavy and stressed. How about escaping for a while and go traveling with your loved ones? Travelling has always been one of the best types of stress-relievers and the most popular form of traveling is camping. Especially, when we go camping, the most necessary camping equipment is a tent. It would not have called camping without a tent, right? So, if you are about to go on camping that has 8 people inside in a tent, you can check out the collection of 8 person tents below for your preference.
You can either go camping with your family or friends. Thus, you definitely need to consider a specific tent that would fit perfectly with your camping site, weather, and especially if you have a big group of friends or family. However, this is not a problem because we have come up with a list of the Best 8 Person Tents in 2023 that serves as useful information before you want to buy a perfect tent for your camping. 

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List of Best 8-Person Tents in 2023

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13. UPN 10-Person-Family Camping Tents

UPN 10-Person-Family Camping Tents

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This type of 8-person tent is highly recommended for a family camping trip as it is very spacious that could fit 10 people in it. If you are looking for a tent that lets you watch a star or movie outdoor with your loved ones, this tent is a perfect deal. Furthermore, its large roof makes it possible to watch stars in a larger view at night and you only need a projector to project video on the divider screen of the tent. Now you can watch stars and movies comfortably with your family members or friends.
Additionally, the camping tent comes along with these great qualities including water resistance, weatherproof. Moreover, it is easy to set up and it takes only 8 minutes to set it up by two people. Also, this unit is very light which is easy to carry around or pack it in a carry bag. As a result, this tent is a great deal for all seasons camping. 
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Quick to set up 
  • Durable 
  • Suitable for all seasons 
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Boost air and keep mosquitoes and bugs out 
  • Large and convenient 

A Little to Perfection

  • Exclusive for big family or group of friend

12. Coleman Elite Montana Tent

Coleman Elite Montana Tent

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These Coleman 8-person tents have come in three beautiful colors such as green, black, and blue. Its height is 6 feet and 2 inches which means it is tall enough to allow you to stand and move easily and conveniently. What makes it so special is the LED tent light that comes with three settings including high, low, and nightlight. And it sure looks great with the LED light on.
Moreover, with its durable design, it provides full protection against heavy rain or winds away. It would require 15 minutes to set this tent up. Within the tent, there is a large space that could fit eight people or three queen airbeds as well as pocket storage for you to store your personal items without leaving them on the floor. This will create more space on the floor. Lastly, it has a hinged door that helps you easily enter and exit the tent.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Comes with three color options
  • Durable 
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Large to conveniently move around or stand
  • It has the LED light

A Little to Perfection

  • A bit hard to put in the carry bag

11. QOMOTOP Camping Tents

QOMOTOP Camping Tents

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This model of an 8-person tents is an instant set up a tent. It has pre-attached poles so it enables you to pop it up by two people in a minute. With this unit, it would help you to save a lot of time installing it. On top of that, this tent could store up to 8 people and fits perfectly for the outdoor trip.
Additionally, the tent is made of 600mm PU coating fabrics that protect you on a rainy day. If we look at the ventilation, it is very advanced as you can breathe the fresh air inside the tent that comes from the floor vent and the mesh roof. This kind of advanced design also has a strong resistance to the strong wind as well. This tent provides you a lot of things such as a rain-fly, a room divider, three stuff bags, six double-layer windows with zippers, one cord access, one welcome mat, two doors in front.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Extremely easy to install (60 seconds)
  • Excellent waterproof and windproof
  • Very advanced ventilation

A Little to Perfection

  • Two persons are needed to install the tent

10. 12 people with 3 room cabin tent from Ozark Trail 

12 people with 3 room cabin tent from Ozark Trail 

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Here is another instant cabin tent. It is from Ozark Trail that could have 12 persons occupied. Its ground vent can also fit an air-conditioner as well. Also, this spacious tent can allow you to put 3 queen airbeds inside. Besides this, you can spend less than 2 minutes for a quick set up since it comes along with pre-attached poles. Therefore, what you need to do is to just simply unfold it and then extend the unit. More than that, it also has a large front awning for relaxing under the shade. 
In addition, this tent also comes with two internal room dividers so it reserves a separate sleeping area between the persons within. Inside, it will not be suffocated and you can still breathe well despite having a lot of people in the tent as there are 7 large closeable windows attached to it. Especially, it has a maximum height which is 12.6 inches so that you can stand it up easily.  
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Can install by just unfold and extend under 2 minutes (no need to assemble)
  • Has two separated room dividers for sleeping
  • Very large for 12 persons and can as well fit an air conditioner inside

A Little to Perfection

  • No clear instruction of how to set up the tent (just pictures)



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The CAMPROS tent is sophisticatedly designed for family camping. Owing to its large room that could fit 3 queen-size air mattresses or 8 sleeping bags well. Therefore, it is highly recommended for hiking, outdoor camping, and fishing in any weather. Also, the tent embraces great quality in which it is made with 185T polyester and guarantees PU1000mm water-resistant. So, it stays completely dry if there is no heavy rain. 
At night, you can comfortably enjoy watching movies by projecting the video on the curtain of the tent. When it comes to installing, 2 persons can set it up in approximately 5 minutes. Additionally, it is actually tall enough for people to stand up and there is also a curtain that hangs from the ceiling for you if the user wants to divide the room. Especially, there are three colors available for you to freely choose such as red, green, and blue.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Available in three colors (red, green, and blue)
  • Easy set up in 5 minutes by 2 people
  • Ideal for hiking, fishing, and outdoor camping
  • PU1000mm water-proof (stay dry under light rain)
  • Can project video on the curtain and this curtain allows you to divide the room

A Little to Perfection

  • Would take some time to put it back in the carry bag

8. KAZOO Family Camping Tent Large Waterproof Pop Up Tents

KAZOO Family Camping Tent Large Waterproof Pop Up Tents

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This KAZOO instant camping tent has multi-functions such as camping, hiking, fishing, surfing, outdoor BBQ, adventure, family parties, and field trips. It is one of the most spacious instant tents since 4 adults could fit perfectly into the tent. Moreover, this unit brings various sizes for you to choose from ranging from 4, 6, and 8 persons and there are 3 colors available including yellow, blue, and green. Also, it offers excellent waterproof with a rating above 3000mm.
Besides, a person can install it in just 30 seconds just like when you open the umbrella. It has two major series that focus on different things. The first series is the camping tent which is designed to maximize strength and increase space by using the best materials and techniques. While the backpacking tent focuses on the ultimate performance such as lightweight, eco-friendly, sturdy, and best weatherproof. Now you can choose which series that will go well with your demand.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Install just like opening an umbrella in 30 seconds  
  • Available in three sizes and colors (yellow, blue, and green)
  • Has multi-functions (more than camping)
  • It has two series: Camping and backpacking series
  • Highly performance of waterproof

A Little to Perfection

  • It is hard to fold it up since it is large

7. CORE Cabin Tent

CORE Cabin Tent

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This is another cabin tent by Core. This one is also very large as it can accommodate 9 persons or a few campers who have a lot of luggage. It also obtains the H20 block technology in which there is an extra-wide, thick tape that is heat-sealed to the rainfly fabric that prevents the water from coming in. 
When it comes to the setup, you only need 60 seconds to pop it up by following a few short steps. It features the room divider and the attached wall-pocket on the tent that allows you to store your items neatly and keep it organized. Just like the previous tent, it also has a room divider if you need some privacy or removes it to create an open space to gather everyone together. The provided items that come with the tent including the rainfly, tent stakes, and a carry bag.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Easy to set up in 60 seconds  
  • Has H20 block technology (waterproof and weatherproof)
  • There is wall pocket storage for you to store items

A Little to Perfection

  • It is hard to fold it up since it is large

6. Coleman Built-in Closet Camping Tent

Coleman Built-in Closet Camping Tent

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This Coleman camping tent is the kind of built-in closet in which there is a reserved space and shelves for you to store items or hang your clothes without occupying the floor space. There is also an E-port for you to charge your electrical devices in the tent as well. There are weather tec features that have strong resistance against a strong wind, rain, as well as the zipper protection made of weather-resistant fabric, adds protection from the elements to the door. Talking about the door, you can make easy entry and exit.
About this tent, it would take 9 minutes to set it up. In addition, it has enough space to put 2 queen-size airbeds and up to seven persons can comfortably stretch out owing to its 6 foot 8-inch center height. If it is time to go back home, you can easily fold it and put it back into your carry bag.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Has built-in closet structure for storing item or hang clothes
  • Weathertec features have a strong resistance to water and wind
  • Very spacious

A Little to Perfection

  • Less room divider compared to other models

5. Wenzel Klondike Tent

Wenzel Klondike Tent

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The Wenzel tent can fit a great number of friends or family and 2 queen-size airbeds because of its spacious space. Just like other models, it comes with a weather armor that can stand firm against strong rain or wind. It also has accessory pockets that are sewn on the wall so you can put important items in it. There are three colors for you to choose such as blue, green, and grey. With its large front screen awning, it provides you a “camping porch” with sun and weather protection. With this, you feel like you are at home.
Besides this, it also includes a comfortable pocket to keep your important stuff and hi-low ventilation at the back that keeps your tent cool by providing hi-low air circulation. Never forget about its attached screen room that can also be used as a sun shelter, a picnic room, or a room just to relax in.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Can accommodate up to 8 persons 
  • Has the accessory storage attached with the wall
  • Full protection against heavy rain or wind

A Little to Perfection

  • Less separated room for privacy

4. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

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Another spacious and durable Coleman tent that assures you the large space to fit 2 queen-size airbags and up to 7 persons. Also, the extended window awnings allow you to keep the windows open for air circulation without letting the rain in. There are also weather tech features as well as the included rainfly that provides you extra weather protection. However, if you won’t let the sunlight in from the roof or watch star at night, you can just remove the rainfly. Just like the other Coleman tents, this one also attaches the mesh pockets are sewn into the size of the tent wall which makes it easy for you to reach and keep small necessary stuff.
Choosing this tent, you can sleep peacefully with the extra ventilation and without the disturbance from the bugs thanks to its separated screened-in room. The duration of the set-up is under 15 minutes so that you can watch the star at night easily and comfortably. 
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Can accommodate up to 8 persons 
  • Has additional sleeping area by a separated screened-room
  • Extended window awning for air circulation

A Little to Perfection

  • Might take some time to install it

3. Coleman Tent for Camping

Coleman Tent for Camping

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This Coleman tent is made of polyester. Now you can pick up a Coleman camping tent that makes you feel at home owing largely to its extra sleeping space for 8 persons and 3 queen-size airbeds. With its extended awning door, it creates a space to store small stuff organized and off the floor. 
Furthermore, its inverted seam and the welded floor will definitely keep you dry even on a rainy day while the openable window can keep open even if it rains. It will keep the water out and let extra air-circulation. This definitely comes with a rainfly that will give you extra weather protection. At the same time, the cool air can go inside the tent. The installation is quite simple as it is nag-free, continuous pole sleeves, and the patented pin-and-ring system. Also, no worry about fitting in a carry bag when you go back home or when you are off to the next camping destination.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Can accommodate up to 8 persons and 3 queen-sized air beds
  • The extended awning door keeps small stuff organized 
  • Can keep the window open on a rainy day
  • The included rainfly offers weather resistance

A Little to Perfection

  • Take a long time to set it up

2. Coleman Instant Family Tent

Coleman Instant Family Tent

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This Coleman instant family tent is a 3 season tent. It can assure you of its long-lasting use with its double-thick fabric. Moreover, it features a waterproof wall and welded floors with inverted seams that offer full protection against water. You can also enjoy the outdoor view through large screened windows. Moreover, this instant tent has 3 cool colors for you to choose such as black, blue, and brown.
Another thing is that you definitely can have an instant set-up of this tent in just a minute by following 3 easy steps such as unfold, extend, and secure. This spacious interior tent provides enough room for 8 persons and 2 queen-size air beds. Just like the previous Coleman models, your small important stuff can keep in the pocket storage without a problem. Last but not least, you can easily fold it back into the given carry bag with ease.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Have three colors: Black, Blue, and Brown
  • Enough room for 8 persons and 2 queen-sized air beds
  • Instant set-up in a minute by following three easy steps
  • Thick waterproof wall and welded floor 
  • The large screened window offers a great outdoor view

A Little to Perfection

  • There is only a room divider for privacy

1. Outbound Instant Pop up Tent

Outbound Instant Pop up Tent

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This red outbound tent comes in different sizes for you to choose according to the number of people you go camping such as 5, 6, 8, and 10 persons. It also brings a fiberglass technology in which a strong durable fiberglass frame system allows you to immediately pop up your tent. 
Furthermore, since it is made from fiberglass, it is very light-weighted and extremely easy to carry and store in a provided carry bag. Also, this tent is a backpacking type of tent that has a D-Shaped door with built-in zip windows for excellent ventilation and its interior pockets that provide additional storage for personal items. Plus, there are a lot of things that come with the tent including heavy-duty 600 mm coated rainfly, tent stakes, guy lines, and all assembly instructions.  Therefore, this instant pop up tent is a great deal for your outdoor camping or field trips.
Take-Home into Consideration

  • Comes with various size for 5,6,8 and 10 persons
  • FIBERGLASS technology that allows an instant pop-up
  • Durable and Ultra-light weighted (12 lbs)
  • Additional interior pockets to store items

A Little to Perfection

  • If it gets wet, it is hard to dry it

Buying Guides to Choosing Best 8 person Tents in 2023


The first important thing that campers need to be skeptical about before picking out a tent is definitely the quality of the tent. A highly qualified tent is very important as we can use it multiple times and it will not show any disappointing results. For example, you might not want a tent that you keep you awake all night just because it leaks water in it the first time you buy it. You should go for the popular and reliable brand of the tent because usually when the brand is popular, this means a lot of people are satisfied with its qualities. Thus, you can be assured that you can trust it.


Initially, size is one of the critical parts before you decide to buy a certain tent because some people have different preferences when they go camping. They either go with their friends, colleagues or some of them usually go with their family members. Hence, they really need to consider choosing the size of the tent that can comfortably accommodate the number of people they go with. Most importantly, it is always a better idea to go for a spacious tent especially for those who come with a lot of people.

Types of the Tent

Different tents function differently. Some are specifically invented for camping. Some might have multi-functions such as hiking, BBQ, fishing, family, or friend party. Although the tents that come with a lot of functions usually cost more since it can perform more purposes than the one which does not. Therefore, you can choose accordingly with your purpose. Despite the price, a tent that can perform multi-purpose is always a better choice since you can bring it to celebrate different occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best 8 persons Tents in 2023

How long can we use a tent?

Basically, it depends on two main things that will determine how long we can use it. First, no matter how expensive or high quality a tent is if we do not take care of it while using it. It will not last even for a year. By not taking care of it, it means, for example, if we fold or pack it while it is still wet and dirty or we fold it incorrectly, this will cause it to torn apart. Therefore, a tent can only last long if the users use it with care. Second, it also depends on weather conditions. If you camp under normal weather conditions, you can use a tent for many years. However, in extreme weather conditions when it is too hot, a tent may only last a few months.

What makes the 3 season tent and 4 season tent different from each other?

The main difference is that the 3 season tent is designed for 3 seasons such as summer, fall, and spring while the 4 season tent is specially made for the winter season opposite from how it is named. It is also created to endure a much colder temperature as well. Another difference is that 3 season tent usually comes with a rainfly and easier to pitch.


Different types of 8-person tents that embrace great quality will allow you to have an enjoyable camping or other adventurous trips with a great number of people. Before deciding to buy any specific tent, there are a few essential things that buyers should consider. Those are quality (brand), size, and type of the tent that they think will go well with their purposes. If they can finalize these things, they will definitely pick out a tent that they are satisfied with. 
We hope the product information above can serve as a useful buying guide for you to get a tent that fits your demand. Hopefully, you will buy one of the top thirteen tents above because the mentioned tents above are all ranked as the high-quality 8 persons outdoor camping tent in 2023. A comfortable time will offer you a fun camping time with your beloved ones.